About Me

Due to no longer being able to access my account here without creating a Twitch account, please direct all communications to me via PlanetMinecraft.

I will NOT respond (because I can't) to any messages I receive here.


My current and favorite project is a Zelda mod: Zelda Sword Skills

Also check out my other mods:

Dynamic Sword Skills: A spin-off of Zelda Sword Skills, this is just the skills, for those who don't want all the Zelda-related stuff but still want to spice up the boring Minecraft combat.

Structure Generation Mod: Ever wanted to plop some structures down in Minecraft with the click of a button? Or add some during world generation? I wrote a tool that can do so, with many options for customization. Rotate and offset structures on the fly, or add custom loot, mobs, set paintings, and more!

Redstone Helper Mod: Instantly place various redstone circuits; toggle whether or not resources are required.

Arcane Legacy: A semi-abandoned WIP mod that adds lots of magical stuff, this was one of my first projects. The code is available, but read it at your own risk, as a lot of it is probably not exemplary. Still, it may be useful.


Need help with modding? Check out my tutorials on Github, or read them on the forums:

- Custom Armors, the OOP Way (GitHub only)

- 1.7.10 Example Mod (GitHub only)

- 1.7.x Using and Customizing SimpleNetworkWrapper

- Modding With APIs

- EventHandler and IExtendedEntityProperties

- Custom Inventories in Items and Players

- Multi-Input/Output Furnace

- Custom Projectile: Getting it to Render

- Overriding shift-click in custom Containers

- Using Potions in Crafting Recipes

- Enchanted Books and Crafting Recipes

About me:
I've been playing Minecraft off and on for several years, but only got into modding in June or so of 2013. I have some background in C++, but mostly just learn by reading through vanilla code and open source mods.

The above tutorials are all basically notes I wrote for myself while trying to figure these things out, which I then revised into what I hope is a useful format.

If you need help understanding one of my tutorials, please post on the related tutorial thread.

If you need help with something not covered, post a new topic in the Modification Development section, including code that you have tried, if possible.

NOTE that I am no longer taking help requests via Private Message, both because shortly I will be much busier in my real life, and also because any help given in a p.m. is help that no one else will ever be able to find via search. Please, post your questions in the Modification Development section so everyone can access the problem and solution. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.