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    posted a message on Oasis Smp Goes live this saturday!!


    Minecraft IGN: CrusaderSpoon

    Play Style: i really like to build some huge stuff over long time a bit away from spawn nothing impressive, just something I'm happy with. I really like to survive and build mostly solo, but I will pop in spawn pretty often.

    Timezone : GMT+3

    Age: 16

    Discord name: CrusaderSpoon#5977

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on SURVIAL VANILLA SMP (LAUNCHING IN A FEW DAYS) [Whitelist] [Discord] [1.14] [15+]

    -Age: 16

    -Time zone: GMT +3

    -What you believe you could bring to the community: A friendly player who wants to help and actually does if needed

    -Why you want to join: I have been looking for a Minecraft server for a while now, I have joined a few

    but yours seems like the one I'm the most interested in.

    -Discord (REQUIRED): CrusaderSpoon#5977

    - Do you have a microphone and would be willing to participate in voice discussions?: Definitely!

    - Name suggestions for the server?: Windy Bay

    Talk to you later!

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    posted a message on 1.14.2 Pure Vanilla Server [UK]


    IGN : CrusaderSpoon

    Age: 16

    Discord : CrusaderSpoon#5977

    Timezone : GMT +3

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Pretty New Minecraft Server Looking for Applications [Vanilla | Whitelist | 1.14.1]

    MC username : CrusaderSpoon

    Age : Just turned 16

    Location : Latvia, Baltic States GMT +3

    How active you'll be : Approx. 3 hours a day more on the weekends.

    Why you would like to join : I'm looking for a nice, mature and chill community to play Minecraft in and i'm hoping to be accepted here.

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    posted a message on [19w11b] [Whitelisted] Minecubed SMP (Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like) - Looking for new members!

    (Copied this to make typing easier :))

    1. IGN (in-game name): GoldenBeast436 (I wish I could change it, but I forgot the e-mail password.)

    2. Country/Timezone: Latvia (GMT+2)
    3. Age?:16
    4. Discord Tag(Username#0000):CrusaderSpoon#5977
    5. Why do you want to join Minecubed?: I really want to play on a server where I can just chill after a stressful day, and of course find a closed community to play vanilla Minecraft.
    6. Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you better:I am a pretty lazy person, but when the time comes to act I do it without problems. I like to play many games (From CS to Minecraft) and I also enjoy cycling a lot.
    7. What other games do you play?: Counter Strike: Global Offensive ; Rust ; VR Chat (I don't have a Vr headset) and Apex legends.
    8. Screenshots of your builds (not mandatory): I'm not a great builder so I don't usually make amazing build and screenshot them, i'll just find a remote corner on the map and make a small underground base.

    Thanks for reading my application! Have a wonderful day!

    PS. I don't know how to space correctly so it could be pretty hard to read, sorry!

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    posted a message on NostalgicSMP, A new SMP looking for players!

    In-game Username: GoldenBeast436 (I wish I could change it, but I lost the e-mail of it.)


    Are you easily offended: Not at all.

    Time Zone: GMT+2

    Have you been on an SMP server before: One, but it grew too big and I sort of lost all interest. By big I mean 100 players.

    Have you ever been banned before: Yes, I have. I got banned for hacking,but I was really angry at a guy who was killing me in PvP, this happened back when I was 11.
    *If you have be honest, the past is past.*

    What is your age:15

    Whats your plans on the server: Just have fun and listen to music while playing a sort of forgotten legend of a game, and try to help the community a bit.

    How active will you be: Approx. 3 hours every day, excluding weekends, then it will most likely be more.

    Did you read the Rules, and information: Indeed, I did.

    Anything else you want us to know about: Not much, I'm not very good at building super beautiful builds, but I try to make them at least worthy of a: ''Nice!''.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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    posted a message on Brand new Minecraft SMP!


    Age (Optional): I am a 16 year old human being.[/b]

    Username: GoldenBeast436[/b]

    Why you would like to join (1-2 sentences are fine): I would like to join this server because it's more fun to play Minecraft with friends, and especially with random people you just met. [/b]

    How could you contribute to the community? (i.e, building a village) (Optional): I would build a hut, with a underground basement trading post, based on the trust of other players.[/b]

    Discord username and number (ex: Player#3332) (Optional): Spoon,the noble knight#5977

    BTW, I have applied for other servers, but none of them have accepted. Just so you don't find it suspicious, i'm not a bot I swear![/b]


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    posted a message on Minecraft: Blockbound SMP [SMP] [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.13.2} {Datapacks} {Mature} {Hermitcraft Like}

    Greetings! I have added you on Discord, just hit me up when we can start the interview? Initiation?

    Just one thing, I don't have a microphone at this time, I'm currently trying to get a headset, so until then I will be unable to talk via microphone/call.

    Cheers! (Spoon, the noble knight#5977)

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    posted a message on ❄️Chill Craft 1.15.2❄️ Survival only Good plugins Nice players Whitelist only Join today!

    Greetings! i would like to join your server!

    MC name - GoldenBeast436 (I would change it to CrusaderSpoon, but I don't have access to the email my MC account is linked to ._.)

    Why do you want to join? - I want to have a some fun and chill gameplay on a small community, just playing vanilla.

    What will you do here? - I will probably just survive on the world, make a base, and just play.

    How many hours a day you can spend here - Depends on the said day, if it's a work day, I would play about 3-4 hours, if it's a weekend then probs 4-5-6 hours.


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