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    posted a message on Help our friend, a fellow youtuber, keep his kids!
    Nice cause mate.
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    posted a message on EelCraft Disussion Page
    Hi guys, I'm making a new minecraft server, EelCraft. Lay your suggestions for good minigames & feedback for this page. I haven't made the server yet, but tell me good inigames here, I dont have much experience in that stuff. Thanks, CreeperMints.
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to possibly help create and/or host a server for Youtube Channel! (10K + 35K)
    YouTube? My name on youtube is EelBolt. My Minecraft name is eelboltmc. Well, I can do some stuff, like make mini games for ya. Good?
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    posted a message on Making A Parody
    Quote from derpsocks

    Want me to animate? With Maya? Free of Charge?

    If you want meh to animate please give me a shout out :)
    OK. Its a Marron 5 parody.
    I'll tell ya what you'll animate.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SInger/Animator Needed
    I can sing. Just give me your email and I can come. And the Lyrics. Or, I can animate. Which one?
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    posted a message on Hiring Animator
    Quote from loleryn

    Yes please
    First, are you in a youtube group of some sort?
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    posted a message on Hiring Animator
    I don't have skype yet, but I know a friend with a YouTube channel who can. Want his name?
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2
    Banned for not being smart and not knowing your location.
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    posted a message on Looking to make LARGE Youtube Group! (10K+ Subs)
    Quote from Verlis

    and when I say Large, I mean High subscriber count... hopefully there are some people

    I have 24K+ Subscribers myself and I am hoping we can get some incredibly dedicated and strong youtubers to take each other far beyond that. I have worked hard to get the Minecraft Youtube formula and I'm looking for people to apply it with.

    What I do:
    Minecraft Tutorials
    (eventually) Mods and Parodies

    What I look to do:
    Server Series
    Group building projects
    Minigame team
    minigame building
    parody videos

    Even though it feels a bit late to grow in minecraft, I feel working on a strong group could at least slightly improve everyone's channels in the long run.

    10K+ Subscribers (can be much less if you have parody, mod review, or extensive server experience)
    Dedication - School/Work shouldn't be a problem to work around
    That is about all I'm looking for
    I only have like, 4 subs, but I do minigames on The Hive and other servers, and I have my other friends, but the most subs 1 of them has is 27, I think. Plus, we are all aged between 9-11. Accepted? Probs a no...1 of our friends has experience in animating, he is called XtremeXMX. I am EelBolt. I don't have many mods, I can still review...
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    posted a message on Making A Parody
    OK. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    Quote from Juxebox

    Philliphines,Manila P.S its Asia lol

    BTW i wish Its In England Or Philliphines (Philliphines U dunno philliphines o_o it hitted by an cyclone at 10/15/13)

    Close to Australia, Yes. Around Bali is really nice for holidaying.
    But the typhoon cost keeps it down. 1% chance, mate.
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    posted a message on Making A Parody
    Help, I am making a Minecraft Parody of Cant Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I have
    The lyrics and a singer, but I need an animator.
    I have the channel and windows as we'll,
    But can someone please animate for me, please?
    Thanks, CreeperMints.Oh yea. The requirements-
    * I will tell you what to animate.
    * You must have a YouTube Channel.
    * You must cost less than $49.99 AU.
    * You must have a gmail or hotmail account.
    * No Skype or phone required.
    * Please make it less than 6 mins.
    Thanks, CreeperMints.
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    Have a cockroach.Have a Cockroach.
    Quote from LegendaryBuild

    Guys please sign my petition to get Minecon 2014 to the UK.


    Ya know what? AU will get it, that's for a definite sure. OK, Americans & Europeans? Hear Me.
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    How about this- EVERYBODY who wants Minecon in Australia, Just
    go and email Mojang. Name where in AU u want it to be. I want it to be in Melbourne.
    I live there.
    We Have-
    * MCG
    * Crown
    * Hisense
    Well, anyways...
    I forgot.
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    posted a message on Make a Parody
    Hi. I have a YouTube channel, EelBolt, and I am making
    A parody of the duck song, The Chicken Song.
    Can some guys please help? Tell me what u can do.
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