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I am a pure gamer. Simply put. I like to play games for the fun of it though. I'm not one of those losers who call you a "noob" whenever you miss that easy headshot... . I love being here on the forums because Minecraft has a great community and I want to be a part of it! I am cyber10kid and I am PROUD!

Add me wherever you may find me, incuding these places......

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List of Favorite Games (order of preference):


2)Portal 2

3)Modern Warfare 3

4)Team Fortress 2

5)Happy Wheels

I'm sure there is more games I have played and LOVED, but these are my top!

Also I have a bro here you should check out on the forums:" target=""aceao

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1) poks999

2) SIR_FreakShow

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If you visited my profile and read down to here, leave a comment saying "WAS UP CYBER!?"..... It's kinda my thingy. Also if you want leave me a rating and just check out some of the things I have done here on the forums. ILY ALL!!!!

Interests Minecraft, Portal (1+2), Left 4 Dead (1+2), Team Fortress 2, Happy Wheels, Call of Duty, Youtube. I also like anything that is eatable.

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Minecraft cyber10kid Xbox Cyber Triix

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