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    Yes, yes i am serious.
    why asking? i am almost done with the maps.
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    Making in progress
    4 player fun map
    currently made: spleef, the enderman arena
    making: speed&death run
    Ideas: The enderman golf, The enderman's tnt, Dont place it down, get away from that enderman and I Choose you!
    for the spleef, i think its simple, snow on lava and wooden shovel... blahblahblah
    The enderman arena is based on captainsparklez's idea, of which both players suoom 2 enderman and then, both will pick up tnt. The ones who survive untill the end wins(allows max of 4 players)
    Speed and death run: basically, glass blocks above a simple maze, but one ccan block(and kill) their friends by dropping sand blocks down after breaking part of the glass. The runner will have a shovel and a full set of leather arounr but the base of the maze is built in sandstone.
    the enderman golf: you hit the enderman into streams of lava, fun and awsome.
    The enderman's tnt: like the arena, but you go in also, and you try to get away from endermans and creepers(endermans equipped with tnts)
    Dont place it down, similar to the tnt, but only endermans and a much smaller space.
    get awat from that enderman, all players provoke an enderman, run away and the one with most health after reaching the end point wins.
    I choose you: players bet on a total of 5 horses and 1 will be the judge, the players will run in obsedian hall ways(without knowing which is which) and the judge will decide who reaches first, so basically, all players(except for the judge) picks a number, the judge places signs at the end of the run way and it has a number(1-5, of which the players picked) on it, the player will decide whether if they want to run fast(in case its their pig) or not go at all(incase its their rivals(players are allowed to team up)) and players are allowed to buy traps(simple ones, they just fill the dispencer) if they win a round
    For idead and improvement, please go ahead and comment below(reply)
    and the map will be out after i complete at least 3 parts.
    PS: i suck at building mazes, its going to take a long time.
    PPS+Spoiler: there will be traps everywhere imaginable, traps are still making in progress, but they are simple traps since i suck at pistons and redstone...
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    Video below
    PLease leave a review, how you think about the map, and what i should improve on..etc..
    Btw, its the enderman's game, not the endergames.
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    For those who had seen captainsparklez's video, you would know what i am talking about.
    If not, please goto youtube and sear for him and his video called: the endergames(or somethign like that)
    This is just a bigger one, and better one(semi-automatic)
    This is propably done before, but, what so ever.
    This took me about 2 hours, since world edit dont work.
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    posted a message on I've had many people request this
    why is people posting unminecraft thing on minecraft forum?
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    wonderful. now where is the download link

    ps:just kidding
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    it can be made and it take forever to make so try using the rucksack mod or wolf extende or mo creatures so you have extre inventary and this mod is useless anyway who would bring a thing with a bunch of thing insidee in minecraft anyway its not minecraft anymore! and if you want bring some wood with ya when you go to caves to make pickaxes
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    Quote from ChocoDeer

    After i updated to 1.7_01 i made pistons and i put a wool block above it and by lag i clicked on top of the block with a lever and my minecraft crashed can anyone help me? please i dont wanna lose my world =( please :sad.gif:

    sorry since there is a new update about wool/leafand pistons they become a lot more laggier and unless your computer run faster (by using some software) you cant change it try using dirt or something and if you dont know pistons pushes leavers too. and if the piston is facing up the lever will be push into by the wool the way to fix is using mc edit and delete the 4 yellow blocks
    reference from "a piston glitch" and some are my own
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    Quote from Waldo1337

    This is fairly basic, this happens often on SMP and sometimes on SSP, your computer just "forgot" to load a chunk and if you restart the map it should work.

    if you know anything about modding or computer you would know that this will NOT work since the map is saved
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    are you a noob? if you are continue

    first of all this is NOT A HEROBRINE'S work it is a siple and common and easily seen map generation error which occurs when computer'mapgeneration is lagging(since there is so much to generate) if you want to build a map use a better computer or simply use the flat land map.this will still happen if you have too many mobs around,too many mods, woo laggy minecraft and redownload minecraft.jar will not help.

    map generation error:usually occur when computer is laggy and moves/generates a randow chuk of world in the middle of no where some times move a chunk of world to another place.
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    Quote from Gimlao

    The bug has been fixed in CraftBukkit since the Build #858 (11 juin 2011 05:52:52).

    We need a fix also for SSP.

    Notch will only fix it in 1.7. ~~

    Edit : 1.7 is comming Thursday...

    Moderator/Admin, you can delete this topic ! ^^;

    i think for me it came out in friday...
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    posted a message on IS THIS MOD POSSIBLE???!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    just type /give diamond ore 64
    and you should get diamond ore
    ps you need to open the command thing first and its NOT a mod unless its single player then it is spc(single player command)
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    posted a message on [REQ] No clay in new maps
    its nothing to worry
    clay just got rarer and since i started at alpha its no big deal with me
    try a custom map and see if clay exist and craftaable
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