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    Yeah... With all the updates that happened...
    On the other hand, I like the idea of The Rake. It has a small chance of spawning while you sleep, and sits at the foot of your bed... Would it just stare then run when you woke up?
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    An admin, so I could get banned from the island and go home!
    But seriously... tough question. Hopefully someone smart and humorous.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Bible of Notch
    Minecraft- Bible of Notch

    Ch. 1- Minecraftia
    1. First, Notch created the Sky, and the Earth. The Earth was flat, and went on nearly endless in every direction.
    2. He created caves, to break up the land, and hills, to make it more dynamic.
    3. Notch created water, which covered everything but the hills. He put them together to form islands. He called the land "Minecraftia".
    4. Grass was put on the topmost layer of the land. Then, Notch made trees growing out of it for shelter.
    5. Finally, Notch had finished, and made man. He ate plants and drank lakewater.
    6. Man looked lonely, so Notch created more animals, which man named pigs, cows and sheep.
    7. Still, none of these seemed good enough, so Notch created more men, and they thrived.
    8. Herobrine, Notch's brother, saw these creatures, and was not happy.
    9. Seeing an opportunity, Herobrine cursed the pigs into evil beasts, which men called creepers.
    10. Creepers wiped out half of the population, exploding and burning away the flesh of men.
    11. These remaining skeletons were then cursed, becoming intelligent enough to make weapons, with which they killed the rest of the men.
    12. Some corpses were then turned into zombies, and others fed spiders until they were giant.
    13. Notch found out about the fate of man, and said to the skeletons and zombies "You will thrive at night, and never again see the light of day".
    14. To replace the men, Notch created more advanced men, which he called "humans". They built houses for shelter and protection.
    15. The creepers, zombies and skeletons still lived at night, and threatened humans out after dark, so Notch made torches for light.
    16. He told them that each of the 4 deadly beasts was different.
    17. Skeletons were smart, zombies were strong, spiders survived the daylight, and creepers were very powerful.

    Ch. 2- The Nether
    1. Herobrine created his own realm, which he called the Nether.
    2. He took the souls of the original men, and kept them there, calling them ghasts.
    3. He created another mutated pig, which he called the zombie pigman.
    4. Notch found out about the Nether, and felt threatened.
    5. Herobrine had created lava in the Nether, and eventually in Minecraftia.
    6. Notch taught the people how to make obsidian out of it, by cooling it, and how to build a portal to the Nether.
    7. He warned them of its danger, but told them that they could help him destroy it.
    8. Eventually, Notch realised that too many people were dying in an attempt to save him.
    9. However, the evil power of the Nether had weakened him, and Herobrine was getting stronger.
    10. Herobrine killed off some of the humans, and used their souls to help enhance the Nether.

    Minecraft- Life of Jeb

    Ch. 1- Jeb
    1. Notch summoned Jeb, to help him communicate with the humans. He gave Jeb lots of power.
    2. Jeb went to the village of humans, and told them to shut down their portal.
    3. The people denied, saying "Notch taught us to build these, and wanted us to destroy the Nether."
    4. Jeb replied, "I was sent here by Notch, with some of his powers. He wants this portal gone, as it allowes Herobrine a way into this world."
    5. The people did not believe him, and banished him.
    6. With no other option, Jeb stared into the portal, and it closed.
    7. Shocked, the people started to believe what he said. They provided him food, drink, and shelter.
    8. During his stay, Jeb taught them some of the secrets of the world. He showed them how to build better, how to construct more complex tools, and how to refine ores.
    9. After a week, the village's faith was dropping again. They told Jeb that if he was staying any longer, he would have to build his own house.
    10. He left the village that day, and returned the next.
    11. He brought with him lots of wood, stone, iron and gold.
    12. By the end of the day, he had build the biggest building in the city, and called it the Church.
    13. The people asked if he was staying in it. He simply said no.
    14. He told them what it was for. Every time they did something good, they would recieve a small amount of magic.
    15. They could use the altar to put the magic into something valuable, and sacrifice it by putting it into a donation box.
    16. The magic would be sent back to Notch, and he could use it to make their life better.
    17. He told them that if they did this every day for a month, they would recieve more than double their sacrifices' worth.

    Ch. 2- The Endermen
    1. Jeb left the village that day, never to be seen by them again.
    2. He brought with them the day's sacrifices, and handed them to Notch.
    3. With that power, Notch created Enderman- tall humanoid figures, pitch black with purple eyes.
    4. They were created with the objective of entering and destroying the Nether.
    5. Because of this, they were made to withstand heat, and hated water.
    6. They entered the village, demanding to be sent there. The people feared them, and attacked.
    7. Notch heard about this, and called them back. He told them to avoid humans, and gave them teleportation.
    8. He said that if a human saw them, they should kill the human before it tells anyone.
    9. It was around this time that the 4 deadly beasts had killed off too many humans. There were few humans left.
    10. Notch, with the help of the sacrifices, created even smarter beings, which he called Testificates. They lived in groups and built villages, and traded with humans.

