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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Sky Survival - The islands of Junara! - 3.2! - ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! :O 15+ Hours Of Gameplay!
    Quick download up top for anyone coming from Planet Minecraft!

    Just a couple of updates...

    Version 3.2 is now public as well as the first episode of my playthrough!
    Check it out here!

    Version 3.2 is now out! Enjoy!

    Sub if you want. :)
    And add madgoblin on steam if you want! His steam name is: madgoblin150
    *15+ hours of game-play may change due too play style.
    Woh.. I'm actually getting pretty good at photoshop :D
    Version 3.0 now out! (Minecraft 1.8-1.10)

    3.0 is the biggest update since 2.0! It includes bug fixes, new islands, and a few easter eggs.
    Also, one massive change...

    The monument is now twice as big! You need twice as many of each type of block!

    Note! This was made by me. and me only (SkarT3 Helped me a bit. Thank btw.) And this is only hosted here, and other places you find this map hosted, please tell me in the comments :) EDIT: Add MRDGaming to the builders :)

    Awesome Artifacts!

    Deadly Dungeons!

    Beautiful Islands

    Crazy mob arena! It took ages to make!

    Adf.ly is now up! Please download to support! Thanks!
    How to use Adf.ly: Click on the link, now a page should pop up, on the top right it will say. Wait 5 seconds. Wait 5 seconds and a button saying skip ad should appear. Click that button, and you are on media fire.
    These awesome guys have been supporting this map for a long time! Thanks YouAlwaysWin! ;)
    This is another guy! He's pretty cool and makes interesting videos! Support him if you want! :D
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">

    3.2 (ZIP)http://adf.ly/1fP9A2 (Minecraft 1.8-1.9)

    3.1 (ZIP) http://adf.ly/1dk4nU (Minecraft 1.8-1.9)

    3.0 (ZIP) http://adf.ly/1dga08 (Minecraft 1.8-1.9)

    2.4 (ZIP) http://adf.ly/1RTGgL (Minecraft 1.8)

    2.3 (ZIP) http://adf.ly/ukTvN (Minecraft 1.7) (ZIP) http://adf.ly/FVE60

    This map isn't your ordinary survival in the skies map.. It has crazy loot, inspired by borderlands 2/Diablo III And it has crazy monsters. It is like Skyblock, Super Hostile, and a RPG game, all mixed into one. I have done frequent testing of this map, and so have my friends, so any bugs will be fixed fast. This map also gets frequent updates, and It isn't even out of "Beta" yet, so It has a lot too do. But after playing this map, and my friends playing this map, they think it's amazing, and I love playing it too. I'm adding end game content at the moment, and so far it's going great. Thanks for reading.
    And heaps of loot. Loot loot loot.
    Now with butter! Not just butter called "Gold" Real butter. Butter called butter.

    Old Pictures

    Please check out my youtube channel! It would help a lot (Extremely massive amount) if you do!

    michaelrd09 (The Newbie Builder)

    Cowmonkey (Yeah, he won his own creation)

    Dumb And Dumber (3 times! Nice!)





    Deathisfate & kSniper

    Shibloble & Softcore2




    Congrats all you guys :)
    Please leave a post with your name with picture proof or video that you completed the monument to join the Legend List! Woo!


    By: YouAlwaysWin (Very popular youtubers on their last episode of this map)
    "This was a really really good map, I really liked this one. Except for the nether, but who cares? We had 20 something episodes of just pure, fun on this thing. Anyone who's a map builder should look at this map, as far as for like, Adventure, Survival. Don't you think?" "Oh for sure, I mean, not replicating this. But this kind of idea, with these multiple unique, biomes almost, and having it so you should collect things and make a monument like this, I think that by far, this is one of the best maps we've played. Ever." "Ever!"
    Thank you guys for this amazing review, it really put my hopes up, I hope you guys don't burn in a fire/lava/TNT trap on the 2.5 update coming ;)

    want more videos? easy! just search up "the islands of junara minecraft" on youtube, and you will be spammed with lots of videos made by awesome people ;)

    More of sou7ce's videos



    Thank you sou7ce!


