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    posted a message on The Circle of Magi [Magic] [Kingdom] [Unleashed]
    -Your in-game name: Crimson_diamonds
    -What do you like to be called by (acronyms):Crimson
    -How did you find out about CoM:Through forum signature.
    -Did anyone refer you to CoM:no
    -Why do you want to join CoM:I am looking for a good clan to be in and I thought that this would be a good choice.

    -Also your time zone in GMT so we can plan meetings time zone is -7:00
    and make it so many people as possibly can attend!
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    posted a message on [RP-PvP] Idolia Kingdom (Recruiting) (Classes, skills, 24/7)
    Joining Application
    Town choice:reddent
    Job choice: miner
    Reason for your choices:i like going deep into mines and then mining stuff and possibly finding diamond
    Comments, Ideas, Other: none at the moment
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