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    Hi, here's a new feature for ocean caves I came up with, since caves are being updated and this would be a good time to suggest it. This one isn't a new biome, but rather a new variety of coral, the Twisty Coral.

    Twisty Coral acts the same as the other types of coral. It has Fan and Block varieties, which can be dead as well. The blocks spawn in spike shapes that wave and point upwards, like how the regular sized one is. All in all, it's just another type of coral.

    Unlike the other types, however, Twisty Coral is almost invariably found in caves. A few might be found in reefs near the surface, but that's quite rare to find. Large block structures spawn somewhat uncommonly in underwater caves above Y=20, statistically, with the regular and fan types scattered around or sometimes on their own.

    Wandering Traders have a chance of selling types of Twisty Coral, which is lower than other types due to their rarity.

    Just a tiny addition to ocean caves, nothing major.

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    With the cave update coming up, I figured this would be a good time to post this here. I hope you enjoy!

    Caves are known for many things, one of which are crystals. As another cool feature for the caves of Minecraft, I created a new cave biome where huge crystals spawn, akin to the Cave of the Crystals, an actual place in Mexico.

    This new biome contains pillars stretching from the cave ceiling to the floor and from wall to wall and sticking out in all directions, composed of new blocks called Mirfractite Columns, and different blocks for smaller columns and for the tops of larger ones.

    (A crystal that sticks up and stops, and a horizontal column.)

    The shorter blocks on top of the big pillars are called Mirfractite columns, and spawn in their own shorter pillars. The very smallest block is called a crystal cap, and spawns at the top of the pillars.

    When mined without silk touch, the blocks will drop a few Mirfractite Shards. These can be crafted into Mirfractite bricks, 2 possible variants of which I've designed here. These can be made into slabs, stairs, and walls. There's also smooth and chiseled versions to build with.

    One of the biggest reasons to seek out the Mirfractite is a new redstone block: the Sensor. This handy block is crafted with Mirfractite Shards and detects the light level in front of it, sending out a light signal opposite to that in strength. This could make for some cool puzzles, like a room in a temple that detects when someone places a torch via a Sensor hidden behind a slab, or another way to make a light that turns off during the daytime.

    Top to bottom: Mirfractite Shards, 2 brick concepts, Chiseled and Smooth Mirfractite, and the back and front of the Sensor.

    Mirfractite Shards can be found in stronghold hallway chests and in dungeons.

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    I kind of agree. I already had a bunch of cave biomes textured and stuff so I thought that since there's a cave update coming out, I thought I might as well put them somewhere.

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    With the upcoming and much anticipated cave update, I felt it was the time to post these, and I decided to put my cave biomes on the forums, since this would be the perfect time to add them, and I think they're pretty unique. I hope you enjoy!

    Caves will/do have a variety of biomes to explore. Sometimes there's weird plants, faceless sound hunters, or lots of water. This post concerns a new biome for caves that I created, where the fungus takes advantage of the tallest caves and provides ample light, the Longushroom Biome.

    Longushroom biomes generate in caves with a lot of height to them, and not flooded ones. Unlike normal large mushroom and tree generation, the relatively common huge Longushrooms generate the cap first, a few blocks from the ceiling, and the stem afterwards. This makes the mushrooms grow to incredible heights, as tall as the cave will allow. The stems can be partially submerged.

    (Not sure if the image will load, but that's the large Longushroom)

    The regular Longushrooms are a simple flora block, like grass and common mushrooms. However, they can generate a "stem" below them that's up to 3 blocks in height, making the mushroom a maximum of 4 blocks tall. The stem drops nothing, and the whole thing breaks when any part is mined. A small Longushroom will grow up 1 stem block if bone meal is used on the stem, and they only grow into huge versions if there's sufficient space above.

    Huge Longushrooms will emit a light level of 14 from the stem and 15 from the cap. Regular sized Longushrooms will give off a light level of 10 from the cap only.

    In addition to these towering fungi, the biome also contains a new type of vines called Vuvines. They cling to the underside of blocks similarly to weeping vines. They also glow, giving off a light level of 14. They'll hang from the underside of the ceiling above and such.

    On the stone ground, a block called Bolegro will grow, acting similarly to Nylium except that it grows on stone. It glows with a light level of 12.

    Vuvines and Bolegro.

    Imgur links:




    Everything was made by me. I hope this gets noticed here.

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