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    posted a message on WIP[1.1]Dragon Craft Z[V0.4.1] [3000+ downloads!][Looking for a coder]
    The mod hopes to bring the Dragon Ball universe to minecraft.

    Good News
    Spaces has taken over making the mod. The mod is now located at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1060102-11-dragon-craft-z-wip/.

    Sadly as Server is not being downloaded much:
    Server Discontinued unless you guys vote to save it.

    Mod Updated!
    Long over do but it is finally here. v1.0 will be next and have some Ki stuff and hopefully models for Shenron. 6 Wishes are available with Shenron Currently. In the next version Shenron will be more of an entity. as of now you can exploit the fact the Shenron block doesn't despawn.

    Recipes to be up soon.

    Downloads! Requires ModLoader
    Risugami's ModLoader
    Mod v0.4.1[1.1]Download Link

    After i finish version 4.0 and the bugtesting, i start work on the collaboration with
    http://www.minecraft...1#entry10519146 Made by Steve_ftw.

    Also I will start to let people do bug testing on new versions. (ki hint hint)

    Block and armor photos are up. Recipe pictures are not as a need to get a few pics i missed. 1/13/12: gonna change the hilt recipe to something else and see if i can fix it. Gui is fixed up thanks to ziliss. I will update to 1.0 and then 1.1 when mcp is. i will do the same for v1.0.

    Also as you maybe have noticed i now am the thread owner. Thanks for the hard work uber.

    It requires modloader.
    Current version shifted to old versions because v4.0 is out im thinking 1/14/12.

    New content soon


    Please Contribute to the wiki.
    Dragon Craft Z wiki

    Upcoming:New Player classes: Saiyin, Super Saiyin(its own class), Namekian, Human Engineer/martial artist, Buu
    Add new pics, reduction of block ID's and Item ID's(sprite wise), more wishes, and more mobs

    Change Log:

    v0.4.1--Removed Test recipe
    v0.4--replaced shenron item with block.
    v0.3.10--Bug fixes
    SMP v0.2.3--Bug fixes
    v0.3.9--Major bug fixes
    -Shenron wishes fixed
    SMP v0.2.2--Katchin fixed
    -Bug fixes
    SMP v0.2.1--bug fixes
    v0.3.8-- Dragon Ball color problem fixed
    -Dragon Balls no longer spawn, they apear in chests in dungeons
    -Blood sword can block now
    -Blood sword damage fix
    -Some new textures
    SMP v0.2--major bug fixes
    v0.3.7--minor changes
    -bug fixs
    SMP v0.1--created
    v0.3.6--Ragedirt speed fixed
    -Namekstone added
    -Namekhouse added
    v0.3.5--more bug fixes
    -added katchin
    -Item and block ID's changed so that it is more compatible with other mods
    v0.3.4--Rage dirt light re added
    -Minor bug fixes
    -Rage dirt bug fixes
    v0.3.3--Minor bug fixes
    -Dragon ball color fixed
    -Blood sword crafting recipe fixed
    v0.3.2--Minor bug fixes
    -Switched back to mediafire
    -Prep work for major update
    v0.3.1--Updated to 1.8.1
    -Major bug fixes
    -updated features like weapons and armor(blood set)
    v0.3-- Updated to 1.7.3
    -minor bug fixes
    v0.2--fixed dragonballs spawn code
    -blood ore is now less common
    -added the blood ore sword
    -added full blood ore armor; its made using blood crystals witht normal recipes
    -currently 4 wishes= take iron, gold, or diamond and put the material in the shape of a chestplate and add a shenron in the open spot
    -4th wish is for the janemba sword, im trying to see who figs out first, hint: ull need 2 blood ore objects
    -to clarify the blood sword recipe is the blade over hilt then a blood crystal
    -code has been streamlined and compadibility have been increased thanks to freefortaking (freefortalking to kill)
    -ragedirt doesnt currently spawn but the recipe is in, coal int the middle of the top then coal left then dirt then coal on the right, then a redstone int the middle of the bottom
    -sword blades are made by taking 3 blood crystals. buting them in a line in the middle and putting iron ingots around the edges
    -hopefully didnt need to add but sword hilt is made by taking blood crystal and iron and putting them in a hilt shape where the blood crystals made up the handle part
    -blood when smelted gives two blood chunks, fill a 3x3 with blood chunks to get a blood crystal
    -also ragedirt is slippery so its quite fun to slide around if anyone wants to make a video feel free just please post the link.

    v0.1-Dragon Balls added
    -Wish system with 4-5 wishes added
    -Rage Dirt added(my signature block)

    A Dragon Ball. Collect 7 of these and put them in an H shape to make a Shenron Block.

