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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    Thank you sooooo much for the help with the bucket returning code!!!!! That really helped me with my mod : )
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    posted a message on How make a recipe with the bucket staying after
    I'm trying to make a recipe involving a bucket of milk in the furnace, so that the bucket stays in the crafting table after the recipe is done...
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Simplex Mod 1.0 --- Silver, Omelets, Coal Block, and much more!
    Simplex Mod version 1.0

    Note: You MUST have ModLoader (here) installed on your minecraft.jar for these mods to work properly.
    This mod should be compatible with most other simple recipe-adding mods, but I can't guarantee it.

    If I have any bugs, please tell me in this thread or message me.

    Download here: http://www.4shared.c...ERSION_1_0.html

    Have any suggestions? Please post them here and I'll see if I can add them : )

    Version 1.0
    -eggs are cookable
    -extra recipe for apples/melons
    -web blocks are craftable
    -Silver ore added
    -mining produces silver nuggets
    -silver sword, not very durable but very strong
    -Compress coal into coal blocks for decoration
    -zombie flesh can be cooked for zombie jerky
    -cardboard craftable
    -cardboard buckets
    -tnt resistant glass

    To Install:
    1. Install ModLoader
    2. Get the .zip folder from my link
    3. Unzip the file
    4. Put all files into your minecraft.jar (like modloader)
    5. Play minecraft : )

    Silver Recipes

    Food Recipes

    (yes i do know it looks like puke XD)

    Other Recipes

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    IGN (IN GAME NAME crunchynoodles

    AGE (tell the truth i can find out) 17

    SKYPE NAME AND STATE IF YOU CAN DO SKYPE CALLS can't do skype calls but i can do chatting, my computer doesn't support voice stuff anymore : (

    i can

    I was an admin on a server fall 2011-spring 2012 but I didn't have enough time after that since I have a irl job... I have a lot of experience with servers and minecraft building / fun server games

    to play minecraft with other people and do larger building projects
    1-2 hours a day max, more on weekends if Im not working
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    posted a message on Minecraft Architecture Help

    Have a building idea you just can't grasp? Maybe you do, but you don't have the skills/time to plan it out on paper?

    Well then just ask me, If you have a picture of a building, an idea, or a small problem with something as simple as curved staircases. Just give me a reply and I'll see what I can sketch up.

    When you submit an idea, I will design and sketch an isometric 3D drawing for you, then once your approval is given, I will accommodate the building plans that are needed.

    Right now I will accept small projects such as houses, biodomes, etc. I want it this way so I can accumulate some sketches people can preview. That way, before they start piling large scale projects on me, they get a sense of my style of sketching. I am free till Tuesday morning, meaning I will have lots of time to sketch and plan. Afterwards I will be doing things in my freetime due to my classes.

    So ask away, just give me a few details like materials etc.

    †Ð Ÿøñø†'s Brick House [1/22/11]

    Hey there! I really liked that design up above so i built it : D
    saved some pics so u all could see how it turns out
    (done in birch planks and wool)
    there are a few other pics of different angles of it here : http://annabananasuzanna.tumblr.com/post/30493527190/newest-minecraft-house-like-the-last-one-this
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    posted a message on Survival Island seed for 12w19a
    Seed was juuj
    *generated structures: on, world type: large biomes, bonus chest: on, cheats: on

    one 1 tree on the island, there are other islands within a map's reach, but only two other trees. Northern islands on the map have cactus and sugercane : ) No animals that I could see, just squids as far as the eye can see

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    posted a message on Have anyone tips to manage my server
    plugins: WorldEdit, iConomy, Chestshop, Jobs, PlgWarp, Safefire, WorldGuard, Lockette, BoundaryKill, HomeX are all good
    ColorMe is fun too : )
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    posted a message on What should be in a good PvP arena?
    sometimes I made the entire floor out of workbenches so that if they accidentally right click the ground theyre stuck for a second XD
    also Lava pits and small patches of ice are good
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    posted a message on New Server LOOKING FOR ADMINS!!!!
    IGN: crunchynoodles
    WHY ADMIN: im bored, want to help start the server
    WILL U HELP: yes
    DO U GRIEF: no
    HOW LONG HAVE U PLAYED MINECRAFT: since early june
    WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: worldedit, very experienced at being a admin with commands and things
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    posted a message on MAJOR BUG IN 1.1!
    what mods do you have?
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    posted a message on Is minecraft.net still down?
    It's down but it sure aint SOPA, that hasn't been passed yet
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    posted a message on 1.1 good seeds
    marco polo gives a winter/snow pine forest right next to a swamp--desert close by
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    posted a message on What Movies are you most exited for?
    Hobbit, Hunger Games, and Monsters Inc. 2
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    posted a message on cool seed
    push F3 and fn at the same time
    fyi, fn is at the bottom left of your keyboard
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    posted a message on Nightmare Hallow
    woah that would be a heck of a lot of work but it looks AWESOME : D
    it'd be cool is the Frostbites could be melted by Solariuses
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