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Sorry, my page is restored to an older back up, so some things are missing or outdated. The forum had issues, and my about me page was erased. I'll fix it back up to it's former glory sometime.

Well hello there! I am, umm... What was my name again... I don't remember, because it certainly isn't right next to this.

I am a generally easy-going person. I am a retired forum sectional moderator in the mapping and modding section, hired in April 2013 and retired March fifth, 2014. I have been appointed as an Admin on the Weekly Texture Challenge.

At the moment, I do not have much time to dedicate to the forums, so my visits will be brief and far in between.

Stuff to see

Here is a list of all the threads and sites that I think are useful or good to see.

[url=""]My Livestream page.[/url] I occasionally stream my texturing now, and it will mostly be on my Native Lands pack. If I start streaming, you can see it there.

[url=""]Samohtj's very helpful 1.5 format explanation.[/url] This was done voluntarily, just in answer to my question, and explains in detail how to add CTm and animations in the new format. This is only helpful if you have a bit of knowledge of the two in general, as these are more explanations on implementation. Thanks so much to samohtj for the help!

[url=""]Texture Artists Union.[/url] This Is the official thread of the Texture artists union. Here, there is talk of textures, and everyone can post their textures and progress, and get the feedback you're looking for from the people dedicated to the helpfulness of the texturing community!

[url=""]My Hub Thread.[/url] Here is my hub, or central thread, for all of my other threads, including texture packs, tutorials, work in progresses, etc. for everyone to see and use.

[url=""]Weekly Texture Contest.[/url] Also known by it's acronym "W.T.C.", it is a long-grown challenge hub for all texture artists of any age, quality or style. Anyone can come in and give their effort on what challenge is currently going on. If you have any problems, I am currently an Admin on the thread, so let me or any of the listed admins know.

[url=""]The Texture Artist's Guide to MCPatcher's Features.[/url] This thread gives thorough detail on all of MCPatcher. Though it is an ongoing work in progress, likely to remain so for some time due to Drfrozenfire's inactivity, it still is a very helpful and useful reference.

[url=""]Mini's Tutorial Compendium.[/url] A very creatively named centre for all currently maintained tutorial threads. Very helpful for new artists, but still useful for experienced artists for reference threads and tips.

[url=""]The All-Inclusive guide to texturing.[/url] Here we have Steelfeathers herself explaining every aspect of the texture pack industry. Very useful for every reason.

[url=""]Rules.[/url] Self explanatory. USE THEM! I cannot stress this enough. I have found myself directing countless new texturers to read the rules, so I will add them here for easy access.

[url=""]Texture Pack Central.[/url] The master list of texture packs, next to the texture pack section itself. This is a more organized means of finding packs.

[url=""]How to Post Pictures[/url]. If you are new to the forum, or to the mapping and modding section; if you don't know how to make a screenshot of your game appear in a post, read this. You must know how to post screenshots before posting a thread about your texture pack, your map, your mod, etc. If you use this forum, it is best to at least have that knowledge, even if you don't plan to release any of the above.

[url=""]MC Helmet[/url]. This is a site designed single-handedly by DiamondAir. It is a heavy work in progress site, but it features a monthly texture pack, mod and plugin spotlight. I had the luxury of having my packs featured not once, but twice on it. Hopefully if the site gets some traffic, the support should translate to progress.

Texture Packs I support

Here is a list of texture packs and resource packs that I like and support, besides my own. They are in no particular order.

[url=""]Chroma Hills[/url]
[url=""]Broken Anachronism[/url]
[url=""]Vattic's Faithful 32x32[/url]
[url=""]DokuCraft: The Saga Continues[/url]
[url=""]Last Days[/url]
[url=""]Misa's Realistic Overhaul[/url]
[url=""]Glimmar's Steampunk[/url]
[url=""]LB Photo Realism[/url]
[url=""]Soartex Fanver[/url]
[url=""]Pixel Perfection[/url]
[url=""]Johnsmith Legacy[/url]
[url=""]Creative One's Medieval Pack[/url]
[url=""]Wayukian Pack[/url]
[url=""]Traditional Beauty[/url]
[url=""]Ovo's Rustic Redemption[/url]
[url=""]Sphax Pure BDCraft[/url]
[url=""]Dragon Dance[/url]
[url=""]Rise of Tredonia[/url]
[url=""]Wood Pack[/url]
[url=""]Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack[/url]
net/topic/1782154-128x-256x-512x15-sphax-grungebdcraft-220413/"]Sphax Grunge BDCraft[/url]
[url=""]Victoria Craft[/url]
[url=""]Riverwood: a Skyrim inspiration[/url]

More to come... If I come back.

My specs

Here is some misc information about me from other places.

Interests Graphics design, playing guitar, online gaming, and occasionally Mario Kart (such a classic).

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