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    Age: 26

    IGN: csarpaul

    Why would you like to join the server? I want to get back into all the new updates, haven't played since 1.9 basically. Single player doesn't quite grab my attention like a server does. It's exciting to see what everyone else can do and how things evolve.

    What do you like to do in minecraft? I tend to work on massive project after massive project. Mostly building, my redstone skills are non-existent haha.

    How long have you been playing? Since 1.2 release.

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. I'm going to school for IT Networking, enjoy playing a lot of games in my free time. I fell out of minecraft after playing it basically non-stop for 3-4 years and got the urge to get back into it, spent a long while playing RFW games back in the day. Just a casual, laid back guy in general. Also, I'm terrible at talking about myself apparently.

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    Your In Game Name: csarpaul

    Your Country + Time Zone: US, Central time.

    Your Age: 27

    Your Discord Name + Tag: csarpaul#8421

    How often will you be on the server?: Pretty frequently at nights.

    Why would you like to join?: Stopped playing shortly after 1.9 was released, however I want to get back into it and experience all these updates I missed and would rather do it with other people on a server than alone in solo!

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