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    Since right now bats don't do much but contribute to lag for those with weaker computers and annoying some people, I think this would be a great time to update bats seeing the next update is the cave update.

    Here's a few suggestions:

    Drop changes:

    1º Make bats drop 0-2 XP when killed (Less than cows/chickens/pigs/sheep)

    2º Change rabbit hide's name to small hide, bats now also drop 0-1 small hide.

    3º Bats have a very small chance to drop a bat tooth which can be used for life drain potion(takes half a heart every 3s and heals you by that amount, lvl 2 potion makes it deal half a heart of damage every 2s)

    4º Bat tooth can also be instead to trade with librarian villagers + X amount o emeralds in exchange for a life stealing enchantment which heals hp equal to 15% of damage dealt per level. (Lvl3 max, aka 45% hp drain)

    5º Bats could drop a bat ear, bat ear could be used for an ultrasensing potion, which gives the player ultrasensing effect. This effect makes it so that you can see anything that makes the slighest sound(even through walls) such as mobs or even items falling into water, this potion also allows you to detect nearby ores.

    6º Bats can also ocasionally drop guano(feces that work as bonemeal, but grow crops instantly with one click) around half the rate a chicken drops an egg, in addition if a bat drops guano on a crop the crop will instantly grow and consume the guano without the need for a player to apply it.

    Behavior changes:

    7º Bats now run away from light, this includes torches, means you don't have to deal with them as much and they will often lead you into the spaces that are not as well lit

    8º Bats now attack cave spiders and silverfish as they are small bugs which bats like to eat(maybe not cave spiders but silverfishes atleast) (Bats deal 0.5 or 1 heart of damage)

    9º Bats are now neutral, and have 50% chance to aggro on you if you hit them(they all attack as a cluster like wolves)

    10º Bats are still mostly passive except when you hit a witch near them which causes all nearby bats to aggro on the witch's attacker(they will deal 0.5/1/1.5 hearts of damage depending on difficulty)

    I'm not saying all of these suggestions could/should be implemented but personally I'd like option 1 and 2 to be implemented as well as one of the remaining. The behaviorall changes are also just another addition that could give bats a little more personality(well the 7º, 8º and 10º) as well as make you cautious near them(9º and 10º)

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    Yeah the miner hat I took from terraria and ninja set idea as well through the buffs are not related to terraria(I think)

    Well assuming you have a mob farm and a gold farm you could use greed to gain loot fast and then repair the sword with gold, heck you can still use Mending+Unbreaking III+Looting III+Greed. It effectively turns ur sword into a farming tool that won't break, however I still don't think it's OP, here's why in order for Gold Sword to be better than any other sword at farming it needs ALL 3 of the enchantments(Mending+Unbreaking+Looting) if u miss a single one, a diamond sword might just be better with looting, and mending is pretty rare so u can't get a super looter sort by just finding 2 gold ore. And second and IMPORTANT reason, it's not great for damage, just for looting, u can't just explore with a gold sword or pvp with it, tho u can carry it as a 2nd option for looting purposes.

    Guardian Armor could offer more protection, I'm just trying to balance things, trying to give more purposes to multiple armors, not make a single ultimate armor better than others but multiple armors better for different things that makes players actually question which to get. IMO Guardian Armor with Protection IV/Projectile Protection IV is pretty good in PVP with a speed II potion, the armor would hit players by itself and u just have to avoid them, may the players hit u they will also take damage, in addition in water u outright massacre any player lacking a trident. But yeah I guess u could buff it's armor to chain armor levels or maybe iron if it's not too broken.

    Also yeah the ninja set could work similarly to invisibility, mobs detection radius would reduce to half at night, maybe actually turning you invisible to other players too, sees not very OP considering it's a frail armor and you stand no chance against netherite player if he finds u or tags u with a glow arrow.

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    Actually Greed doesn't work like looting at all, it permanentely adds +1 drop to anything that would drop something.(If mob wouldn't drop, drops remain 0)

    So it actually essentially doubles mob drops but you would be sacrificing the practicallity of a Netherite Sword for a Gold sword to get more mob drops, therefore I don't see it as broken, heck even if it became broken, just ban Looting+Mending on GOLD SWORDS ONLY, that way u either use Greed+Looting(Not very durable) or Greed+Mending(Worse than Looting III+Mending)

    Also keep in mind Gold Sword's damage sucks so even if it became a looting sword you would effectively have to carry 2 swords if u want better looting. I definitely don't see it as broken.

