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    posted a message on How can I do player teleporting without command blocks?

    I started to making an adventure map, the terrarian setting is nearly complete, I search resource packs which are close to Disney-like tale.
    My question is how can I make teleporting player entities whithout using command blocks?
    I mean when the players who reached the end of dialogs should have teleport to another place with different blocks.

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    posted a message on [Beta 1.7.3] Nethercraft + Aether I Modpack - A New 2019 Modpack for Beta Minecraft

    I'm really happy there are still modpacks for 1.7.3 Beta version. :) I have seen a lot of videos about the Aether mod, but I didn't play, until I tried out this modpack.
    The MultiMC app is really good for 1.7.10 or older version modpacks.
    I will explore the miracilous world of the sky realm. :)

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    posted a message on Which Java Arguments should I use with more than 100 mods?

    I have more than 100 mods for Minecraft 1.12.2 version.
    When I enter to a group of unloaded chunks, the camera moves like when the mouse moves with crazy speed and I don't like it very much. The render distance is 9 chunks, I have set the graphics mod to Fast and I leaved the VBO at On.
    I use this argument: -Xmx8320M -Xms4096M -Xmn512M -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=512M -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
    I feel this isn't enough to reduce the lag spikes.
    What kind of argument should I use if I don't want to use Optifine with mods which doesn't very compatible?

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    posted a message on The Curseforge website's look is strangely different

    So nobody agrees with me that the previous colour theme was better than the current purple theme?
    Then I will never looking at that site very frequently excluding if I need some mods for 1.12.2 Forge Modloader.

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    posted a message on The Curseforge website's look is strangely different

    I just opened today the Curseforge site I used to browse the recently updated Minecraft mods for 1.12.2 version and I have seen the obviosly big change on it's look: completely different layouts and menu parts.
    Why the hell had the developers to change the website's colour theme from orange-gray to TWITCH purple?
    I don't know what the point of the constant change on the Curseforge site if I can't navigate like before the Twitch-Curse fusion.
    Where can I get the change list of the most known Minecraft mods besides the newly changed Curseforge?

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