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    1.8/1.8.9 Lucky block Creeper [Remastered]

    May I introduce, the Lucky Block Creeper! This block contains several drops, however, be wary as many of them will result in catastrophe! On the other hand, if you are lucky, something good may come out of it!

    How to Install
    #1 Download and set up the latest version of 1.8 or 1.8.9 forge. (Your choice of what version)
    #2 Download the1.8 lucky block mod (or 1.8.9)
    #3 Download the Lucky Block Creeper
    #4 Go to .minecraft
    #5 Create a mod folder if you do not have one
    #6 Open Minecraft 1.8 forge in your launcher and start Minecraft (or 1.8.9)
    #7 Close Minecraft
    #8 Move the lucky block mod into the mods folder
    #9 Open and close Minecraft again
    #10 Move the Lucky Block Creeper into a new folder called addons
    #11 Open 1.8 forge on the Minecraft launcher and start playing



    Due to Minecraft Forums bugging, copying + pasting the Mediafire link into another tab may be necessary*

    Change Log: Remastered Edition
    o Removed almost all stolen drops; I tried to remove as many stolen drops that I remember stealing
    o Fixed nearly all bugged drops, meaning that opened lucky blocks should no longer yield "nothing", to do this I tested every drop individually, it was tedious
    o Remastered the Lucky Sword, Bow, and Potion textures
    o Removed copied crafting recipe; duplicate
    o Removed any duplicate drops
    o Tweaked the luck on drops accordingly
    o Fixed any spelling or grammatical errors, which includes making things sound better
    o Added some new but simple structures
    o Tweaked natural spawning so that the chance for lucky blocks is higher, plus the lucky blocks have a chance spawning in with a structure
    o Altered a few drops to make them a little less powerful and wild
    o Downgraded some of the drops to avoid lagging issues
    o Downgraded drops to be a little less annoying
    o Tweaked prices for villagers to a more manageable state
    o Straight up removed bad drops
    o Drop count is now ~150


    1.7.10 Lucky block Creeper
    [Remaster is currently not planned for this version as of right now]

    Well, you can read? Basically the 1.8 Creeper Lucky block but in 1.7.10

    How To Install
    #1 Download and set up the latest version of 1.7.10 forge
    #2 Download the new 1.7.10 lucky block
    #3 Download the Lucky Block Creeper
    #4 Go to .minecraft
    #5 Create a mod folder if you do not have one
    #6 Move the Lucky Block Mod into the Mods folder
    #7 Open Minecraft and select the New 1.7.10 forge File and play Minecraft
    #8 Close Minecraft
    #9 Go to .minecraft
    #10 Delete original LuckyBlockProperties.txt from .minecraft\config\lucky
    #11 Move the LuckyBlockProperties.txt (from this zip folder, creeper lucky block .zip) in .minecraft\config\lucky
    #12 Go in .minecraft\mods and open the lucky block mod's .jar file
    #13 After you opened it, go in mod\lucky\files and replace the original LuckyBlockProperties.txt with LuckyBlockProperties.txt from the.zip
    #14 After that in \assets\lucky\textures\blocks and replace the original lucky_block.png with lucky_block.png from this zip folder
    #15 Close everything and play!


    Lucky Block Mod - 1.7.10 Lucky Block Mod

    1.7.10 Forge -Forge

    Lucky Block Creeper 1.7.10 - Lucky Block Creeper

    A bit of credit to
    LeagueEliteGaming for helping me create the Creeper Lucky Weapons And Helping me get to 1.7.10
    Creator of the Camel Lucky Block

    Creeper Lucky Block


    Mod Reviews/Challenges

    All Rights Reserved
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    Hello and welcome to Lucky Block Creation Guide
    Here you can learn how to make your own Lucky Block Addon for Minecraft 1.8
    This will only give you the basic's to get started and to understand the drops format
    To provide authenticity I am Lucky Block Creeper Creator: CLICK HERE to check it out.

