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    Staff O' Power

    by CoolioSauce


    1.7.10 - v1.0: Download


    1.7.10 - v1.0: Open Document

    Forum Info:

    Due to the nature of the mod (I made crafting really complex to prevent new players from easily obtaining powerful spells) it would be very annoying for me to write and you to read the crafting recipes. Please just use a mod that would show you the recipes such as NEI by chicken_bones or JEI by mezz.I will however explain the smaller, more important things. Honestly, I think it would be more fun for you to make an educated guess on what items may create new modifiers for the staffs, but it's really up to you if you want to spoil the fun and look at all of the crafting recipes.

    What does this mod add?

    This mod will add two staffs: Light and Dark. You craft seeds that will grow items that can modify the staffs to add the spells. If you don't have the resources to craft a Staff yet, I guess you can eat the modifiers for a smaller version of what it would do if you put in onto a staff.

    lightStaff darkStaff

    How does it work? How do I get new Spells and Staffs?

    Basically, all mobs (including ones added by other mods) except for those from the nether (modded mobs from the nether are treated like mobs in the overworld (I'll fix that in a later update)) will drop 'energy dust'. This is probably the most important ingredient in the mod. You will need it for everything. Mainly light spells, but dark spells will need it early on too.

    Vanilla mobs from the nether (like I said earlier I will try to not hard code it in a later update so it will include modded nether mobs) will drop 'blood dust'. This is essential to the creation of dark spells.

    Four piles of energy dust will yield one 'energy shard'.

    Four piles of blood dust will yield one 'blood shard'.

    Makes sense...

    Using four energy shards, four piles of energy dust, and one diamond, you can create an 'energy gem'.

    Using four blood shards, four piles of blood dust, and one energy gem, you can create a 'blood gem'.

    Hopefully you realize that the energy gem is for the light staff and the blood gem is for the dark staff...

    Using six gold ingots you can create two 'gold cylinders'.

    Three gold cylinders will craft a 'staff hilt'.

    Now you must choose a side, there is no uncrafting your final staff. Light or dark.

    To create a 'Staff O' Light', put an energy gem atop a gold cylinder and a staff hilt.

    To create a 'Staff O' Dark', put a blood gem atop a gold cylinder and a staff hilt and surround the hilt with coal and blood dust (again... NEI for specifics).

    Great.... the staff does nothing.... because you haven't modified it yet.

    This is the interesting part... try to create your own modifiers by mixing items with vanilla seeds (I'll see if I can make it craftable with modded seeds in a future update) and energy dust if it is light, and blood dust if it is dark. Just guess and play around. I'll give you one:a torch, seeds, and energy dust makes seeds for illumination.

    Once you get the modifier seeds... grow them...... The fruit will be edible and will give you a taste of what the spell will do if you eat it. Crafting the appropriate staff with said fruit will apply the modifier to it and the staff will do what the modifier is supposed to make it do.

    Remember that you can only apply light spells to the Staff O' Light and the dark spells to the Staff O' Dark.

    If you wish to remove that modifier, put energy dust with the Staff O' Light if it is a light spell and blood dust with the Staff O' Dark if it is a dark spell.

    That's pretty much it. Remember that spells can only exist if I put them in the mod, so don't stress out about finding new spells, I have to put them in... If you want a spell that blows up the entire world, placing six stacks of TNT, blood dust, and seeds will never do anything because I will never add that...

    What modifiers are currently available (as of 1.0)?


    - Illumination (Places an infinite amount of invisible lanterns)


    - Fire (Launches a large fireball in the direction aiming. It will explode on impact)

    What is on the TO-DO list in terms of development?

    - Open the mod to all (possible) versions of Minecraft. I started with
    1.7.10 even though 1.10.2 is out because it has the most/best mods.

    - I want to optimize the code so that it isn't hard coded when it comes
    to which mobs are considered light and dark, which seeds are considered

    - DEFINITELY add more spells. v1.0 has 2 spells... This is definitely a priority right now.

    - Maybe (maybe not) make a custom crafting table for creating spells

    - Make it possible to have a Master staff that will hold more than one spell at a time

    - Maybe make a more expensive Master staff (like that one ^) that will hold light AND dark spells

    - a lot more to come, this is v1.0 at a glance. As I develop more, new
    ideas will rise faster than gas prices and unemployment rate.

    Sample Images:


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