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    Quote from RunesGuy

    Haha I see, ya "should" play Final Fantasy X some time, it's a really, REALLY great game :P (just play it on an emulator (pcsx2.net), links on how to set it up are on the site. As for the game itself, download the PAL/International version and not the NTSC one cause the NTSC one lacks several stuff in comparison to the PAL one.)

    And no problem ^^

    I might actually get it now to see what its like :) I remember a heap of my friends talking about how awesome it is :P
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    Quote from Akantares

    Well, it looks way more fun than Flappy Bird. I don't have an Android device but if I did I would download it. Very nice job. Any chance of it being ported to iOS? :D

    When i can afford an Apple laptop to export the project, then yes it will be out for iOS :-)

    Quote from RunesGuy

    Lemme guess, you're gonna make another game called Yuna? >_____>

    But it looks okay so far, just remove the "- And a unique feel to the game." From the description, cause that's such a meaningless/ambigious, subjective thing.

    I didn't get the Final Fantasy joke until after i Googled Yuna, I've never played the game so i had no idea ;o

    As for that, i shall be removing that part, thanks for the feedback :)
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    Hey guys, I havent posted on the forums in so long, but i just thought i'd let you guys all know what i've been up too. Well those who are interested anyway.

    I've been developing an android game, which is basically complete, but before you stop reading. I just want to say you may actually like whats about to be said. It's a free game, that i've been told is actually pretty decent, and well let me tell you more about the type of genre the projects in rather then trying to attract you all in straight away. Tidus is technically a community project, designed and developed by me in my free time. And seeing although schools finished and im only part time at work for now, i have a lot of free time. So i'll be constantly upgrading the project to bring out its potential.
    Now let me tell you more about what i mean by "Community project" i don't mean the source is available, nor can anyone else do any of the coding. But what i mean is - It's run off community ideas, so it can be a game that you can point out and say "I suggested that idea" type of thing. So on the android Play Store, i constantly look out for feedback on what can be improved, and what people want to actually see in a game. And so far, i can honestly say this is turning into an awesome hobby.

    Now this Description is pasted straight from the Play market so you guys can read before you click the link, and maybe look at the pictures before hand too.

    And no it's not another flappy bird clone. This is an original concept, because i've never seen randomly generated cubes fly towards a player :-)

    - Brayden

    ☆ ★ - Tidus - ★ ☆
    ★ What is Tidus?
    Tidus, is a game made in Australia. It requires concentration from the players and a lot of thinking ahead to avoid a nasty head on collision with oncoming flying object, and well - If you collide thats it.. Until you press restart.

    ☆ Game - Features
    - Smooth simplistic graphics
    - Fast paced game play
    - Easy to play
    - Scoring system (New)
    - And a unique feel to the game.

    ★ Whats new?

    - Facebook button
    - High score display fixed.
    - New restart menu

    ☆ Whats next?
    - Worldwide leaderboard
    - Achievements
    - Rage mode.
    ( Open to suggestions, just list them in a review down below.)

    (Pictures wont post from Playstore address.)
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    24/7 Bukkit server with protection.

    Welcome to the Fersuta Survival server, where you can start your own colony, or village, or build alone. Hunt for food, gather supplies, and aim to be the richest player in the game.

    Only you can create your adventure, so go on your journey, and advance through time, as you watch your allies and enemies stay behind you at all times.

    Trust | Survive | Succeed

    New server, Currently looking for mod staff. Apply on server, ask to speak to Crackerz.
    Mature experienced applicants will be successful.
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    Hello! I've recently started looking into studying for a Diploma in Social Services, and just wanted to seek some opinions on the topic.

    Are there any people on here that's gotten a diploma, or done anything similar?

    What is your opinions on this course? I want to know some other people opinions on the subject because well, it's a $10,000 course that's complete in a years time with 22 hours per week study and 240 hours work placement. So any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Link to course: http://www.seeklearning.com.au/tafe/diploma-community-services-work

    Thanks for your time!

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    More people wanted! :D
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    IP: SamsSurvival.no-ip.org:25641

    Hope to see you guys there!
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    Hey guys and girls!

    My good friend Will has just brought out a new song, And it'd be awesome if you guys could leave some feedback, And even if you like the song rate it on the website so we can get him to number one!



    To listen or download it, just look to the right hand side of the website.

    (To the mods, I'm sorry if this is classified as spam.)
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    +ADDED more zones.
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    Warlex - FersutaGames

    You are warlex, a boy who is madly in love with a girl. You know her favourite flower is a red rose, but no flowers have grown anywhere in nine months. So you set off on your journey to find a red rose and win this girls heart.

    Along the way you will encounter:

    Tools. To help with levels.
    Jetpacks. Can't forget jetpacks.
    Puzzles. From easy all the way to insane


    It'd mean a lot if you could vote for us on steam greenlight! And like us on

    And if you'd like to help even more share the Facebook page, and share the video!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Looking for 4 mature players to play good old minecraft and start a small town ,

    server ip:

    see you there!
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    posted a message on Just started up a basic survival need help
    Minecraft Name: crackerzbrahBOSS

    Age: 18

    Location(state): Australia NSW

    favorite part about online servers: Vanilla towns
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    Jailbroken iPad 2 fw: 5.1
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    Anyone else ?
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    Quote from Gamerzwin

    Looks good Downloading! :)

    Be sure to leave feedback! :)
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