    First and foremost, The Lucky Block Mod was made here http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/lucky-block/
    If you have created a Lucky Block please note you cannot post it to Planet Minecraft. Minecraft Forums and other sites are fine.
    For this to make sense, you have to have at least a bit of an idea of the assets regarding .minecraft and how to create texture packs. In addition to the basic knowledge of computers!

    Official Lucky Block Documentation [Recommended] - http://www.minecraftascending.com/projects/lucky_block/documentation/introduction.html

    Easier to read here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/guide-lucky-block-creation/

    #1 Get your thing's set-up
    If you want to make you will first have to understand lucky block add-ons!

    First, you wanna Go to the Lucky Block Mod Page Here

    Then you want to scroll down until you see the Line called Customisation

    Then you wanna click on "Documentation" under Add-on generator

    After that unzip the file and you should have a .jar file called Addon Generator
    Execute it then a text box should appear
    In that text box type in what you want your lucky block to be called, this is all your choice.
    I chose Skillz

    Then click "Done."


    #2 File Exploring
    After you have clicked "Done", where ever on your computer you have unzipped the addon generator file, that is where the lucky block files will be located.
    Your folder should have a set-up like this

    Did you get that? Good.

    Now you are going to want to open the assets folder, then click the lucky folder.
    After this, you should be presented with 4 folders.

    Head into the folder labeled "lang"

    If you cannot open the lang file right-click it and click open with... - then select notepad or word

    If it works then great! When you open it you should be presented with this!

    Here you name what your Lucky Block and Weapons will appear as in-game!
    So after tile.YourLBName.name=

    The actual name that appears in-game is after the "="
    You may change this if you so desire.

    The same thing applies to all the lucky items.
    After you are done safe and close the file.

    #3 Test it (For now)
    Now go back to the root or start of the folder (previous screenshots with all the files)
    On your screen, right-click -> new -> .zip archive tool

    You should have created a .zip archive. After this event, highlight everything in the folder and drag it into the archive.
    Take this archive and go to .minecraft, paste this archive into add-ons.
    (make sure you have the latest Lucky block 1.8 version in your mods folder as well)

    #4 Test it in Minecraft
    You should then launch Minecraft Forge 1.8, load or create a world, and search for your lucky block!
    Furthermore, you should go into creative and get your items
    (we will change the texture later for the items don't worry)


    #5 Plugin_init

    Delete the .zip you placed in the "addons" folder, it won't be of any use anymore.
    Now go back to your folder and open the plugin_init File
    You should have this

    These right here are known as variables. When writing your lucky block "code" you will refer to these variables when describing your weapons, potions, lucky block. You may change them if desired after the "=" sign.


    #6 Luck Crafting

    Now open the "luck_crafting" file

    Now here is where we can determine what specific items can make blocks more lucky or unlucky.
    To do this simply change the number next to an item!

    Positive values increase luck
    While negative (-) values decrease luck!

    To add new items, simply just type the item as you would with the /give command (minecraft item or block id).


    #7 Recipes
    Open the file labeled "recipes"
    Here you will create your crafting recipe!

    Now after the "/craft by placing the lucky block in center and light or dark gray dye around"
    Delete everything that but the "/ "
    after the "/" you will specify how to craft the block

    The three first values (ggg) represent the 1st horizontal row in a crafting table.
    While the second three values (glg) represent the 2nd row
    The last three values(gg) represent the last row in a crafting table

    ggg,glg,ggg = The recipe in the crafting table
    g,dye:8,l,lucky:lucky_block = The items
    So if I had something like this

    To actually create your own recipe, you will need to first select a value of letters that would represent blocks or items. Like variables.
    So in this case
    d= diamond_block
    l = lucky_block

    You first would need to create the recipe so

    Then after these values, declare what these letters actually mean.

