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    Grand Opening of NexusPvP Factions Xbox360 Edition!

    Looking for a mature factions server where you can team up with friends, PvP, raid, and become the richest player on the server? You've found it!

    NexusPvP is designed to give you a sleek and fun version of Xbox 360 Factions with:

    - Banks (Emeralds as Currency)

    - Shops (Resource Shop, Raiding Shop, Block Shop, Enchanting Shop, EVEN A SELL SHOP)

    - Protective Borders (Enforced by Staff)

    - In-Game Ranks and Kits

    - Personal Vaults

    - Personal Farms

    - FOR THE FUTURE: PvP Arena

    Intersted in anything you've seen above? You could be apart of the action in the brand new opening of NexusPvP Factions! All you have to do is leave your gamer tag, age, why you want to join, and if you have a mic.

    Look forward to seeing you in the action!

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