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    Hi, these are my specs except I have installed a SSD instead of the clunky old HDD. While in Windowed mode (small) I have 400-500 or upwards fps but as soon as i enter fullscreen windowed mode my FPS drops dramatically to around 70-100, I know I don't need more than 60 but some of the games I play are on servers where a lot of tnt explosions occur and when operating on the lower fps my frames will dip fairly uncomfortably. I know someone with my same setup and they have around 200-300 fps with the same laptop and everything. i don't understand why there's such a drastic fps difference in mine :(

    Any help would be appreciated

    thank you

    edit: mc will only run in 2.70 ghz by the way but my processor says it can go to 2.90 and with turbo boost it goes up to 3.5, but it never uses the higher ghz it supposedly can

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