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    I have this idea for a long time because I like trains, I like minecraft and I like mining. But to combine all this it should be a "world" where minecarts are really the only thing to move heavy things.

    In the moment, minecarts are used for so many things, but do you use them to move your ore from your mining site to your home or chests?
    So, my idea is, to do something that minecarts and tracks are the only possible way to move heavy amounts of ore. Not to forbid the way to carry ore at all, just to make it impossible to move if you carry the whole backpack full of ore.

    1. Make Ore have a weight, (maybe 2Kg each ore)

    2. Make Ingots have less weight then ore (maybe 1kg each ore)

    3. Make your Steve only have a limit strenght to carry maybe 20 ore for the things you need to do for crafting/smelting.

    4. Maybe add weight to Wood, too.

    5. Maybe have food, that gives strength to increase carry weight.

    if you carry less weight, than your strength all is ok, more weight means walk slower until no movement at all

    I think, with this options added into one mod, it would really force us - me :D - to use minecarts much more.

    So, I know a bit of coding in a few languages, is this possible in minecraft?

    Does someone really like to code this ?

    (please excuse my language errors, english is not my native languages, feel free to improve it)

    thanks for reading

    cybergolem / Christian

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