    The Shenron Block in its current state. In V1.0 a litteral shenron will spawn from this block. Until then the Block will just have a gui.

    RageDirt. Has a slippery effect when walked on and has a slight glow to it.

    Blood Ore. This ore is smelted to get Blood Ore Chunks and the Chunks are put together to make Blood Crystals to make Blood ore Armor. Tools are likely in either v4.0 or version 1.0.

    Image for Both NamekStone and NamekHouse. A slight texture change will be added to the namek house so you can tell them apart.

    The Actual Namek House. Made of NamekStone and has 2 furnaces, 2 double chests and a crafting table. More sizes of the house will come later and hopefully some other (capsule) things. House Model From Slymask3- Maker of InstantHouse.

    Katchin. Industructable, Very Explosive resistant. It also falls like sand. Known to crash servers in earlier versions. Untested with the 1.8.1 version.

    Katchin is fun to work with.

    Me wearing a full set of Blood Armor, which has the durability of diamond currently as mojang broke custom armors in 1.0. Normally is stronger.

    The Blood Sword. Kills in two hits and is extremely durable. It is able to block like a normal sword.

    Janemba's Sword. One Hit kill currently, It currently has no special power (other than blocking) But Its power is likely to be found soon.



    The connection was bad near the end, made it sound so funny at some parts :D -uber
    Because Cth asked(and has been doing most of the work so far) -uber

    Old Versions: B1.8.1 versions and below require modloader and modloadermp


    Special Thanks To:

    -Nex Carnifex (this is a response to his mod request)
    Without who, this mod would not exist(or would be less than what it is now)
    Thanks to Ziliss for helping me fix up the gui to use.

    Modding Team
    -UberMan, Founder, Owner
    -Cth977, Lead Coder, Thread Maintainer
    -killthenrun1, Coder, Video creator, PR
    -bigguy11757, Texturer
    -Mr_PixelatedCoder, Shenron BackGround Pic
    -Flashyink, Models when they are done
    -Spaces, Soon to be Coder
    -Looking for More


    This document is Copyright ?(2011) of UberManclaw(hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net and mcmodcenter.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek damages through a lawsuit.
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    posted a message on [MODS] The One Stop Mod Shop v2 [1.0]
    The One Stop Mod Shop v2

    Updated to 1.0!

    All Adfly or adcraft links are not mine but the links of the Mod Creator.

    Knowing How to find and mod your minecraft jar.

    Credit to Risugami for the Tutorial.

    1) Open up %appdata%, if you don't know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
    2) Browse to .minecraft/bin
    3) Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
    4) Drag and drop the necessary files into the jar.
    5) Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
    6) Run Minecraft, enjoy!

    1) Go to Applications>Utilities and open terminal.
    2) Type in the following, line by line:

    cd ~
    mkdir mctmp
    cd mctmp
    jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

    3) Outside of terminal, copy all the files and folders into the mctmp directory.
    4) Back inside terminal, type in the following:

    jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
    cd ..
    rm -rf mctmp

    5) Run Minecraft, enjoy!

    Key: Abbreviation = Full Name

    ML = ModLoader
    MLMP = ModLoaderMP
    MF = Minecraft Forge
    AM = AudioMod
    GuiApi= Gui Api
    Playapi= Player Api

    :Red: = Not for Most Recent version.

    Base Mods:

    Assisting mods:

    SPC(Single Player Commands): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/94310-19pre5-181-single-player-commands-v213/
    {Allows you to do several things. Very popular is the flying. Full list of features are on its page.}

    TMI(Too Many Items): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140684-100-toomanyitems-in-game-invedit-nov-19/
    {Allows you to give yourself most items in the game}

    Pages of mods:

    Flan's Mods:
    {Planes mod, ModLoaderMp, Teams, Turbo Model Thingy, ect....}

    Havvy's Mods:
    {Self Building Pyramid, Craftable Clay, Mobs Drop Torches, Mob Kill Stats, Debugging Tool.}

    iPixeli's Mods: :Red:
    {First person hand removal, Gender Mod, and a Plugin}

    Risugami's Mods:
    {ModLoader, AudioMod, Recipe book, ect....}

    Shockah's Mods: ML, MF
    {Sadly only the Api is currently updated but the Api is amazing.}

    TehKrush's Mods:
    {Hidden Doors, Timber!, The rest have yet to be updated.}

    Individual Mods:

    _303's Grappling Hook: ML, GuiApi :Red:

    Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 Singleplayer
    A deliciously imbalanced multi-purpose device for moving around quickly. Climbing rope, grapplinghook, gravity gun, all in one.


