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    Hi there, I've been hosting and playing on my Minecraft Server with my girlfriend for several weeks now. This morning I try to log on and I get the error


    when I try to join. I can still play when I use my local IP ( but my girlfriend and I can't connect using the IPv4 address that we were using previously.

    My IP did not change, I checked with ipconfig and whatismyip.host

    I have made exceptions in Firewall for Port 25565 for both TCP and UDP

    I have made exceptions for all Java Platform Binary SE applications

    I disabled Firewall Briefly to see if I could connect and nothing happened different, so I doubt it's that.

    None of my Port Forwarding Settings have changed.

    I checked canyouseeme.org and it can see my IPv4 address with port 25565

    I've restarted my PC, minecraft, server, wifi etc.

    Nothing that I know of has changed since yesterday, other than the profile I was using to join my server doesn't work anymore, and I get the netty.io issue. Worked fine until this morning for some odd reason.

    If there's anything you can think of that can help fix this please let me know!



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