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    Paradise Point MC

    Hello there! I am Rex, and i am looking for a few dedicated individuals to join the staff team for an upcoming server launch, Paradise Point.
    Below you will find the requirements, but first let me tell you what we are about!

    We are looking to bring back the good old days of survival servers, where community is key. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable place for community members to come relax, take part in events, and socialize. Paradise Point is run by a veteran staff team, with more than 8 years in experience with server management projects from Minecraft to discord and many things in between. Currently the server is under development with an expected release date of 6/10/20. The server will feature a blend of lightly modified survival Minecraft through the use of plugins such as essentials, and the addition of events and shops.

    For all staff;
    Professionalism is key when conducting official staff duties.
    We require a discord account, as well as the ability to participate in discord calls
    You must be able to speak fluent English.
    You must be able have enough time to reasonably complete your staff duties. That being said we do not have a specific minimum number of hours you must be present as long as you participate and are reasonably active.
    You must be atleast 15 for lower level staff, and 18 for senior staff.

    Open Positions and specific requirements;

    Builder - As a builder on Paradise Point you will have projects assigned to you as needed by different teams inside of staff. These projects may be solo builds or group builds with other builders. In the future, there will be a Build Lead position open for a build team member to move into as well. Builders will also get priority when applying for other staff positions, pending qualifications.Requirements; You must be atleast 15. You must be able to show previous building experience, or be willing to participate in building a few example structures.

    Moderator - As a Moderator on our staff team your job is simple; Be the front lines to the community to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all community members. You will have basic moderation command access, including a discord room with senior staff members for support when needed. Your goal will be to enforce server rules as well as encourage activity among the players. As a moderator you will be able to move up in rank at a later date to join the administrative team.

    Administrator - As an Administrator your job is to be the primary defense against more significant cases of rule violations such as hacking, as well as be the front line staff member for the senior staff team. Some administrators will be assigned specialty roles, such as leading the mod team in addition to their normal duties. Administrators have the ability to promote up into senior staff, where they can fill an endless number of needed positions.
    Recruitment Specialist - As a Recruitment Specialist with us you will seek out new and active community members to join the family, as well as qualified staff recruits for the staff team when needed. Think of yourself as an advertising specialist. You can recruit by your preferred means, so long as it produces results. More experienced specialists will also be able to direct funding twords adverts.

    Believe yourself to be qualified? Interesting in joining a team where you can learn and grow as a family? Don;'t wait until its too late. Contact me on discord at RexX#1395 to schedule a time for your interview as well as ask any additional questions you may have.
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