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    posted a message on Space Expedition to EPIC 204, by OathBros - A Custom Space Exploration Adventure: Publicly released Beta!

    ok my names connor and you want to know more about me that's fine. so i am 16 at school no mic and i love alpha testing i have tested a lot of arma 3

    servers but no minecraft things and this caught my eye. i live in australia and go to school thats realy all the need to know i think.!

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    posted a message on ***Project SPACESHIP Freedom PR-1 (in progress)***

    thats awsome man

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    posted a message on 15 Ways To Enter That Base

    THANK YOU! ps my name is connorjack12345 with a o not e!

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    so the other day I was browsing minecraft mods and to my utter surprise not a single good police simulation mod! I thought this crazy so I wrote down some idears and came up with this general idear so the basics I wont to try to make a COMPLETE conversion mod

    so here is my basic idear

    so I wont players to be able to become cops or crims in a randomly generating city with npcs walking around police will keep the law intact

    tazer crims take down crims set up road blocks e.t.c. were crims wreck the city kill or kidnap police shoot civilians rob banks .e.t.c. I got some idears from the police 1303 game link;http://police1013.com/ I want there to be deffrient types of cops special forcers,road cops,e.t.c



    so weapons should include things like

    tazers to stun enemys

    battons to knock out enemys

    pistols to kill enemys

    e.t.c. I do not want cops killing all crims just for the sake of it I wont a point sytem that gives you points for arresting crims HOW TO ARREST;

    stun or batton a crim 2 right click with handcuffs take them to police station for 100 POINTS killing random crims when not being shot at take 100 points


    to become a cop you need to go to the police station and click on request to become cop if you have been a crim before you have less chance of being able to be a cop.


    ok I wont veicles that are able to have multiple peapol in so that you can transoport crims to station for points I want air and land and maybe sea vieicles

    CRIMS basic idear

    I want crims to be able to rob banks and steal cars kill civialins and get drugs plus more


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    posted a message on Crystal Galaxy [Sci-Fi D&D][Adventure][Towny][MCMMO][Quests] *NEW MAP*

    name; in game is;connorjack12345


    home world;destroyed earth

    reason to join roleplays are so fun if you are intrested i could record for youtube?

    specile feat:great captain

    backstory:use to live on planet earth until the zoltons attacked the armys could not hold off the attacking force every one was rushed to ecspace pods unfortanlelty his familys ecspace pod exploded living him with out a faimly he swore he would avenge them and get the zoltons he crashed on a planet after his ecaacp pod was knocked off curse he heard roomers of the crsytal its great power and swore to get the crsytal and use it to power his ship to get back to earth p.s soz bad speeling in a rush

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    posted a message on Crystal Galaxy [Sci-Fi D&D][Adventure][Towny][MCMMO][Quests] *NEW MAP*




    it sounds realy fun and i love smp!

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    posted a message on Looking skilled guy to play crash landing with me

    you can do /is invite and we can play together.

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    posted a message on My Survival World | 100% Vanilla

    love your world great job man :].

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