    1. Make a cobblestone generator: + 5 points

    2. Grow 10 pumpkins: + 10 points

    3. Collect diamonds: + 10 points

    4. Grow 10 melons: + 5 points

    5. Set foot in 5 islands: + 10 points

    6. Set foot in 10 islands: + 15 points

    7. Conquer a dungeon: + 5 points

    8. Conquer 2 dungeons: + 10 points

    9. Build a house out of Gold blocks! + 60 points (must be atleast 4x4)

    10. Build a redstone contraption! + 10 points

    11. Build an Automatic cobblestone generator! (Like it pushes cobblestone towards you with pistons) + 15 points

    12. Find a mob spawner, and make a auto pig killer out of it: + 15 points (and you get free pork!) (also, if your confused, a mobspawner block that you can hold)

    13. KILL A GOD DAMN COW! + 5 points

    14. Find a golden apple: + 5 points

    15. Gather 32 bones: + 10 points

    16. Create full diamond armour: + 30 points

    17. Create full diamond tools: + 20 points

    18. Repair all wooden bridges, with the same material: + 15 points

    19. Find an artifact: + 5 points

    20. Find 3 artifacts: + 10 points

    21. Find 5 artifacts: + 15 points

    22. Conquer 4 Dungeons! + 10 points

    23. Kill a zombie with your fists! + 5 points

    24. Build a Xp grinder! + 10 points

    25. Kill a Creeper with your fists! (Can't explode) + 10 points

    26. Find, and tame an Ocelot + 15 points

    27. Find, and tame a Wolf! + 10 points

    28. Find, and tame 3 wolves! + 15 points

    29. Find, and tame 3 Ocelots! (again, not sure if possible) + 15 points

    30. Punch a Creeper off a island! + 5 points

    31. Trade with a villager! + 5 points

    32. Gain 5 emeralds! + 10 points

    33. Gain 10 Emeralds! + 10 points

    34. Craft a bow(Or get one from a skelly) + 5 points

    35. Gather 1 diamond block! + 10 points

    36. Gather 3 Gold blocks! + 10 points

    37. Gather 6 Iron blocks! + 10 points

    38. Gain a Enchanting Table! + 10 points

    39. Conquer the Castle! (Make it a safe hide out) + 10 points

    40. Conquer the Nether Island! (Destroy all spawners!) + 15 points

    41. Stand in lava for 5 seconds and survive! (Diamond gear recommended :D ) + 15 points

    42. Get the bow of Junara! + 30 points

    43. Get the sword of Junara! + 35 points

    Stay tuned for more challenges, because there will be more, I think...


    1: Middy86 + Macman72 355 points! Congrats! 2: minecraftifiers 330 points! 3: Yeso 320 points! 4: Himbeere2446 195 Points! 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:

    No rules, when you feel you have completed the map, or if you're bored of it
    Post your score on the forums! :D

    Remember, all the challenges are optional. they are just an extra fun part ;)

    You are the commander, of the international space fleet called, GC - 265, you are going on a mission, to defeat the green creatures, that inhabit The islands of junara, all of the sudden you hear a hissssss... boom! then there is smoke coming from one of your main engines, the engine then catches on fire, and explodes, killing all your crew members. You are the only exception. You then grab some supplies, and dive out of the ship towards the sky islands, of junara.

    Be prepared for an epic journey. against... The islands! Or creepers maybe :)


    1. Don't use any cheat mods. you can use ones like Mo creatures, or more creeps and wierdo's.

    2. Play on easy+ and do not change to peaceful, ever!

    3. Don't spawn items

    4. Try not to cheat, and jump into the void to get your hunger/health back

    5. Enjoy! :D


    vines are useful to get down places

    water is even more useful to get down places, recommend for building bridges downwards

    water is an easy way to collect materials that are hanging

    lava doesn't like you. dont run into it

    zombies, are good food.

    theres a thing called chests... use them!

    ice = water, lava bucket = lava lava + water = cobblestone, but don't mess it up!

    normaly, i can run 40 fps on normal render distance, this map 150 fps FAR render distance, its golden ;) (golden, as in Awesome)

    check whats under you, before digging under you.