    Risugami's ModLoader
    Lahwran's GUI API

    New: Multiple grapples at once: Each grapple you craft is unique, with separate modes remembered when you reload. You can have multiple hooks in the world, though you can only pull on one at a time. Hooks have a colored number rendered over them to distinguish them, which is also displayed in the lower left screen corner (can be disabled in options screen). Uses: Keep multiple mobs on leash; quickly switch between two points to grapple to by taking another grapple in hand; keep a grapple as a safety rope while targetting the next point with another. This features uses the new extended item data code that came with maps.

    Thanks _303!

    BetterThanWolves (BTW): ML, MF
    {adds anchors, ropes, platforms, square wolves, block placing despensers, cauldrons(for cooking), donuts, hard boiled eggs, ect.....}

    BuildCraft (BC): ML, MF, MLMP
    {Adds pipes, machines, oil, pumps, autominers, ect....}

    Coros's Mods: ML
    {Corosus brings us his wonderful mods. Better Zombies, ZombieCraft, Tornados, ect....}

    Cojomax99's Mods: ML
    {Digital Clocks, Mountable clocks, Liquid API, Tropic Craft}

    Classic Light: ML
    {Works to return light to its orginal form.}

    Dragon Craft Z: ML, MLMP :Red:
    {Is Working to bring the Dragon Ball Z universe to minecraft.}

    EquivalentExchange (EE): ML, Forge, MLMP, AM
    {Advanced Alchemy, Transmutation, Dark Mater, and oh about a thousand other things.}

    ExtendCraft (FreeForTaking's): ML :Red:
    {Adds many more types of metals, Colored glass, And nether ores.}

    First Person Hand Removal:
    {Hides the hand you see to the right}

    Humans+: ML, AM, Mr_okushama's okutils. ( http://ad.cx/fthr4b )
    {Adds several types of humans into your world}

    iPixeli's Female Gender Option Mod: ML, AM
    {Allows you to choose to be a woman instead of a man. Sounds Reflect this. 'This Multiplayer mod has the option to turn the player into a female while maintaining the minecraft style. You can choose which model you want females to be seen as.' Thanks iPixeli!.}

    IndustrialCraft² (IC): ML, MLMP, MF, Client-sided MLMP-Fix, Crashing HotFix
    {Brings industry into minecraft, Too many things to list.}

    Kodaichi's Clay Soldier Mod: ML
    {Allows you to have little clay soldiers running around that you can have battle each other.}

    Little Blocks mod
    {This mod allows you to build using little blocks, on a block space. This is good especially for decor and redstone. But it looks like your going to need Recipe Book.}

    Millénaire: ML
    {Adds Villages into your lonely world}

    Optifine: ML
    {Allows you to get more out of minecraft. has single core, and multicore versions.}

    Original Pistons Mod: :Red:
    {Allows you to make pistons like they were before being included}

    pchan3's Mods: ML,
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/164940-181pchan3s-mods-airship-sky-pirates-steamboat/, See http://www.steam-craft.com/ for more info and Downloads.
    {AirShips, SkyPirates, and SteamBoats}

    RailCraft: ML, MLMP, MF
    {Adds several new types of rails to minecraft. It also fixes minecarts a bit.}

    ScienceCraft: ML
    {Brings Science into Minecraft}

    Smart Moving: ML, Playapi
    {Allows Smarter Movement}

    Tropic Craft: ML
    {Adding tropical elelments to minecraft}

    The Halloween Mod (by Kodaichi): ML, AM :Red:
    {adds candy, jumpkins, Halloween creepers, zombie hands, and more!}

    Water Shader Mod :Red:
    {Gives how water looks an overhaul. It makes water look much better.}

    Zombe's ModPack: ML
    {Adds several Commands and abilitys}


    Support the new One Stop Mod Shop!