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    The thing is this side effects stack with already existing effects, greed stacks with fortune. And I believe greed is perfectly balanced. Gold has 32 durabillity, therefore giving fortune to a diamond sword is still better than to a Gold Sword. While the Gold Sword probably will give you more Wither Skeleton Heads, it will break or require you to constantly use gold and XP to repair it, the diamond sword is just much more practical. The Gold Sword probably won't give you the 3 wither skeleton heads u want even with fortune it most likely will give u 2(thanks to greed) before it's durability ends, even if it gives u 4(again due to greed) that's all the sword will be used for, it will probably break or require repair again, it's very high maintenance, meanwhile with a diamond sword u can probably get WAY many more wither skeleton heads before require repairing.

    ALSO, NOTE THAT GREED is not necessarily an enchantment, it's an Add-on, Gold Items ALREADY COME WITH GREED. And in my opinion this gives them a balanced use to gold, which is rare but barely used.

    As for the Guardian Laser it would have a limited radius(I was thinking somwhere between 16-30 or maybe 8-16 to see the mob and the radius increases to 24-30 after locking onto that mob) and if broken could work like a wolf, aka only attacks what you attack/what attacks you.

    The other Guardian Items stack with already existing enchantments, don't think their broken at all given how much armor the sets give. Also it would make sense for Guardian armor set to allow you to swim better through the sea(u can stack it with depth strider)

    Ninja armor stacks with leaping potion/speed potion/feather falling, and remember you need to use the FULL set for it to work. Yes you see in the dark and move faster but your armor is the same as LEATHER ARMOR and you also have only twice the durabillity of leather armor so the armor will protect you less than Diamond armor and degrade faster too, meaning for really long exploration it won't be super reliable.

    Yes magic quiver on the chest is intented to be a choice you have to make over elytra/chestplate, you can chose to have more armor/be more mobile/shoot more powerful arrows but not all at same time.
    It's also meant to make you chose arrows with consistent side effects OR more powerful arrows that apply side effects at times/leverage against bow/crossbow players

    And yes it stacks with power

    For shurikens I guess I did not consider the half second invulnerability, I knew there was a short invulnerability, didn't knew it was half second, but it's still a quick fix, just reduce the attack speed and increase damage dealt while mantaining same DPS.

    For miner helmet, I guess it does make night vision kinda useless, maybe remove armor it gives althogether or give same amor as leather helmet/make it's durability low enough to make you chose between it and night vision potions/torches

    And I also like the Idea of miner zombie dropping ores, though I feel ores are fairly useless right now and need more uses(Thanks to villagers you can basically skip mining as you only need 2 diamonds for the enchantment table, the only ore worth mining for would be redstone(kinda) and lapiz)

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    I was just thinking that minecraft could be a little bit more interesting if there were more thinking on how to equip instead of outright getting iron armor->diamond armor->netherite armor

    First of all I would suggest a few buffs to an already existing metal, gold.
    Gold Tools/Armor/Weapons would have an innate Greed enchantment(Not obtainable, only exists in gold tools/armor/weapons themselves from the start) which basically gives +1 loot to everything that would be affect by fortune.

    However it only works if the loot would drop, killing a wither skeleton with a gold sword would either get you 0 wither heads 97,5% of the time, or 2 wither heads on the 2,5% of the time it would drop a single head. Assuming looting isn't on the weapon. Same goes for ore, gold pickaxe essentially makes coal ore drop 2 coal everytime without fortune and lapiz always drops +1 lapiz of the original value it would drop. Thorns enchanted golden armor also apply this effect to mobs killed by it,

    Would this be OP? Don't think so, gold tools have VERY little durability and even the armor would need to be used with thorns which consumes extra durabillity and requires you getting damaged.

    Another thing I'd purpose is for amor to very slightly slow players down while boots speed it up.
    Iron armor reduces speed by 2% per piece, but the boots increase your speed by 8% so it nulifies it, same applies to all metal armors.
    Leather armor doesn't reduce speed, and their boots increase your speed by 4% permanently.

    Other armors I've though of:
    Feather Boots, by surrounding leather boots with 8 feathers, it further increases their speed by 6% and decreases your fall damage taken by 25%.