    Ch. 3- The Stronghold
    1. The enderman were still too weak to destroy the Nether, especially after all Herobrine had done.
    2. It was said that there was a shrine in there which weakened Notch, and they couldn't locate it.
    3. Notch, even with the magic the people were giving him, was too weak; he gave the last of his power to Jeb.
    4. Jeb created a realm for the Enderman, named simply the End.
    5. It contained a new beast; the Enderdragon, which got its power from magical devices within the End. It was to be sent to the Nether to destroy it.
    6. The entrance was buried deep underground in a reinforced labyrinth, protected by Silverfish, which were large burrowing insects.
    7. Eventually, rumors spread about this Stronghold, as it was known, and people began searching.
    8. Jeb feared what would happen if the people actually managed to slay the dragon. He put a curse on it.
    9. If anyone slays the dragon, they will be burdened with it's egg, which will have to be placed on the Nether Shrine, to release it's energy.
    10. Jeb then began creating new things to distract the people from the Stronghold. "These things," he tells the people, "can be used at the altar as a sacrifice, for great rewards."
    11. All throughout Minecraftia, such sacrificial churches are still being built, and more and more people are forgetting about the Stronghold.
    That's basically it, I wrote this once 'cause I was bored and thought Minecraft needed a more clearly defined religion. I may one day add a list of religions (if I can think of more than 3 or 4). There is actually a meaning behind this: If you follow this Minecraftian Religion, you are to build a church, and an anvil; every day, put some of your experience into an expensive item, and drop it into a deep pit, as a sacrifice.
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    posted a message on Count to 160 untill a moderator
    7, again? Coincidence
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    posted a message on If you were on an island with someone of the opposite gender..
    Quote from Roguesteeler

    These comments amuse me.
    Not quite sure. Although I don't really like coconuts so ya, B.
    This would be a good experiment, stick say, 4 people on a MC island, 2 male, 2 female, and let them do whatever on it and see what happens a month later.

    Men- invent coconut powered T.V., watch football all day
    Women- Turn coconuts and assorted berries into nail polish
    Simple as that XD
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    Mythic Mobs + More!
    Introducing 7 creepy new mobs to Minecraft:

    Sasquatch-Wanders in the forest, never getting too close to the player.

    Yeti- Walks the frozen plains of the Arctic regions, staring from a distance.

    Shadowmen- Creeps behind you, staying out of sight, making pacing noises. Paranoia at it's best.

    Alien- These poor guys lost their spaceship. They wander the fields, too busy searching to be scared.

    Unicorn- In the fields of Minecraftia, there have been reports of horned horses, which bolt away when threatened.

    Ghost- Near manmade structures, the spirits of the deceased float around, haunting all who approach.

    Chupacabra- Large, bluish, hairless wolves which suck the blood of any prey that enters the desert.

    Kraken- Attacking boats, Kraken live in the deep blue sea. However, they are quite shy.

    Sasquatch-Sasquatch Leather- Can be made into armour as strong as iron.

    Yeti- White Sasquatch Leather- Same as above, but white.

    Shadowmen-Shade Fabric- Made into an armour that, when worn, allows you to look at shadowmen.

    Alien-Iron Ingots- What else would their ship be made of?

    Unicorn-Unicorn Horn- Made into Unicorn Hornmeal, which works like bonemeal, but with 9 uses.

    Ghost- Ectoplasm- Put on a Supernatural Dagger to do more damage.

    Chupacabra-Blood-Sucking Tooth- Killing enough mobs heals you 1/2 heart. It requires 3 passive, 2 supernatural or 1 hostile mob to activate.

    Kraken-Kraken Eye- Allows breathing underwater when worn as a helmet.

    Other Items:
    Gold Plated Dagger- Made by crafting an iron sword and a gold ingot.

    Supernatural Dagger- Made by smelting a Gold Plated Dagger. The only item which can harm Ghosts.

    Yeti: http://imageshack.us...0724231825.png/
    Sasquatch: http://imageshack.us...0724231540.png/
    Kraken: http://imageshack.us...0724231315.png/
    Chupacabra: http://imageshack.us...0724231234.png/

    No releases yet, please be patient.
    We will accept suggestions, but don't be repetitive, and give enough information to be clear, I.E. no saying "ad snow beaste that killz thing".

