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    posted a message on TurtleLand[Whitelisted][24/7][40 Slots][No griefing/stealing][Still Accepting]
    Seems there have been reports of griefing, I suggest accepting applications from older players from now on.
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    posted a message on TurtleLand[Whitelisted][24/7][40 Slots][No griefing/stealing][Still Accepting]
    *IGN: Crazymoh11
    Skype: Crazymoh11
    Real Name: MOH
    *Why we should add you to the whitelist: I'm a fun creative guy, I can make cool builds and have fun with others on the server.
    *Things you like to do in Minecraft: If it isn't making bases and or making things look nice, I like to fight things either in the open fields at night or people in the arena.
    *Things you like to do besides Minecraft: I like to draw, write, and play video games.
    Any extra things you would like to tell me: I like to keep every ones mood happy, I'll collaborate with people if they ever need it.
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    posted a message on AloraCraft ~ Whitelisted ~ Mature ~ Based Off Of Mindcrack ~ Vanilla ~ New Map




    Timezone:Eastern Time

    Minecraft SMP Information

    When did you first start playing minecraft?: Late Alpha

    How big is your knowledge-base of the game?: I have played it for about 3.5 years, and watch regular videos on the game.

    Experience with Feed The Beast Mindcrack Pack: Yes, I used to play on a server with a bunch of close friends.

    Favorite Building Block: Either stone bricks, or any wood block.

    Why Should We Choose You For The Server:I am very creative (studying art), and an all around chill and nice guy.

    Are You Mature (Be Honest):I hope so.


    Weaknesses:A tad bit lazy.

    Oh No! Someone Has Pranked You. What Do You Do?: Laugh it off, and or plot my revenge on the person as a friendly rivalry.

    What Makes You Better Than An Average Minecrafter?: I am fairly quiet, but I will converse and make friends, if people need help, I go along and do my best.

    How Often Would you play on the Server? I am free pretty much everyday, I'd say 1-3 hours if the server is nice.

    If the server required a donation, could you help?: I have a PayPal account, so I could definately help.

    Any Other Information We Should Know About You?: I like to have fun and make other people happy too.
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    Hello guys! As a left handed gamer, it really bugs me that there is no left handed Minecraft mod. Now before you post "Why don't you just change your controls?" That's not what I mean, Yes I can do that, but that's not what I want. I would like a mod that makes Steve's hand go on the left side of the screen, so it goes better with my situation. It feels really awkward playing Minecraft while Steve is right handed :(
    I know some of you guys will be like "Just get used to it." Yes, that's an option, but would it be too much trouble to just make a simple mod that makes Steve's hand go on the other side of the screen?
    Anyways, if anyone could either help me out by making this simple mod or just directing me to a mod that exists, That would be great.
    Thank you. :steve_lol:
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR SERVER!
    Hello, Me and 3 other guys are looking for a minecraft server to play on.
    I am a great builder and a pixel artist, while the others are adventurers.
    We are polite and we aren't dicks.
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    posted a message on Mohcraft 16x16 [W.I.P]
    so when i was bored i decided to make my own texture pack.. i think it looks pretty good so far.
    well tell me what you think..

    and here is a night shot..

    heres a view of the stone and gravel.. unfortunately i didn't finish the ores yet.

    and here is a overhead view

    so again it is not finished yet..
    if you would like to download it go here:

    oh and could you guys please tell me what i should improve and even suggest what you would like to see in this pack.
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    posted a message on Hosting a Small Server!
    WHEN I STARTED: beta 1.2
    ANYTHING ELSE: i am an artistic child i love to draw so i try to bring my skills in to the game.
    i had a small server of my own before so i know how to run one with pluggins. I can do pixel art and i can build anything else you ask me too :smile.gif: i just want to come one the server and relax.
    oh and i have skype with a mic also.
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    posted a message on [request] custom skin
    Quote from MA12C0S

    very nice :biggrin.gif: thank you
    if i wanted to fix it to make the skin a bit darker, tan/brownish, how would i go about doing that? don't wanna bug ya lol

    ok first choose your prefered skin editing program and then use the colour picker and grab the skin colour and then just adjust the colour you have and eit the skin :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [request] custom skin
    Quote from MA12C0S

    alright, thanks so much :smile.gif:

    here you go bro! hope you like it
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    posted a message on [request] custom skin
    i could do that.. ill get back to you when im done.
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    posted a message on Pixelartist looking for server.
    i am extremely bored and want to join someones server to make the server pretty with some pixelart.. or if you want i could also add some buildings/houses
    here is my work
    (my work)
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    posted a message on Pixelartist looking for server.
    so yea i am exremely bored and i would like to go on someones server and make it look good with some pixelart.
    here is my photobucket page with just a few of my MC creations/pixelart:
    My link
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    posted a message on MC fan art requests/suggestions3
    hello guys i am doing requests/suggestions for some minecraft fanart.
    here are some from previous posts

    here is the first one someone asked me todo.

    and here is another one requested

    and this one i did because i was bored

    so guys please leave your requests/suggestions down below.
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    posted a message on MC fan art requests/suggestions
    Quote from KJGinger

    Hello, I am the host of an up-and-coming server called The New-World. It is not currently ready for players, so in the meantime, I'd like to get the page telling about the server set up (In the server section) but to do so, I'd like some server themed art. A little background info about the server, the server is a light RP server running the Towny Mod with nations/towns etc based on the concept of establishing settlements in a new world. The server also has a story about it written as things progress in the server (Essentially the story is a dramatized rendition of actual in-game events.)

    Basically, for the server page we will be needing several different types of images, feel free to submit as many as you like. Artists will receive full recognition and be cited to their profile/website at the bottom of the page. You don't have to submit all of the images, or you can submit more than is required as, we may pick and choose art so we have a large assortment of different art types on the page. The specifications below are just what we'll be putting on the server page.

    >One banner for the top of the page (This should be the largest image), to really give example of what the server is about. It should include the server name (The New-World) and the 3 main server attributes (PVP, Light RP, Nations). The rest is up to the artist's imagination.

    >Several signature sized images. Stating the server name and it's three main attributes. The rest is up to you.

    >A few Avatar sized images, for use in compact signatures. Try to fit either TNW on there somewhere.

    >Section headings, basically creative headings to put at the beginning of each section. Try to make these about the length of the signature or banner, but much less height. We require the following texts. "Server Story, Server Nations and Towns, Server Administration, Signature Section, Artists' work used, Rules" Try to keep all of these the same theme. We will only be choosing one artist from this section to keep the page looking uniform.

    Optional : I will love you forever if you make a nice looking GIF of a Minecraft city being established. Not just a time-lapse, but going through different styles and expansions, IE : Starting with an open Minecraft land area then going on to a basic settlement then slowly adding and removing until it is a major city.
    Bonus points if you make it loop nicely, IE : something to do with the city being destroyed at the end then the land leveled, but feel free to do it any way you want.

    Thanks again for your submissions, I look forward to them. :biggrin.gif:

    yes ill see what i can do :smile.gif:
    but i can draw in a cartoonish style.
    i can also get my friend to photoshop something if you want.
    and also i would like to maybe get on the server as a pixel artist i can also design unique buildings. here are some of my work on other servers :http://s1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb437/goozfart/
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