    for the great medieval building pack

    Many people, for making youtube videos, including SSundae, Sou7ce, Yo­oMario, YouAlwaysWin And many others. :)


    Well i hope you enjoy, and please


    100: [ :Bacon: ]

    250: [ :Bacon: ]

    500: [ :Bacon: ]

    750: [ :Bacon: ]

    1000: [ :Bacon: ] I'm pretty sure this was my goal, 1000 downloads :P

    1500: [ :Bacon: ]

    2000: [ :Bacon: ]

    3000: [ :Bacon: ]

    4000: [ :Bacon: ]

    5000: [ :Bacon: ]

    7500: [ :Bacon: ]

    10000: [ :Bacon: ]

    12500: [ :Bacon: ]

    15000: [ :Bacon: ]

    17500: [ :Bacon: ]

    20000: [ :Bacon: ]

    25000: [ :Bacon: ]

    30000: [ :Bacon: ]

    40000: [ :Bacon: ]

    50000: [ :Bacon: ]

    75000: [ :Bacon:]

    100000: [ :Bacon: ]

    250000: [ :Bacon: ]

    500000: [ :Bacon: ]

    1000000: [ :Bacon: ] WE DID IT! :D


    You may not rehost my map anywhere unless you link the download TO THIS PAGE. Without using anything like adf.ly.

    Just don't try to make money of my map, and link the links HERE.

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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Sky Survival - The islands of Junara! - 3.2! - ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! :O 15+ Hours Of Gameplay!
    Quote from Ferkikudo»

    I played the map in minecraft 1.8.8 i think it can be the problem

    Edit: I reinstall the map in minecraft 1.8.1 and mc 1.8 and i have the same problem D:

    I checked and I do actually have the same issue. My only issue is that was before I started building, so I have no idea how to fix it. I'll try to look into it.
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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Sky Survival - The islands of Junara! - 3.2! - ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! :O 15+ Hours Of Gameplay!
    Sorry, I have had a bit of a delay on the map. I'll be working on redoing it to where it will work as soon as possible. I'm quite disappointed though. That island was going to be awesome...

    Also, when 2.4 is release, I'll be starting a series on my YouTube channel :D
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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Sky Survival - The islands of Junara! - 3.2! - ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! :O 15+ Hours Of Gameplay!
    Hello guys! Don't worry, i'm not dead. Although I think I may be dead since it's 3:32 Am but just letting you know, that an update for the map will either be
    Half a yeaar or something...
    Sorry about that. Minecraft is really boring now that i've played thousands of hours of it. But yeah. Sorry about that :P
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    posted a message on The bat lord
    Bleh, It's nice, and atleast you put some effort into it. But it's not that great. Still, nice job. The islands are very circley and MCEdit was clearly used. Still fine though.
    Nice job. :)
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    posted a message on [Adv/Surv] The Fall Of Artha (Alpha) From the creator of Sky Survival: The Islands Of Junara!
    Warning! This is still in alpha and in heavy development. Expect bugs and unfinished areas!
    Welcome to...

    This is a sort of "sequel" to Sky Survival: The Islands Of Junara: http://www.minecraft...y/#entry8887518

    Hope you enjoy the map! It's very unfinished though! :)

    Alpha0.1: http://adf.ly/RV1j8 REQUIRES 1.6.1!!!

    Please report any bugs into the comment section below! :D


    Thank you!
    Legal Stuffs:
    You're not allowed to host my map on another site. If you want to host it on another site, message me, and remember to link to this minecraftforum page, with NO ADF.LY!
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    Quote from noahaforum

    Good, you have a talent, I too...

    Thanks! :D
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    posted a message on Too Many Skyblocks
    Well my map is about floating in the sky, but I was working on it before skyblock. And it's really a completely different map.

    I kinda despise skyblock, really, It has no effort into it, but it was a good idea. These ripoffs are annoying as hell though. Trying to find a decent map and all I find is crap.
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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Sky Survival - The islands of Junara! - 3.2! - ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS! :O 15+ Hours Of Gameplay!
    Quote from Biohazzard21

    awesome map man!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! :D
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    posted a message on MineRune - RuneScape in Minecraft
    Wow. This needs more support. Freaking awesome. Keep it up ;)
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