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    This is a pretty old topic, but if anyone is still interested, there is a revised version of this ram here:

    (its also an old topic)

    5KB of ram just fit within the limits of the world. It all uses the Sticky piston quick pulse toggle method as the T Flip Flop.
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    Quote from Simnik

    Your algorithm is the most intuitive way of doing such binary to BCD, but sure it isn't the most efficient. You should check out the "Shift, add 3" algorithm (AKA Double dabble). It is a little hard to grasp, but sure it is effective.

    Icks have made an implementation, and Minecrafter9 have one too. There is also a lot discussion and theory on the topic here, if you are interested.

    You also have to consider if you are working with negative numbers. If you do, you will most probably have the number in Two's Complement, and you will have to change your value into signed binary before you can use the "Shift, add 3" algorithm (and most others too). I have made a Two's complement to signed binary converter, which you can use. It is pre full release, so I am not entirely sure it still works, but at least there is a detailed explanation in there.

    If you still am looking for a comparing unit, you should go for Grizdale's Comparator, which I am quite confident, without having tested it, is really good (Grizdale made it). Note that here you will also have to concern about eventually negative numbers, since it does not take that into account. Adding negative support would take some work.

    Good luck anyway!

    yeah, I had a feeling this had probably been done before and in a much faster way then I was going about it (the same goes for most the the things I design). Thank you very much for the links, I hadn't even heard of the Shift, add 3 method.

    The stand alone comparing unit is still useful even if I can just figure out how it works. I while back I designed a super simple cpu using other peoples schematics for the alu etc, but I could never quite get it fast enough to compete with any of the other, more complicated cpus people made (ie the HACK cpu). I probably need an engineering degree before I dive any deeper, but thank you all for the help :biggrin.gif:

    And I'll take a look at your twos compliment converter, it looks like it could be really useful (as my main project is in fact a calculator) :tongue.gif:
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    Hi, at the moment I'm working on a 16 bit binary to decimal converter, that you feed a 16 bit number into, and it will spit out five, 4 bit (bsd) nibbles for decoding.

    I'm aware this can easily be done in code on many of the redstone cpus floating about, but the idea is that this is a single purpose creation that will (maybe) beat all the cpus on speed.

    heres how I'm going about it:

    -Store 16 bits in register

    -Is register greater than or equal to 10,000?
    ->YES: Subtract 10,000 from register and increment ten thousands digit
    -Is register greater than or equal to 1,000?
    ->YES: Subtract 1,000 from register and increment thousands digit
    ->NO: etc....

    rinse and repeat until the decimal number remains.

    So far I have all the registers, counters and clocks made and set out, the only part I can't figure out is how to do the "Is Greater than or Equal to" (ie, NOT Is Less Than)

    I know all the ALUs in the redstone CPUs have this logic built in, but does anyone know how to build a dedicated Is Less Than circuit? (ie output 1 if A is less than B )

    a simple logic circuit or any info at all would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Building a Budget Gaming Computer
    Try this:

    CPU : MD CPU Phenom II X4 Quad Core 960T Black Edition - AM2+, AM3 - $138
    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P AMD Mainboard - AM3 - $66
    RAM : 4GB DDR3 RAM - ~$30 from any manufacturer
    GPU : NVIDIA GTX 295 - $120 off ebay
    PSU : Thermaltake Litepower 600W - $72
    HDD : 500gb Any manufacturer ~ $60
    CASE: Any average case without PSU ~$50

    Total: $536. Of course, this is without any peripherals, but it's a bloody good gaming pc for only ~$500. It could be made much cheaper (I've just thrown this list together, the cpu/mobo are fairly new and could easily be replaced with last gen parts)

    The GTX 295 is unbeatable in terms of price/performance since its several generations old. It is effectively 2x260GTX which will easily beat a 5850 or even a 5870, for under half the price. It will run BF3 at 60+ fps without breaking a sweat.

