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    posted a message on Can't Load Any Snapshots PLEASE HELP

    Here is my crash report, I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. Please help, thank you.

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    posted a message on Good Server Host
    So I've been looking for some good minecraft server hosts and couldn't find any good ones... I just want a server with no lag for a MAXIMUM of like 10 people... And it can't be too pricy either because I wouldn't really expect to pay more than like $15 or $20 for sucha a small server.... I'm tired of running the game and server on the same computer.... everything is laggy.... please help and thank you! (Links to the websites would be great)
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    posted a message on [1.3.2][Beta] SirenMod - Add Alarms and Sirens to Your World!
    that was my impression of your mod....
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    posted a message on Stacking food in 1.8 update
    Quote from Cobra951

    It's silly beyond belief that it doesn't stack already. I can carry a pile of workbenches in one inventory slot, but a porkchop is too unwieldy to stack with others? Give me a break.

    Bro, its just following the way the PC version did... Even down to the bugs.... but there are way more important things that come from 1.8... Its called the adventure update, I dont see anything adventurous about stackable food (as much as it is good to have).... What i really care about are the mobs, terrain updates, and other new features.....
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    posted a message on Tropicraft Map OUT NOW!
    a very colorful post...... pics or no dicks.... I MEAN CLICKS..... crap
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    posted a message on Redstone Creations
    Well first the best thing to do is to mess around with redstone yourself in creative mode.... that way you can get hands-on experience. Also LITERALLY just search up "Minecraft Redstine Tutorial" and click any video thats there, they are all good.
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    posted a message on MInecraft Survival Island 2.1
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... pics or no dicks... I MEAN CLICKS
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    posted a message on I am the Luckiest Man Alive
    well today i found a pig..... then i killed it for food.......... IM THE LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE
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    posted a message on Curing Zombies
    Quote from Doctor_Schnook

    It sounds interesting. But... if you don't think it's a good idea, then why did you suggest it? My opinion: We should be able to cure infected villagers, not normal zombies. Infected villagers don't come out 'til Halloween, right?

    you ARE ABLE to cure villagers... thats where the idea came from........... SMH -_-
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    posted a message on Lanes Gladator Mobs
    LOL... they look more like luchadores (mexican wrestlers) if anything... not gladiators
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    posted a message on Customizable and Printable, Minecraft Signs IRL!
    WHOA..... WHOA..... minecraft is leaking into the real world.... YES MY DREAM IS FINALLY COMING TRUE!
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    posted a message on Minecraft.net is Down
    guys.... when ISNT minecraft.net down!?!? just wait it out... it wont be THAT long....
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    posted a message on In-Game Mic Idea
    Quote from Massive_Smurf

    For privacy and discretion's sake, it would have to be Push to Speak like TF2. However, there would have to be an option to turn off the voice chat volume like TF2 as well. Me and my friends use Skype even while playing TF2 so D-bags don't go "AWWWWWW, LOOK AT THIS LITTLE SMURF *****, TALKING TO HIS FRIENDS. WHY DON'T YOU GO ON A DATE, YOU GAY LOVEBIRDS?".

    yeah lol.... i know the type
    Quote from Rainfur

    I'm actually already in the process of developing a VOIP mod.

    However, it DOES NOT WORK unless the server has a custom plugin installed. (Bukkit)

    Has not been released ATM.

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    posted a message on In-Game Mic Idea
    Quote from I-Mine-Then-Die

    Good idea and you could do push ???? to speak

    yeah thats a good idea! that would make it easier....
    Quote from minerman4929

    great idea u should email notch about that

    lol yeah.... ummmmm i dont think im gonna do that... It seems to COMMON and ANNOYING :P
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    posted a message on In-Game Mic Idea
    So I play a lot of other pc games such as Team Fortress 2 and APB Reloaded, and I love these games. Not only just for their gameplay, but what other features they have to offer such as VOICE CHAT! Any one who has a mic can easily chat with other players! So I thought why not have this in Minecraft? Now I'm no coder, so I'm not sure if this is even POSSIBLE, but here's how I imagine it would work:

    When you hit the tab button on a multi-player server (for those of you who don't know) you get this screen:

    It shows the basics: everyone who is on the server, their name, and their connection. So what if next to everyone's name there was a little mic symbol like this:

    (Now, obviously the mic would look better and more "minecrafty" but I just want to get the idea out there.)

    If they had a mic it would appear just like that. If the person didn' have a mic, there would be a X through the symbol. You could also mute anyone you didn't want to talk to by just clicking on their name!

    This idea would definitely make it easier for people to communicate, rather than using other outside programs such as Skype or other programs...
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