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    So I play a lot of other pc games such as Team Fortress 2 and APB Reloaded, and I love these games. Not only just for their gameplay, but what other features they have to offer such as VOICE CHAT! Any one who has a mic can easily chat with other players! So I thought why not have this in Minecraft? Now I'm no coder, so I'm not sure if this is even POSSIBLE, but here's how I imagine it would work:

    When you hit the tab button on a multi-player server (for those of you who don't know) you get this screen:

    It shows the basics: everyone who is on the server, their name, and their connection. So what if next to everyone's name there was a little mic symbol like this:

    (Now, obviously the mic would look better and more "minecrafty" but I just want to get the idea out there.)

    If they had a mic it would appear just like that. If the person didn' have a mic, there would be a X through the symbol. You could also mute anyone you didn't want to talk to by just clicking on their name!

    This idea would definitely make it easier for people to communicate, rather than using other outside programs such as Skype or other programs...
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Precious Gems Mod v 5.2 Ores, Blocks, Torches, Tools, Armor and More!
    now before anyone says "WOW THIS HAS BEEN DONE A BAZILLION TIMES", think... turn off your computer... and never comeback... Great mod bro!
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    Quote from azimoto9

    This has been done a bazilion times

    and there are a bazillion people like you who need to shut the **** up and let him be!
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    posted a message on FOR AMERCIA (no, i meant amercia) (2012 failed election campaigning) (problem?)
    politics bore me to pieces... same with anyone else on these forums.... we like videogames, im sure if mitt romney was like a boss and u played as like a cop trying to prove obama a citizen, then everybody would be all over this
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    Quote from zZnick5000Zz

    LOL funny...(not really) And why hate on people who speculate?

    WOW... ur a poet and u didnt even know it!!....
    Hey wait a second......
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    Hokay! Howdy Partnoids! (TRUE FANS WILL KNOW THIS)
    This is great! Ive been a sub to CNB for sometime, and just recently came back to youtube... It's great to see him getting some more recogniton!
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    NO BUMP.....

    oh wait..... DAMMIT
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    oh gosh!!! is this map gonna take us ages.....
    idk what about it, im just getting this weird vibe........
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    Quote from oivgaming

    I am 99%sure this game will have some sort of Mods, even if it is USB mods of sort.

    im not sure if youve been reading or not but we have all pretty much agreed that mods are not going to happen....
    Mods dont make minecraft.... MINECRAFT makes minecraft.... simple
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    Does the gun in my dad's "pimp drawer" count?
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