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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?

    I joined a small server with a friend. I promised to be a "Vanilla" server (and it was). There were no command blocks or anything, just some rules under a barrier block at spawn. The entire spawn protected area was in a swamp biome, in the water. My friend swam across and started to chop down a tree. A Admin who was just finishing building a bedrock wall (in creative mode) flew over and told him, "No floating trees" before he could break the third block. He immediately gets killed by the admin (who doesn't realize that anyone can see that he has Sharpness 100 Unbreaking 100 or that the owner could probably tell) and banned. I was about to quit when he banned me along with about five other innocent people. I seriously hope that he was not the server owner, as that was a wonderful idea for getting people to join your server.


    If the admins will ban if they get killed, why do they even play their own minigames in the first place?

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    posted a message on Good seeds for LAN server.

    This post is nearly 3 years old, so I think that EpicWizardPanda has already found a seed or is no longer looking for one.

    If you did want islands or cool hills, however, you could, used customized terrain.

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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    commandblockguy discovered what "Void World Preset" meant.

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    posted a message on Generating Custom Player Heads

    They have to be on Mojang servers. However each skin has its own URL on the Mojang website. Try this. Change your skin, then give yourself a player head with your name. Do /blockdata ~ ~ ~ {} to find the URL. Repeat this until you have a list of URLs. Then change your skin back. Give yourself a player head with this command:

    /give @a Skull 1 3 {Owner:{Properties:{textures:[0:{Value:"(See Below)"}]}}}

    Replace See Below with this code, after being converted using Base64:

    {textures:{Skin:{url:"(The URL)"}}}
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    posted a message on [Hmm ! Give us a use !]Give a use to other villager professions ! - Not the redundant villager builders suggestion !

    Maybe the librarians, when exposed to villagers from another village, would "learn" more enchanted book trades.

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