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    posted a message on Making Free Renders
    Hello everyone its me CT and i would like to make a post to say im making renders for people

    In order to get a render you must

    Subscribe to my youtube www.youtube.com/user/ctplaysminecraft

    Give me credit!

    You dont have to give me a shoutout but if you do it comes quicker!

    You also have to leave a link to your minecraft skin!

    And what kind of pose and also what color background and floor!

    I left an attachment of a render i just completed!

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    posted a message on Looking for a SMP server for youtubers :)
    Im a youtube and i have like 70 Subcribers and im looking for an SMP server to join like the cube smp or mindcrack smp! :)
    I will contribute lots like building helping and making shops and doing lots at spawn!
    Im a girl and im 13 im mature :)
    My youtube is www.youtube.com/user/ctplaysminecraft
    the server i was on was closed down because the owner used creative alot and it was bad so we left. please comment if i can join one :)
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    posted a message on SURVIVAL WHITELIST SMP
    Age - 13

    Location* - west coast

    Username - minecraftfreak_2

    Description of Self - Im a funny person who likes playing miecraft and making youtube videos

    Sex* - female

    Any other details* - my youtbe is youtube.com/user/ctplaysminecraft
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    posted a message on Youtuber in need of Intro Otro and thumbnails
    Hello im a youtube who has channel banner and an intro but its very crappy i mean i dont like my intro but i like my banner i am looking for thumbnails and a outro and an intro please leave your skype below if you are interested in helping once again thanks and if you do help you will get a shoutout video and your name in the description of ALL my videos. my channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/CTplaysMinecraft
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    posted a message on [WHITELISTED] [SMP] SHEEP SMP V2
    Just wondering if i apply today and you see this can you accept and can i start playing like today so ican record?Real Name/Nickname: CT is my nickname.
    In-game Name:Minecraftfreak_2
    Maturity level (out of 10, don't lie or boost yourself up): around 7-8 i have a great sense of humor but i can be 10 if you need me to.
    Location:USA i cant tell you my state sorry.
    YouTube channel: CTplays
    How many subscribers you have: 59
    What are you good at (Redstone, building, etc.): Building and some redstone
    How would you treat this server and the members of this server: Awesome Great Im nice and i love SMP servers i have only been on one other one and it got closed down because of money D:
    What will you contribute to the server?: A nice experience to all the other players hoping to get them to gain subs and everything like that and i will help others (:
    Will you have a series on this server: Yes i will post about 2-3 times a week
    Skype: my skype is ctplays
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    posted a message on Hi, I was looking for 3-10 people for survival 24/7 ( people decide ) ( No Donations... )
    Hi im sorry im 13 but i want a plain vanilla server thanks though :)
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    posted a message on Looking for an SMP server that is whitelisted
    Hello it is CT here and im looking for an smp server that is whitelisted sort of like the mindcrack smp and cube smp. I record for youtube and my account is CTPLAYS here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_hwdJ_HCHFwwuMpbjm9MvQ Im mature and i have been on one smp server before but im no longer on it because the owner didnt have the money to keep it going. I really enjoyed it and i really wanna find an smp server that i can join Please no mods plain vanilla. Please contact me if you would like me to join thank you :)
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    posted a message on I can MAKE Youtube MC intro's and channel art for FREE
    i emailed you :)
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    posted a message on Need Youtubers who are looking for private server to record on!
    Hello my channel is CTplays
    Im 13


    i have a nice mic its a turtle beach x12 and it works great and id love to get my channel going :D
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla! 24/7 Whitelist Server, SpeedyCraft!
    IGN: Minecraftfreak_2
    Im currently 13. (mature though) :D
    I want to play on the server because mind crack and the cube smp seem so fun, I also want to enjoy a survival multiplayer world without griefers. Making shops would also be super fun. :D
    I am best at building and gathering resources.
    I will be on 2 hours minimum on weekdays and more than 3 hours on weekends if i dont have plans. :D
    I would absolutly love if you would consider me because i can feel that this would be a great oportunity.
    My favorite block in minecraft is probably an emerald block. ;)
    I have a youtube, yes and i have always wanted to record because i have a nice mic and nice computer and i think this would be a great time to record!

    Please consider me :) PS ICaNREAD
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    posted a message on New Minecraft vanilla 1.7.5 whitelisted server
    name ct
    ign: minecraftfreak_2
    age 13
    location MST
    I have been playing for 2 and a half years :D
    i wanna join because i see mind crack and cube and it seems fun playing with others :D
    I am best at gathering and building NOT redstone xDi will also record :D
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Survival Server! Applications: Wanted!
    email:[email protected]
    minecraft username: Minecraftfreak_2
    name: Carrington
    i would like to go by ct
    i would play on the server at least 2 hours everyday maybe about 4-5 hours weekend. :)
    im 13
    west coast USA
    I read the rules so piecaikI will record on the server if i get chosen but i need to know soon :)
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