    So in turn

    It would be a lucky block in the middle with diamond_blocks all around

    If you want more advanced crafting private message me!

    #8 Test
    Making a lucky block is all trail and error and requires a lot of testing
    Repeat the process in Step #3

    Now check to see if your
    - Lucky and unlucky items Work
    - Crafting recipe works
    - and the /give command
    /give yourMCname lucky:"step 5 variables"

    [For me this would be - /give craftidamonds lucky:lucky_block_skillz

    #9 Take a Break
    Skip this if desired!

    #10 Block Textures
    Go to assets then the lucky folder and come back to the area with the 4 folders

    Click the texture folder -> blocks
    You should see a picture of a lucky block

    Right-click it and click edit
    Here you can edit your lucky block to any texture you want
    Make sure you leave it as a .png and as a 16x16 file

    If you are proficient in Pixel Art design, I recommend the tool Piskel to aid in the creation of unique blocks!
    When implementing your own textures external, delete the current image file, then paste your new .png file, but rename it to what it was set to before (step 5 variables)

    #11 Weapon Textures

    Repeat the same process in Step #10 for bows and swords but go into the items folder

    Though, bows are a bit trickier. While you do use the same variables set in Step #5, you have to add a bit more.
    You have to create a texture for the pulling of a bow.

    Firstly, your default bow texture should be your variable in step #5 but add _standby
    The first phase of pulling the bow add _pulling_0
    The second add _pulling_1
    And the fully charged bow should be _pulling_2


    #12 Test
    Repeat the processes in Step #3
    Check if

    - Lucky block textures are correctly loaded
    - Lucky weapons textures are correctly loaded


    #13 NaturalGen and Properties
    Select the file natural_gen and open it

    Here you don't need to change anything unless you really want to customize this!
    What this file does is that it shows how often your lucky block will spawn in the world and how it will spawn.

    The natural gen file indicated how the block will spawn; a clear example would be within a structure.
    The higher the number, the less of a chance the block will spawn in the world
    so @chance=200 means a lucky block has a 1/200 chance to spawn in the world in that specified way.

    The Properties file highlights three main things.
    spawnrate indicates the rate at which lucky blocks will spawn, 50 is recommended.
    structure chance highlights the chance of spawning in a structure.
    doDropsOnCreativeMode indicates whether or not breaking the block will actually do things.

    False = breaking the block in creative won't do anything
    True = breaking the block in creative will do things

    #14 Structures
    I recommend looking at the documentation for this, I do know how to implement structures now, but its hard to explain here!

    Private message me for some real help!
    #15 Bow drops, Sword drops, And Potion Drops

    This is difficult to fully explain, in fact, the drops, in general, are hard to go into detail since its where everything really happens.
    Refer to this document for all the information on the items


    #16 DROPS
    I won't go into too much detail as you are gonna have to figure most of this out on your own. This is just a basic drop!
    Now, this is what makes and breaks a lucky block. The drops...
    Firstly, open the "drops" file and delete all the text.

    For a few basic starters, I will be talking about

    - Getting Items
    - Mobs
    - Named Items

    Before we start anything, I would like to mention that the most crucial step is organizing everything by leaving comments. These comments will not be read by Minecraft but are just notes to help you stay organized. To leave a comment simply type a / and type whatever is needed afterward

    The basic format for an item based drop is
    (drop info) @luck=(#)

    @luck dictates how often the drops will appear under what the luck of the lucky block is
    -2=Very Unlucky
    0=Normal Luck
    2=Very Lucky

    Now pretend in your block you want the user to get 3 Dragon Eggs
    In order to do this, a simple syntax would be

    /Dragon eggs

    This will give the player 3 Eggs
    "amount=" will allow you to dictate how many times an item will drop!
    You can also set a random value so that every time this drop is picked, a different amount of items will be spawned. This can be done like this

    This will give a random amount of eggs between 1 and 3
    #rand = random

    Here, you are able to fiddle with a variety of values regarding an item. The format is actually quite similar to Minecraft Commands.

