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    posted a message on Need Command Block Help?

    Can other people help too?

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    posted a message on Generating Custom Player Heads

    It is broken.

    Now, you have to upload skins and then find the hashed URL...

    It takes a while...

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    posted a message on Teleporting 8 players to 8 different places in order- Help Needed

    If you want to detect if a person is in each room, you can use these commands.

    Make a redstone clock.

    Add 8 command blocks connected to the clock with this command:

    testfor @a[x=(center of room),y=(center of room),z=(center of room),r=(radius of room from center)]

    Attach a comparator to each. Attach a NOT gate to the comparator. Attach another command block to that with this command:

    tp @p[x,y,z=(tripwire center cords),r=5] [room coordinates]

    This will teleport each player to only an open room.

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    posted a message on How do I place an open chest in Minecraft?

    If you can use a resource pack, you could change a trapped chest's (or soul sand, or snow, or any other block) texture to an opened chest.

    The only other way I would know is to activate a lag machine while the player is in an open chest...

    The open chest is entirely clientside, which means that a chest doesn't actually do anything when opened on a server, only an animation that is applied by players' Minecraft window. This also means that when you are on singleplayer and exit a chest, but before it closes save and quit, when you come back the chest will be closed fully.

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    posted a message on Top Pet Peeves On Survival Servers

    1. People joining a complicated many-plugin spigot server, then 10 minutes later spouting into every global chat, "This is my first time playing Minecraft. How do you play?"

    2. People who blow up people's houses and then beg for me (an admin) to rebuild THEIR OWN blown up house, compensate their goods, block THE REST of the server (not including them) from TNT, and ban half the server, or they will quit.

    3. People who beg for stuff e arly in the game

    4. People who make a legitimate lava disposal pool at spawn, then when someone joins the game for the first time they throw into the lava pool piece after piece of diamond armor and tools with low-level or "bad" enchantments like Thorns, Smite, and any type of protection besides Protection.

    5. People that spam chat with server ads, then people claiming to be mods that say "HEY, I CAN BAN THEM IF YOU GIVE ME DIAMONDS"

    6. Greifers that fill public areas with chickens using hidden hoppers and dispensers.

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    posted a message on detect use of bow?

    Hmm. You could use the datatag pickup on the arrow, but that would require a scoreboard command. The commands would look like this(comparator on the second):

    /scoreboard players set @e[type=Arrow] pickup 1 {pickup:2}
    /execute @a ~ ~ ~ kill @e[type=Arrow,score_pickup_min:1]
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    posted a message on detect use of bow?

    If you attach a comparator to a command block with the command

    /execute @a ~ ~ ~ kill @e[type=Arrow,r=5]

    the comparator will output whenever someone shoots and will stay on until the next time it is triggered, so use a rapid clock to trigger the command block. The command block will also kill the arrow if it is within 5 blocks of the player, but no other arrows. If you do not want the command block to kill the arrow, replace "kill" with "testfor".

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