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I love Minecraft, been playing since Alpha. I spend most days playing Minecraft on servers, I rarely play single player, but been thinking about making a minecraft video series. Nothing special, because come on, everyone and their granny who owns a [profanity="shit"]ty cell phone camera is doing it, but I kinda enjoy it plus I like to share ideas, buildings, maybe some redstone tinkering..not to good with the stuff, but I want to learn

I'm always playing Battlefield3, best fps game ever, screw CoD, I won't even debate that piece of garbage with anyone, because I will matter what, in the end, BF3 is best. 50 awards at that gaming convention proves it.

Anyways, feel free to add me on here or whatever. I'm cool with it
Interests Video Game Interests: Minecraft, Battlefield 3, MMO's Real Life Interests: Fashion, art, music

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Minecraft Cut84li4e