    It just depends how much you're willing to sacrifice in order to fit a monitor/keyboard/speakers/dvd rom in there.
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    posted a message on mouse pointer stops moving
    If your entire computer screen just pauses (which may make it look like your mouse isn't working), it could be a graphics driver problem, or your computer could be really unstable. Sometimes when there's a driver problem that causes your computer to hang, it just gets stuck instead of bluescreening/rebooting.
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    posted a message on What to first pick for building 1st PC
    Quote from XGfr0sty

    im in a ranting mood today....

    Blasted intel users.. same class as flipping collingwood supporters :tongue.gif:(Aussie rules football)

    Did you just say intel users are in the same class as inbreds that sleep with their mothers?

    EDIT: Also Intel are ahead of AMD, in terms of real life performance per $, as well as performance per Watt. Only in the lower, budget end of the market does AMD pull in front.
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    posted a message on Is it just me?
    Quote from Christoi

    People recommending alienwares...apple laptops for gaming.

    People recommended alienwares? I thought people realised by now that you never, ever, buy a pre built desktop, EVAR.

    I'm a bit of a hypocrite, since I actually do have an alienware desktop. It was $1400 of an auction website, but had a water cooled i7 920, 8gb of RAM and a gtx 295, so I wasn't complaining. (even though the BIOS and mobo suck)

    alienware laptops are getting better in terms of price/performance, but the build quality is still sh!t (I have an m11x as well, dell have replaced it twice...so yeah)

    In short, don't buy pre built desktops, don't buy macs unless you want to fit in at upper class universities, don't buy dells unless you like laptops falling apart in your hands, and don't take potentially costly computer advice from 14 year olds on minecraft forums.

    EDIT: ati is bestest cos dey hav da 900000x betta drivas AMdeee iz so much betta values, ps3>xbox just cos also u shud get an agia physx cos it make da gamez physic work like betta
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    posted a message on hardcode-OS,ABANDONED
    Quote from dudearent006

    multi core GPU is almost impossible and completely unnecessary. people do not seem to understand multi core. the Idea of multi core is to prevent overheating all in one place by spreading the heat end electronical stress, allowing the device to run much faster and have the heat generated more evenly.

    I don't think heat is the issue, since isn't the idea of a multi core device to increase the performance per size unit through parallel processing? For example, a CPU can only run one thread at a time, so a single core is built with a large but fast design, with many of the features (like code caching)taking up a lot of space but only providing a relatively small performance increase. In the end you wind up with a huge core that can do things very fast, say 5x faster than a barebones CPU, but takes up 20x the space.

    Each parallel processor in a GPU on the other hand only has the barebones of a CPU (ALU, Floating Point Unit etc), and therefore run much slower (say 1x), but when stacked next to each other are faster, since each one has less of the space inefficient addons attached. (meaning you can fit 20 1x processors in the same space you can fit a large 5x processor, gaining a 4x performance boost)

    Adding to the performance gain, parallel processors can perform several tasks faster than a single threaded CPU since they don't have to waste time loading and switching to the next process after the last one completes.

    Now I'm not saying that you should make a multi-core GPU (that would be an unnecessary complexity, space consuming and fairly pointless) because the standard Minecraft CPU is a barebones CPU, but it could boost the performance, at least in theory.

    Also, I'm being kind of nitpicky about something off topic, so back OT, good luck with this CPU, I can't wait to see it completed.

    EDIT: Also, in response to some of your questions:

    You could have a simple GPU that handles the time consuming task of turning pixels on and off etc, something relativly simple. also, I recommend using a grid of RS-NOR memory for the screen, since they're tiny, easy to set and reset without a clock needed (however, you would only be able to turn pixels ON and CLEAR the screen, it wouldn't allow you to turn them OFF individually).

    I would use a 10-bit bus, since your CPU is already 10-bit, and then you could use 4 bits for a pixel x co-ordinate, 4 bits for a pixel y co-ordinate, and that leaves you 2 bits room for 3 instructions (something like SET, CLEAR, RESET)

    As for saving the GPU "state", you would need 4 framebuffers to store each program and then a lot of AND gates and a decoder to switch between them. Say you used an 8x8 screen ,thats 64 bits, 8 bytes, so 4 frame buffers means your GPU only really needs 32 bytes of framebuffers to allow switching.

