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I have played minecraft off and on for a number of years and it is one of my all time favorite games. I enjoy playing survival the most, almost exclusively! I sometimes will use commands here and there for various reasons (running around a newly made map for hours on end without finding cocoa beans, so using creative/commands to give myself one pod and then planting it) and I like mining a lot. I have bedrock and java - lately it has been java all the way! I am looking to make new friends, preferably 18 and older... Send me a message if you'd like! :)

Also, I use Discord and my name on there is: [Java] Stella#3798


Books, movies, video games, exercise, my relationship, food, alcohol, vacations, coffee, more books, more video games, more movies, my little sheep, I am forgetting things... Science. Space. Biology. Psychology. Innovation. Cyber forensics. Cartoons. Tea. Kink. Socks.

Location Louisiana

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