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    posted a message on XTCSMP - Mature 18+ Surival Server. Accepting Applications

    First Name - Noah
    In-Game Name - TheRealNovaStone
    Skype* - NovaStone
    Age* - 16
    How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft? - i remember infdev so for a long time now
    What Is Your Favorite Mob? - probably the wolf
    Why Do You Want To Join XTCSurvival? - because i like small communities
    Any Questions You Would Like To Ask? - did the world get reset or did it just get converted to whitelist
    A Few Words About Yourself - well, i already Trusted on the server before it became whitelist and stuff so that's something i got going for me

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    posted a message on NEED STAFF !!! --> ALL POSITIONS NEEDED !!

    Name: Noah

    Age: 17

    Contact (Skype Preferred): NovaStone

    Do you have a Mic: yea

    About You: I have been playing minecraft for a long time now, started in alpha, although im a little rusty and i don't know about a lot of the new stuff, im starting to get back into the game. some notible stuff is that i used to own and run my own server for a while, so i know how to use plugins and manage a server. i built my pc, and im pretty good at using one, i know how technology works, how games work, and mostly how servers work. i'm not too bad at graphic design but admittedly im not exactly the best either.

    Position Applying For: admin or moderator

    admin questions:

    a. Can you manage plugins? Details.

    yea, i can manage plugins, im experienced in PEX, which i noticed you were using,

    good at permission nodes, and just generally working stuff out, if for some reason i can't

    figure something out, it's pretty easy to find the solution

    b. How familiar are you with the Multicraft Panel / FTP?

    sadly i am not that familiar, although im looking at it now, and it does not seem all that complicated,

    i know what pretty much all the stuff in the screenshots mean so i could probably use it easily

    c. What days/hours will you be available?

    I'm getting back into minecraft so i should be able to be on a lot, plus i work from home so i can

    usually be on if i am needed

    moderator questions:

    a. How do you cope with griefers?

    I can adapt to the way you want me to work, but personally i work on a 2 strike system,

    the first time they greif i undo it and give them a warning, the second time, i either ban them temporarily

    or ban them forever depending on how bad the greif is, luckily the server has a pretty good antigreif plugin

    b. What plugins / commands are you familiar with in-game?

    almost all the essential ones (the ones from essentials), world edit, anti greif plugins, pex, all that

    good stuff, probably cant name them all off the top of my head though

    c. In an event that a player is being hostile what is your way of handling the situation?

    i try to reason, if i am legitimetly doing something wrong i will try to find what i am doing and stop it, but if someone

    is being hostile just for the sake of being hostile im going to try to get them to stop, and if that does not work,

    i will mute them temporarily if possible

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    posted a message on can't get bpermissions to work

    i'm using bukkit 1.8.8 unofficially updated from the spigot website and my bpermissions plugin is the latest version can't get it to work at all

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    posted a message on can't get bpermissions to work

    tried using pex and the /pex command and all the commands that start with /pex wouldn't work as administrator or from the console, so i tried bpermissions, all the commands work, nothing works except the commands and nobody except OPed people can do any commands...

    here's my groups file located in the world folder:

    default: default
    	- *.*
        groups: []
          prefix: '&0[&6Owner&0]'
    	- Craftconomy.money.holdings
    	- Craftconomy.money.help
    	- Craftconomy.money.pay
    	- Craftconomy.bank.holdings
    	- Craftconomy.bank.help
    	- Craftconomy.bank.withdraw
    	- Craftconomy.bank.deposit
        groups: []
    	  prefix: '&8[&7Member&8]'
        permissions: []
        groups: []

    i tried doing it with no - i tried doing it inside the square with and without -'s and i saw that there were no squares in the example file or the example on the bukkit page so i tried deleting the squares for what i wanted and used - and without - still nothing seems to work, in case it's important, i imported from pex

    if i directly edit from the example files prefixs work but nobody can do commands still? is there a single working permissions plugin that isn't unnecessarily hard to get working?

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    posted a message on signed 2011 minecraft mousepad worth?
    dang... thanks for the help guys!
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    posted a message on signed 2011 minecraft mousepad worth?
    Quote from Sicroth»
    Looks like it might of been bent, and has it been used? If so, probably not going to go for much.

    nom never been used, i agree it does look bent in the picture btu i assure you its in mint condition... literally never been used...
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    posted a message on signed 2011 minecraft mousepad worth?
    Quote from JamesOfCarson»
    I would say... Over 9000 :?

    please serious posts, its obviously not over 9000, you know that, i know that. no need to waste time writing the post.
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    posted a message on signed 2011 minecraft mousepad worth?
    i got this signed mousepad (the dirt block one) from minecon 2011 that i am looking to sell, how much is it worth? (no i'm not looking for "why the hell would you sell it" posts, i need money right now)

    its signed by:





    -and a bunch of other squigly lines sitting next to notch (heres a picture:

    so yea, an estimated value would be much appreciated...
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    posted a message on New server need staff nolagg plugins
    please join my server ip:

    port is 25565
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    posted a message on Minecraft Is Too Easy (MITE) Mod
    Quote from Avernite
    "One does not simply walk into the mountains
    and mine iron ore with a wooden pickaxe."

    Yea, because you can only mine iron ore with a stone pick
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    posted a message on Real Life Constellations in Night Time Sky
    Would be better as a mod
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    posted a message on The Seasons Mod - Minecraft 1.7.10 & 1.8.9, release version '3.0-alpha2' (updated 19th of July, 2017)
    Is this mod compatable with mods like bioms o plenty that adds more bioms?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Novamenu - Clean and modern GUI overhaul! [1.1.4]
    Would be cool to see a "Nova GUI" that edits the actual ingame GUI, nice work on the menu though, looks super slick!
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    posted a message on [Deleted in compliance to Chococapic13's new rules for his shaders]
    yea, um, when i turn on the shaders and go into game it gives a TON of errors and no shaders appear, at all, all the water becomes invisible, and the screen goes slightly blurry, also it lags like heck...i assume this has something to do with the perimeters but i dont know how to apply perimeters
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    posted a message on McModGen - Create Minecraft Mods without Coding! [1.0][FORGE]
    i went on and tried registering but when i completed the process the page went plank except for the background and the header image, same with trying to login, any suggestions?

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