    Anyway good luck, it looks like a LOT of work, I can't wait to see it when it's done.
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    posted a message on JAVA 1.7 huge memory usage
    Quote from r3sistance

    You could try the -xincgc switch if you launch java from a batch file or command line... that changes the way that the garbage collector works to being continuously on, however it can decrease the garbage collectors overall performance.

    I ran it with java -client -Xincgc -cp Minecraft.exe net.minecraft.LauncherFrame, still no luck...thanks for the suggestion though.

    Maybe minecraft is using 3gb of ram, and just isn't telling me? when I rotate the camera, I get huge freezes while Windows accesses the paging file, indicating that minecraft is actually making use of some of the memory that it's consuming...

    It's just strange that when I hit f3, minecraft only reports using 120mb of ram or so, out of a possible 900mb. javaw.exe is using over four times minecrafts supposed "allocated memory", so something doesn't add up. And I don't remember it doing this with java 1.6....anyway I'll tell you guys if I get anywhere in terms of solving it.
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    Quote from NotFrank »

    Another thing to add is that this latest version of minecraft (1.8) has massive memory leaks and "ghosts," data that minecraft writes but leaves once its done instead of deleting.

    Yeah, I do some developement in .NET and forgetting to call .Dispose() causes a lot of similar memory usage, except it's usually cleaned up by the garbage collector, in this case however it is not.

    Quote from Garmine »
    Maybe you should try installing the 32 bit version of java, and run MC with it, I herad about some issues with MC and 64 bit java.

    I installed 32 bit Java v1.7.01 and selected that as the preferred JRE, except it still uses over 3gb of ram (which is kind of weird, considering it's only 32 bit and should only be able to use 2gb...)

    I may just do a full java uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.
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    posted a message on JAVA 1.7 huge memory usage
    Normally I wouldn't post what seems to be a Java specific problem here, but since I can only reproduce the problem with minecraft, and cannot find any reference to this problem on Google, I decided to post it here.

    Basically when I load a single player save, the javaw.exe process hosting minecraft starts to constantly consume more ram. Usually it's too slow to be a problem, but in some maps, java quickly consumes all 4gb of ram, prompting windows to start desperately filling the pagefile, and slowing the entire computer.

    In one of my maps, I have quite a large and complicated redstone circuit (from bedrock to sky, and spanning a 300x300 block area). In the first ~30 seconds, I can play the map lag free, well after all the chunks have loaded, but then I run out of ram and the game grinds to a halt. Using the F3 status screen in game reveals that minecraft is only consuming 120mb out of its allocated 900mb, so it's not an issue of minecraft using too much memory - it appears to be some sort of memory leak, maybe with Java's GC.

    Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, have you found a way to stop it? I'm considering falling back to Java 1.6, but am liking the performance boost of 1.7...

    I'm running minecraft 1.8 on Java build 1.7.0 x64, and it's the only java runtime installed on my system (windows 7 x64).

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on MC Mon v1.1
    Quote from RobinZ52

    man i really want to download this...but i use mac...

    could u work on a mac version pls? thanks in advance :wink.gif:

    damn, why does everyone seem to use mac :tongue.gif:

    When I have some time I'll whip out the old "java for dummies" and get to work on a java version, although I have no idea where to start :/ don't expect a java port too soon, I'll get it done someday though.
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    posted a message on MC Mon v1.1
    MC Mon is small tray application that monitors the status of your online servers for you, and can display small, discrete popup notifications when changes occur.

    The notifications can be disabled at any time, and do not steal focus so they won't get in the way of what you are doing.

    This makes it a great to check when busy servers have slots available, or when your friends private servers come online.

    Download - MC Mon v1.1

    Windows XP/higher and .Net framework 4 is required.

    Please leave feedback!

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    posted a message on Redstone Daily: Easy Simple RAM [Currently on Video #1]
    cool, is there any way to get it 1 wide?
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    posted a message on 11-Color Display using Maps [Video]
    This is absolutely genius. Can't wait to get this hooked up to a high speed ram bank or a server/mod controlled redstone array. It may even be possible to get some fairly decent animations going.
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