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    1. Name: Joe
    2. IGN: cuzzzy
    3. Age: 19
    4. Location / Time Zone: U.S. PA Eastern Time zone
    5. Ethnicity: white
    6. Position (Admin OR Mod: Admin
    7. Experiences related to the position you're applying for.
    I've been an admin on other servers now for about 6 months. I know most bukkit default commands. I have run a server before for about 9 months, and I know how to install and configure plugins including permissions. I am familiar with most of the most popular plugins for bukkit. I also can start a server from scratch. I also don't admin or run any servers anymore.
    8. Experiences NOT related to the position you're applying for.
    I have never used MCMyAdmin.
    9. Why should I recruit you?
    I am very nice and I have a lot of experience running and Administrating Minecraft servers.
    0. 1 Paragraph (5 Sentences) about yourself.
    My name is Joe. I live is the United States in Pennsylvania. I love playing drums, computers, and hanging out with friends. My major in school is computer science. I am also very friendly to people.
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