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    posted a message on Convicted MCP [Classic Prison] [Longest Running] [Non-OP]
    What Is Your Timezone?Pacific
    What Times Can You Play On The Server?3-5pm weekdays Almost anytime on Weekends
    How Long Have You Played On MCP?About 1 month With my account 3 with others
    What Is Your Current Rank On The Server?A
    Do You Have Any Experience With Other Prison Servers?yes
    Do You Have Any Experience With Guarding?yes
    Have You Read All The Rules (Guard And Prisoner)?Yes
    Why Should We Pick You To Be Our Next Guard?I think I deserve Guard because I feel other guards are too harsh,I'll be a nicer guard but still inforce all the rules. "All your swords belong to us"
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    posted a message on MyriadCraft 24/7 Dedicated SMP Server - *The Server of Endless Possibilities* - Running 1.4.6 - Bukkit - Custom Plugins - Greyli
    In-game name:Crackers3
    Why you want to join:I would like to join because it looks like a Creative,Place were I could build :]
    How did you hear about this server:I was talking to some friends who say its a great server.
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