    [size="5"][font="Impact"][i][b]Support the new One Stop Mod Shop![/b][/i][/font][/size] 

    This Seems to be a good list to start with. If you want your mod added or think another should be, pm me or leave a comment.
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    Good Items. Only think is that there already exists Dragon Craft Z link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/336104-wip181dragon-craft-zv0310-smp-v023/ and no its not dead. its not yet updated but uber is hopefully doing that tommorow. the mod needs people like you. I work on the mod and know a collab would be in order.

    Also http://mcmodding.4umer.com/t40-creating-mods-block-manipulation should clear up your render confusion.
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    Quote from Golden TNT

    zombi and pigz zombies is creaturses to... but I think you have right with the player skin, since the player don't coun't as a creature, i think...

    not all people know how to make the skin be on a mob. and besides, players count as a creature. its based on a human and we are mammals. humans count as an animal and so does the player.
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    posted a message on [1.0] Cth977's Modding tutorials
    This page will be the host of my tutorials. please visit here and leave comments, good or bad. oh and leave suggestions on what i should make tuts on.

    you will need to have mcp set up and decompiled. src means source and is the folder in your mcp jar called src. mcp set up tut for windows. I recorded my own and will do a video series to start with.


    This tut will cover setting up a modfile to be used. You will need modloader for this coding.

    Step 1 make your file. You do so by making a new text file and naming it somewhere along the lines on mod_thename. whether it matters between mod_ or Mod_ i don't think has any effect but i use the lowercase version and it seems to work fine. you need to change the .txt at the end to .java so that eclipse or net beans or what ever editor you use can open it. i recomend eclipse as it has some autocomplete things and allows running minecraft without having to recompile and open the test client.

    Step 2 open it and enter your starter code

    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.Random;
    public class mod_modname extends BaseMod
    	public String getVersion() 
    		return "Printed behind the modname.";
    	public void load() 
            public mod_modname()

    you replace the mod_thenames and "mod name" with the name of your mod. the name you set for the public class has to match the name of the file or it will Not work. java is case sensitive and it throws errors on any kind of issue like that.

    okay now for basic explanations of things.
    package net.minecraft.src;

    This line covers where the file is. it tells it to look in the main part of your src file in mcp. most likely trying

    package net.minecraft.src.newfolder;

    Will cause it to get files in the source from a folder called newfolder.

    public class mod_thename extends BaseMod

    This covers the class name. public makes it usable and class makes it a class file. mod_thename is well the name. the extends means it uses the file as a base file. BaseMod is linked to modloader, which allows you to use modloader's functions in your mod file. Modloader's file is labeled as ModLoader.java

    public mod_thename()

    This allows you to add things in the file. this is the section know as the constructor, it can be used for modloader things, and is where you put the modloader code. both the public class and this part have to match spelling and all or it will not allow the class file to work.

    	public String Version()
    		return "mod name";

    This is a basic function that is required by all mod files. the


    Tells the compiler that this overrides the base file. don't worry about it. its mostly a bug catcher from what i see.

    	public String Version()
    		return "mod name";

    This basically sets the name of the mod-file, you can put pretty much anything here.

    Basic ModLoader Uses

    most of these start with ModLoader. this means it uses fuctions and things from modloader.

    I would like to say that you can put as many of these in a modfile as you want. there is only a limit on sprites for like texture and ids for the item or block. Never is making multiple mod_ files better. it means there are more files and they are just a pain and also it takes so much longer to update when you have multiple.

    Use the property tables on my site at http://cth977.com/Modding Tutorials.html

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    posted a message on [Creating Mods] [ModLoader] Slymask3's Modding Tutorials [28/07/2011]
    sly i have a new tut for you. adding a prop file. In the file MLProp is
    //package net.minecraft.src;
    //Uncomment that line if you use MCP.
    import java.lang.annotation.*;
    public @interface MLProp {
    	String name() default "";
    	String info() default "";
    	double min() default Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;
    	double max() default Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;

    delete the double slashes in front of the package. it is now usable to sub for stuff.

     @MLProp public static int ExampleItemID = 2000; 

    code like this is what you use. then you replace the id on the actual item with that.

     public static Item ExampleItem = (new ItemExampleItem(ExampleItemID)).setItemName("Example Item"); 

    just do this for all of them and your set. if the file isnt in your mcp go to risugami's forum page look at the modloader downloads and go the the decompile fixes, it's in that file. Happy Modding!
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