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    It was originally a skin pack but since adding sounds i feel its a mod. This mod is mostly as a joke within my friends.

    Instructions inside.


    i made a link inside the archive to epinull's topic with the sound enabler mod so i hope he doesn't mind. :SSSS:
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    I made these two skins mostly as a joke and for the sake of customizing my game. The one labeled Alex is what i use as char.png and the Kyle is zombie.png
    taken from another handy tutorial; use this to change any skin in the game. It skips to step four because 1-3 simply explains how to access the .minecraft folder.

    path to .minecraft:


    4. Open up the "bin" folder.
    5. Right click the executable jar file labeled "minecraft"
    6. Hover down to "Open With" and click "WinRAR archiver"
    7. Inside you will see various folders and files. Open the "mob" folder.
    8. Go back to your skin and rename it "char".
    9. Drag and drop the skin into the folder.
    10. Click "Okay" when the notification pops up.
    11. Close "minecraft.jar" and the "bin" folder.
    12. Launch Minecraft and your skin should be waiting for you inside.

    The Skins
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