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    Wolftail is a minecraft lib mod specifically designed for developing race different hugely from the race "steve". It currently contains three modules:

    1. (Core) Login the server as universal player
    2. (Renderer) Render normal game UI etc.
    3. (Tracker) Track data in server

    I developed this mod when I was trying to create a race which requires:

    1. Can't use or trigger any machines introduced by other mods like IC or GT or TC and so on.
    2. A brand-new inventory system
    3. Mobs or Animals should never perceive the playing player as "EntityPlayer"
    4. In server side, codes shouldn't treat the playing player as "EntityPlayer"
    5. ...

    The requirements are very strange, I try to realize it by modifying codes in EntityPlayer and almost every where in minecraft. And undoubtedly I gave up because my mod got obese and ugly and full of mixins, what's more, the mod's compatibility got extremely low.

    In fact, every modder will avoid creating race like this. We prefer race like vampire in vampire mod, because it is easy to achieve. However I still want to make it. And finally I came up with a solution, which is the mod Wolftail.

    By using wolftail, you are able to:

    1. Login the server without creating any EntityPlayer instance
    2. Client can control any entity(even things that are not entity) in the server
    3. Design a brand-new gameloop in client(Wolftail has do the most of job so you don't need to dive into rendering)
    4. Easily track data in server so you can send it back into client

    A typical usage of wolftail is to create a new Entity, for example EntityA. Every time client login the server you can create an instance of EntityA and let the client to control. Send relevant data in server to client. And in client, do rendering and process mouse/keyboard events.

    The mod is in developing and there are still some works to do before actually used in production. Here is the project: https://github.com/crow02531/Wolftail now we have only one release.

    PS: When I was making this mod I frequently asked myself "Is there anyone wants to make such a strange race? Maybe I was just wasting my time.". So, if you are interested in wolftail, please let me know, otherwise I will throw this idea into trash bin.

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