    Guardian Armor:(Crafted from Guardian Scales, each Elder Guardian drops 1 scale, regular Guardians have 0.5% chance of dropping it), consists of the following:
    Guardian Helmet:(Blue helmet, has an eye on it) offers same protection as a leather helmet, but automatically shoots lasers at nearby mobs(or players who attack you or that you attacked on multiplayer), deals same damage as a guardian and it's durabillity is 20% higher than a Iron Helmet.

    Guardian Chesplate and Leggings: Same protection as their leather counterparts and durabillity is 20% higher than Iron counterparts, each deals 1 damage to mobs who attack you every single time they attack you, they stack, having both deals 2 damage(1 heart) every single time, stacks with thorns.
    Guardian Fins:(Blue diving fins) Same protection as leather boots and 20% higher durability than iron boots, allows the player to swim faster, stacks with depth strider and dolphin's grace.

    Magic Quiver:(Can be obtained from loot in dungeons, is equipted in the chestplate slot but doesn't give any armor, can be repaired with leather)

    Allows the player to shoot arrows from it instead of using the ones in the inventory, has a max storage of 5 arrows and 1 arrow is generated every 10s, arrows shot from deals also deal +1 heart of damage, also gives the player 25% chance to absorb arrows shot from players/skeletons and add them to the quiver. Compatible with Unbreaking, Mending and the following enchantments:
    Endless Pouch: Increases the quiver's inventory by 5 per level, has 3 levels. At lvl III the quiver has a 20 arrow capacity.
    Quick Draw: Decreases arrow's generation time by 2s per level, has 3 levels. At lvl III arrows generate every 4s.

    Witch's Blessing: Gives the arrow 30% chance to be a tipped arrow that inflicts poison I for 8s. The secondary effect can be changed by dropping the quiver into a cauldron with the wanted potion effect, it's chance to happen will still be 30%.

    Ninja Clothes:(Can be obtained randomly on Jungle Temple and Desert Temple's chest, can be repaired with Smooth Leather, dropped by bats and also found on those chests)
    Each individual piece doesn't give the player any effect and has the same protection as a leather counterpart but 2x the durabillity, the full set increases the player's speed by 25%, jump height by 1 block and gives the player permanent night vision and 25% fall damage reduction.

    Miner Hat: (Can be obtained by killing a Zombie that spawns with it, 2.5% of Zombies spawned under Y=25 will have the miner helmet and a random pickaxe) lights up the room without need for torches. Has same durabillity and protection as a iron helmet.

    Shuriken Pile:(Looks like 3 shurikens on top of each other), works as a weapon and allows the player to shoot shurikens. Shurikens deal 3 damage(1.5 hearts). Shuriken pile has 64 durabillity, is compatible with Unbreaking and the following enchantments:
    Seeking Shurikens: Shurikens will home in mobs that are in a radius of 4 of the shuriken entity
    Quick Throw: Player has 10% chance per level to throw 2 shurikens at same time(2nd shuriken will try to attack a diferent mob if enchanted with seeking shurikens) has 3 levels. At lvl III has 30% chance to throw 2 shurikens.

    Storm of Shurikens: When the player is not moving it shoots shurikens 10% faster per level, has 4 levels. Shoots 40% faster at lvl 4.
    Shurikens lose one durability per entity throw, if shuriken entity misses the mob the player can pick it up and recover 1 durability(doesn't work with the 2nd shuriken from Quick throw enchantment), can also be rarely gotten in temples, can be repaired with Iron Ingots. Non enchant Shuriken Pile allows the player to throw a shuriken every 0.4s(2.5 per second), shurikens deal +1 damage(2 hearts), are shot 10% faster and have 30% chance of not reducing durability once used if the player is wearing a full Ninja Armor set.

    None of these are meant to be better than Netherite Amor, instead they are meant to allow variability to players and different playstyles.

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    So, let's say I wanna be able to make a Skeleton companion, we both are team X, he doesn't target me, however his arrows can still hit me if I'm between him and an Iron Golem/other player, is there any way to stop his arrows from hurting me?

    I have tried to use commands to make his arrows the same team as me, but even with making every tick all arrows team X his arrows still hurt me?

    Another note, is there a way I can make him aggro to other mobs of a different team?

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