    Refer here for more info

    This drop will spawn a cow

    Mobs in Minecraft are known as entities.
    Let's create a spawn where a mob or entity is riding another entity
    If you wanna have a Mob riding a Mob you are gonna want to do something like this

    In this case, let's have a Chicken riding an Ender dragon!


    This is a baseline for anything that a lucky block creates. This can vary from
    These are a few examples

    Now say you want to actually name your Chicken, well using the NBBTTag we are able to do just that

    So here we have

    Have this after the entity name, this is a simple format for adding a name to an entity

    Refer to this for more Detail

    So let's say you want to name an item.
    Well to do this, we will need to add an NBTTag!

    Let's say you want to actually color the item
    Well to do this, we will need to use color codes!

    You see the $c before "STICK!"

    That makes the name right after colored

    Here is a table of all the colors you can add to a name (formatting codes)


    Let's go back to our dragon egg drop and add a colored name to them!

    /Dragon egg
    ID=dragon_egg,amount=3,NBTTag=(display=(Name="$9Eggs of Dragons")@luck=0

    This full drop will drop three dragon eggs and will be labeled "Eggs of Dragons" with the text color of blue. The eggs will typically drop if the luck of the block is neutral or 0

    More information on drops [Look through this to get a better understanding on drops)

    #17 Test It
    Repeat Step #3 and see if your drops work!

    #16 Debug it

    If something fails, go look through the file that coincides with what failed (take a certain drop for example)

    Make sure there are no typos and the drop is formatted correctly, one simple mistake will make the entire drop not work!

    #16 The End
    You are on your own!
    I have linked many resources below to help you on your quest to make the most amazing block the world has ever seen!

    Private message me if you have any questions!

    Lucky Block Mod - http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1292247-lucky-block-mod-drops-items-spawns-mobs-structures

    Color Codes- http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes

    Piskel - https://www.piskelapp.com/

    Enchanting Codes (Enchants) - http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/creative-mode/365638-enchantment-id-list

    Potion Codes (Potion effects) - http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Status_effect

    Lucky Block Creeper - http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2624126-lucky-block-creeper-addon-with-over-300-drops-1-9

    Custom Heads - https://freshcoal.com/maincollection

    Item name generator (helps you come up with creative names) -http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/helmet-names.php

    Lucky Block Central (talk to lucky block creators directly) [Recommended] - https://discord.gg/fspeeXC

    Official Lucky Block Documentation [Recommended] - http://www.minecraftascending.com/projects/lucky_block/documentation/introduction.html

    Please consider giving this a diamond!


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    Hello and welcome to my 3rd Lucky block race! This is the rainbow Lucky block race using the rainbow lucky block.All lucky blocks are -20 to -60 luck so it is going to be challenging. To Make it more hard there is no bedrock under the map .
    There is a dropper section in the race to make it more fun .
    A fun and competitve race!

    Rainbow Lucky Block Race Download -


    Click Here for the Planet Minecraft Version of the Map- Rainbow Race

    Thanks for viewing,


    Here is a Video of the Race !
    Video Credit to PopularMMOs Thanks For The Video !

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    I have gone back and changed several things!

    - Added more Links
    - Polished Grammatical errors
    - Fixed Typos
    - Structured it better
    - Worded things better
    - Overall make things easier to read!

    - Corrected many mistakes

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    No Problem ;)

    Just ask if you need any additional help

    GL on your block ^.^

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    Go Ahead ;)

    Just Make sure to follow the rules and requirements

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    Just hit 2k Downloads thanks all

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    Thanks for Including My Block :P

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    Quote from WhitewolfKai»

    Please add a .zip download, i cannot use .rar files. If you do i will definitely download!

    Made a .zip file :0
    Quote from SimulaCRAFT»

    Hi, please add a .zip file.

    Made one just check the Map post
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