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    Quote from EpicAdrian

    Tschagg as you have made the New rank, Could you make it a bit Easier than Logging on Every day for 6 months, I would Really Wish if you could something like year on the server instead of logging on daily as this is impossible for me but i would love to earn the rank. Hope you read this.


    This does seem a tad extreme, for me it's physically impossible to get on every week for six months, yet alone every day. My internet connection goes down for days sometimes and what if I go camping (not 'me' but a person...) Also, a 'loophole' could be people logging on and going AFK, just to 'put in the hours'. Maybe it would be better to go on how often the person is on and by how 'active' they are, I don't know... I've not even seen the new rank yet anyway.
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    Quote from skoardy

    Well, I tried my hand at a non-Minecraft video but I still think I'd rather do a series that were Minecraft related, though. It's a shame they've been done to death though.

    It's time for someone to do them to death and back now then :P. I'm looking forward to your next video and will give it a 'like' again, keep it up.
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    Thank you for [^] Tschagg, I'll post my statue when it's built :D

    Also, CHICKHUNZ!
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    Quote from jaztrumpet

    I was hoping it wasn't out of 100 :)

    Or 10 :(
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    Quote from Bevansp

    donated. Totally worth it. Ask your moms and dads to cough it up!

    zero lag, ppl!

    Well done with the [$+].
    "Ask your moms and dads to cough it up!" - No chance, I asked my Dad and he said:
    "You've already bought the game so I don't understand why you want to give them more money, it's a con." :steve_eyeroll:

    Never-the-less I'll be donating soon, once my exams are done I can go get some moneys.
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    Tschagg, thank you for both of my generous forum rewards so far.

    Quote from Reap_Craft

    Really love this server. Been playing since february and hopefully everyone will be as addicted to it as I have been =P...
    Very friendly community, anti-grief is enforced properly, staff are reasonable and very kind, ranks suit all around builders, and there is always something to do- so hopefully you are never bored. ;)
    Amazing server, 6 stars
    Hope you all have as good of an experience as i have had!


    Also, "6 stars". Out of what?
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    Quote from Bossler

    Love this server. Fun, friendly, and just awesome overall.

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    Quote from Charles974

    Berwout, how do you do to allocate more memory to Minecraft ? I've tried to do this : but in game, there is no changement.

    What is Java JDK7 ?

    I've reset all the setting in the Nvidia control panel. No changement .... again.

    I don't know if I can uninstall video drivers. I no longer have the installation CD so, I will can't reinstall them.

    That's the wrong method for allocating more memory because now, every time java runs, regardless for what it is for, 2GB of RAM will suddenly disappear. Use the .bat file method there are a few guides but if you really can't find one I'll explain it.

    Also do not install CD drivers a software. Get the latest version from the manufacturer's website.
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    Quote from tschagg

    we dont spawn mobs for users, thats against our rules.

    Okay, I'll keep looking. Thank you.

    Quote from tbone6670

    Do you think it still may take effect even though the .bat closes almost imediently after i open it?

    I don't know but you can find out. Press F3 and there'll be info on performance there, screenshot it, then PM it it to me and We'll know. I have to close my .bat myself though.
    Quote from skoardy

    Hmm, maybe I could do some 'Let's Play Badly' videos? :)

    Have you found any agreeable video editing software yet?
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    Quote from crazyjoe1O1
    To Tschagg or an admin: I want to make a fortified village but ever time I find a village it's been wiped out by a player or zombies :( . My question to you, O powerful ones, is that if I find or create a village, would you spawn some villagers there for me? This would really be appreciated, Joe.

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    Quote from tbone6670

    I have 6gb and still not working after i moved it into the .minecraft folder :/

    I will just keep it at my normal 25 fps if i cant get it on my own now. Thanks for the help :)

    6GB of paging file or RAM? Your pagefile should be 9216MB, 1.5x your total RAM. Please also change the min/max settings to 1024/2048 as there is no reason for any higher if you're not using a texture pack.

    One more thing, do you have 32 or 64 bit java? and for what operating system?

    The last and final thing would be to check what process is at the top in task manager when you are playing Minecraft normally, the java may not be called "javaw.exe" for some reason.

    Thank you for your patience and I'm glad you've bearing with me, I'm still a total noob myself, you see.

    Quote from Nicole25

    I'm sorry sir, we cannot promote you for this. It's far too small, and could use some variation in building materials. xD

    I don't usually contradict the ruling of a staff member, but Nicole, don't you think that's a bit harsh? He probably put many hours into that!
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    Quote from tbone6670

    Srry it has been a while i completely forgot,

    javaw -Xmx4028m -Xms3046 -jar "C:\Users\Jack\Desktop\Minecraft.exe

    thats what i am using and it seems to have some effect but im not 100% sure. My minecraft is installed in the appdata\roaming\.minecraft on my user (jack) and i gave this same thing to my friend (i gave u credit dont worry :P ) and it seemed to make a solid 50 fps differance for him

    thanks for whatever help you can provide

    For 6Gb of RAM this seems too much, out of interest, how large is your paging file? Also, those are some strange numbers to use. The standard for 3 and 4gb is 3,072mb and 4,092mb. I would recommend using 1024 min and 2048 max. Don't be fooled by 4gb, I was using some ridiculous texture pack for a while.

