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Name: Rune Tynan, Alpha-10. Appearance: 6 ft. 2 inches tall, White hair, human in a black coat and hat, eyes are both dark blue. Has Blue nails due to an accident. Silver specks in blood. Tools: Various spy tools, contact lens that allows him to see things beyond normal sight, a sword powered by anti-energy. Nanobot enhancements. allow speedy healing, increased strength and speed, computer Interface, and a plethora of other possible abilities. Position: Alpha-10, Leader of the Alpha Spy Agency. Personality: Not always serious, but will be when necessary. Tries to be friendly. generally honest, either Blunt or won't tell you anything.

Name: Chesed Luciano. Appearance: 5 ft. 10 inches tall, Black hair, human in a white suit, eyes are both light green. Blood slightly lighter than average. Tools: Uses a whole gamut of tools, currently many of which are borrowed from a group called the light legion. Commonly has a pistol that can shoot gels which cause various effects, Various grenades. Their effects include Evanescence, Flash-bang, and explosion. Always carries a device which will perform an emergency teleport and restoration when mortally wounded. Has beaten probability. Position: Leader of the Anti Agency. Personality: Will act gentlemanly and polite, but at even slight provocation can become angry. Supremely evil, and will stop at nothing to achieve his own goals.

Name: Nik Chase Appearance: wears all green clothes, with red highlights. Has medium length brown hair that generally looks somewhat disorderly. He wears an eyepatch, green with a red and white eye design sewed into it. His visible eye is Hazel. His skin is somewhat unnaturally pale. Tools: Extreme Psychic ability, and the ability to preform any moves that Gardevoir knows himself. He is linked with her via a kind of Psychic bond, which allows them to share thoughts and power. This has caused his appearance to shift gradually to be more Gardevoir-like. The same affects apply in reverse. Personality: Extremely nice. It takes a lot to anger him. However, he is extremely intolerant of people insulting his friends of pokemon, though they are often one and the same.

Name: Enur Tynan Appearance: 5 ft. 10 inches tall, Silver hair, human in an extremely dark purple robe with silver designs, eyes are both atomic yellow. Wears a ring on each finger, and carries a pouch at his side. Also wears more than one necklace hidden under his robe normally, and he radiates an extremely powerful aura of magic to those sensitive to it. Tools: Rings on each finger that store various magical energies, pouch full of magical reagants. Personality: Serious when he needs to be, but will joke around if the situation allows it. Tries to be friendly to most. generally honest, but can't always tell you much.


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