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    ",sans-serif">Name: xCons

    ",sans-serif">Age: 15

    Skype (Mandatory): Contact me on the server if I am approved.

    ",sans-serif">What can you bring to the server?: I can bring an abundance of experience as a staff member from previous experiences. I have been a staff member on over 80 servers, perhaps 90- I've lost count. This experience, I believe, has made me into a very responsible staff member who can handle any task given to them and does not lose their temper in any situation. Overall, I believe I have the credentials to be a very good staff member on CellBlockMC.

    ",sans-serif">How can you handle stressful situations?: I can handle stressful or difficult situations by talking calmly to any player who is involved without becoming angry or increasing anger. I can resolve them with some quick recommendations, answers, or words in general. I believe that I can be of aid in any situation like this to keep players from disobeying rules.

    ",sans-serif">How do you keep yourself from getting frustrated and lashing out on players?: The amount of experience I have helps with this. I have been involved in many frustrating things in the 80+ times I have been a staff member and I believe that by now I am capable of remaining unperturbed no matter how demeaning it is.

    ",sans-serif">Rate your maturity on a scale of 1-10 (10 being a lawyer and 1 being a 3 year old): I may be overrating myself, but I believe I can say that my level of maturity is 9 or above. I do not perform any immature activities- I filtered those out after the first 30 times I was a staff member.

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    hey its constable the spawn is completely lava and everything around it too wha thappened
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