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    Quote from Doriide

    Hello, I am starting a new world and building a memorial to all pet that have died making their owners and family members sad. I would like your help designing and presenting ideas for this project. Please no huge statues for dogs or cats. If you have any advice please share thank you.
    R.I.P. my fuzzy buddy.

    Well, I make huge pits to throw the annoying bastar... OH, you mean you are sad because they died. Well... this is not my area of expertise.

    Edit: Bones. Bones, everywhere.
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    Chances are the programmers over at Betheseda have had barely any time to react to this. You could say that they should be doing something about it, but nobody can accomplish anything in such a timeframe. Also,


    does not speed things up. In fact, there is little reason to be mad at Betheseda at the moment. The misinformation that is spreading is ridiculous (not to mention, damaging).
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