    I recommend the following:
    javaw -Xmx2048m -Xms1024 -jar "C:\Users\Jack\Desktop\Minecraft.exe

    If that is still not working then try moving Minecraft.exe to a folder rather than it being on the desktop, you shouldn't keep anything other than shortcuts on the desktop anyway because they're loaded on start-up.

    javaw -Xmx4028m -Xms3046 -jar "C:\Users\Jack\appdata\roaming\.minecraft\Minecraft.exe
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    Quote from Wind_Aethera

    Joe, I am quite pleased to review your application, as it is quite well done.
    Your backstory is refreshing, unique; it does skirt close to pre-application Faction presence, but seeing as you made specific point to say that your character is *not* in a Faction at the time of his arrival in Utah, there is no issue.
    Join up on the forums. We'll get you whitelisted, and we'll be looking to see you on!
    Great job.


    Yeah, I knew it was close to a faction application but it's my intention to join the BoS as they're my favourite faction and I think my character has benefited from the background. I'll head over to the forum now and join, I look forward to seeing everyone in-game.

    Thank you,
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    You can also upload to www.tschagg.ch/u
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    IGN: crazyjoe1O1
    Age: 16
    Time you can dedicate: At the moment I am sitting exams and am busy however I have my summer holidays soon and should be on frequently, after my summer holidays I should be able to play at least 4 hours a week.
    Why us?: I love the Fallout series and I've noticed that your server seems to have the most strict entry rules, this should ensure that everyone on the server is serious about Fallout. I love Fallout 3 and have begun producing mods for it, my nexus account is sandythedog, please note that I have not yet uploaded my first 'proper' mod yet. I have a YouTube account with videos of Fallout 3
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Pretending to be or becoming a character or person other than one's self either in real life or virtually.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using information or other advantageous material found outside the game or character whilst in character, a form of cheating.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Being an unstoppable juggernaught in combat, implying some form of hack or super human capabilities meaning you need more time away from Minecraft.

    Name: Joe Glade (a distant relative (nephew) of Paladin Glade (FO3) if this is allowed (non-lore?)).
    Nickname: Joe
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6 ft. 1" SKIN
    Personality: Loyal, cautious, displaced, mercenary
    In-game RP example:

    (age 14, squire in BoS)

    The bullets where flying in from all directions, the sound of explosions and men screaming piercing my ears. Bullets ricocheting off of Power Armour, Scribes crawling for cover only to be torn apart by a hail of bullets. I looked up and saw Knight Sander shooting cool and concentrated, taking down raider after raider, that didn't help him when the grenade at his feet went off. I was cowered behind a rock, terrified.

    Paladin Gru: "Ammunition! Ammunition! Squire! I need that ammo!"
    Squire Glade: "the-"
    Paladin Gru: "Now!"

    I scrambled to my feet and dashed for the ammunition box a few metres away, I had foolishly left it behind the last rock I used for cover. I reached the rock, bullets crashing in around me. It was scattered! Ammunition scattered on the floor, irretrievable and unusable, it had been hit somehow in the fighting.

    Paladin Gru: "Squire! where are you?"
    An unknown Knight: "I need more Microfushion Cells!"
    Paladin Gru: "Oh s*** I'm out! SQUIRE!"
    An unknown Knight: Is that... Paladin Gru! Enemies advancing they look like The New..."

    An explosion cut him off and silenced him forever.

    I hid uselessly behind my new rock, frozen with fear ands shame, one by one my comrades with useless weapons were surrounded and shot to death through their Power Armour; a slow and painful death that none of them deserved.

    It was then, after looking up after the 10 minutes of eerie silence that followed the brutal fight when I saw that these where no raiders, they were the NCR.

    From as early as I can remember I've always lived in an underground bunker, Lost Hills. I was chosen to study and train to become a Knight and When I left lost Hills with Paladin Gru's party to re-establish communications with a contingent in the Mojave area I was a Squire. We were in frequent fights with raiders but they were easily repelled. It was near the end of our journey when we were attacked at distance by a huge number of what seemed like a raider group similar to the Vipers or Khans. It was not until the whole 22-man strong contingent was wiped out that I saw the NCR soldiers approaching me, guns raised. The commander, a combat veteran with a huge scar on the left side of his face waved his men away and hauled me to my feet, he had seen my venerability. After the usual questioning and such I discovered just how badly the war was, the Brotherhood were losing ground and strength heavily. The Commander saw to it that I was unharmed and rather than being left to die in the wastes along I was given a provisional NCR citizenship and sent to live on a ranch with my 'parents'.

    I am grateful for the NCR's treatment and to this day hold no grudge against them, I spent six years on that ranch and learnt to fell at home there, although I always missed my true home and blood parents. There was not a day I had not practised with a gun and at age 20 I set out to make a living and find my long lost brothers in arms. The guilt of my actions that day always has followed me, but I accept now nothing could have stopped the attack, we had been outnumbered almost 8 to 1 and 1/3 of the party were non-combatants. I made a living escorting caravans up to and through the Mojave, occasionally memories of the attack flooding back to me. Soon I was a veteran, even when things got rough towards the conclusion of the NCR-Legion war, I carried on getting caravans to where they were needed. After the Dam, things got worse, I heard the news and decided to head back to my ranch, both of my loving foster parents had died, and their spoilt brat blood-son had been taking all of the money I sent to them over the last years, he was shocked to see me and unrepentant at his actions. He mocked me over how there was nothing I could do legally to retrieve my earnings and about how he deserved the money because he wasn't a "filthy orphan". Something snapped in me, the only two people I knew I had left in the world were gone and I beat him, badly; he was barely breathing when I left. I called for help and then left, never to return; my only hope now to find the Brotherhood of Steel and hope they knew who I was. I left for 'Utah', if the Brotherhood was anywhere, it would be there, looking for a new power-base, or so the rumours said...

    Nuka-Cola is tasty, especially Quantum
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