    The team:
    Robinhood128-Lead programmer/scripter.
    Coryman125-Idea, models and textures.
    TKD525-Many Mob Ideas.
    Skywarp626-Graphics Help and coding.
    Mattmat34-Mob Ideas and ingame projects.
    Axeleri98-More Ideas
    Ihazaweredname-Even More Ideas

    Support Us:
    For now, since no adfly link exists, and nobody set up a donation page yet, you can support us with a banner:

    License (here goes nothing)-

    All the content in the mod is mine and Robinhood128s ours.

    Can reuse content from the pack in other packs with permission.
    Need permission to redistribute this content.
    Can write reviews with screenshots.
    Can make videos using this content, but give credit and link to this pack.
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    I've made an [unofficial] guide to making fair, diverse teams:

    Battle Lord- Diamond, Gold, block Gold, Bone
    King- Gravel Horse, Gold, Bone, Paper, Leather
    Emporer- Gravel Horse, Gold, block Gold, bone, paper
    Holy Leader- Snow Horse, Gold, Paper, Bone, block Gold, Redstone, Glowstone

    Knight- Iron, Leather, Sharpened Stick
    Swordsman- Leather, Wool, Bowl, Sharpened Stick
    Holy Knight- Iron, Leather, Wool, Studded Bowl, Sharpened Stick, Glowstone

    Tank- Iron, Leather, Wool, Studded Bowl, Stick
    Holy Tank- Iron, Leather, Wool, Studded Bowl, Meat, Sharpened Stick, Glowstone

    Archer- Gravel, Sugar Cane, Stick
    Scout- Sugar, Sugar Cane, Gravel
    Turret- Gravel, Bowl, Leather, Wool
    Holy Ranger- Gravel, Sugar Cane, Leather, Wool, Glowstone

    Ninja- Gravel, Sugar, Egg, Redstone, Sharpened Stick
    Assassin- Shears, Sugar, Egg, Gravel
    Holy Slayer- Shears, Sugar, Sugar Cane, Gravel, Egg, Redstone, Glowstone

    Mage- Blaze Rod, Redstone, Paper
    Flame Wizard- Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Gunpowder, Paper
    Holy Mage- Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, Leather, Paper, Glowstone

    Super Knight- Sharpened Stick, Studded Bowl, Diamond, Leather, Iron
    Super Ranger- Diamond, Stick, Gravel, Sugar Cane, Leather, Bowl
    Super Stealth- Shears, Sugar, Egg, Iron, Redstone, Diamond
    Godly Warrior- Shears, Sugar, Iron, Leather, Diamond, Wool, Studded Bowl, Meat, Glowstone, Gold

    *May only have 1 Holy per team.
    **Pick 1 from every class.
    ***Godly Warrior replaces Leader, Holy and Super.
    **** Gold=Gold Nugget, Iron=Iron Ingot
    Pick one from each category, put a reasonable amount.
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft becoming a joke?
    Snow Golems----I agree, they shouldn't be quite like they are, they should at least need a jack-o-lantern instead of a pumpkin. But seeing as they don't even harm mobs, just don't make one, and they won't bug you.
    Breeding----Who doesn't want to see a cow pop out of an egg??? :tongue.gif:
    Testificates----DON'T BE RACIST!!! :tongue.gif:
    And doesn't fit the "realistic" theme of minecraft? When was the last time YOU saw a creeper IRL? Or a zombie? Or a skeleton, or giant spider, or ghast, or zombie pigman? I MEAN REALLY. WHAT ARE YOU, THE LEADER OF THE ANTI-HUMOR CLUB? OR WAS IT THE ANTI-NOTCH CLUB?
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    Here is the sequel to Survival Islands! Consisting of 5 different islands, this is a ssp/smp map inspired by MIAP (Minecraft Island Adventure Playset). Screenshots, map and readme are in the zip.




    1. Extract the RandomVenture folder to \.minecraft\saves
    2. Place the other files somewhere convenient (optional)
    3. Keep the zip somewhere, so it's basically a backup.


    Screenshots are in the download, but I'll put a few here. Sorry if they're not good.

    Home Island

    Desert Island

    Forest Island

    Volcanic Island

    Icy Island

    -If someone could tell me how to make a spoiler, I would put these in one to save space.


    If you have trouble installing, comment, or contact me at:
    [email protected]
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    posted a message on Greekcraft! (Modders wanted!)
    Sounds AWESOME!!! I really hope someone makes this. Also, a few questions.
    1. Would the head of the gorgon freeze other mobs?
    2. What would the Labyrinth be made of? (leaves, sandstone, new block?) And could minotaurs break blocks they hit?
    3. WHY HASN'T ANYONE MADE THIS YET?!?!? It sounds to good to possible, but it IS possible!
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