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    posted a message on Sooo..Friend was just banned .
    Quote from bettyofdewm

    Haha he has no right? HOW ABOUT HE OWNS THE SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah thats right, I host a server and I'll ban whoever I darn please.. You guys crack me up. Most server host pay to have a server up...and very few actually get donations (I know I have not received a cent for mine) So even if he bans the guy because he doesn't like some of the buildings he built... he has every right to.

    Don't want to get banned? get your own server. You can host one from your own computer, 99% of the software is free.. don't have a good enough computer? shell out $15-$60/mo to get a server.
    listening to all of you complain about how you got something for free then it was taken away?

    I've banned people just because I didn't like them.

    (And no I'm not 12, I'm 23...but the way I look at it, I shelled out the $800.00 for a comp to host the server, I pay the $80/mo for the internet, I pay the electric bill... I'll do what I want.)

    So on your server you can get perma-banned for no reason? Then it must be a horrible server that you have.

    If you don't want to get banned, there is another option then making your own server: Find a nice server and play there nicely!!!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Ruined After Beta 1.8?
    Quote from Saiph2

    Guys, before you either create or reply to one of these types of thread, just take a look at how many other threads of exactly the same type have been created before. And the important thing is that they never lead to anything constructive, just a load of people whining. And that's just a waste of forum space.

    If you don't like Minecraft as it is now, don't play it. Go and do something else. If you do like it, then support it on this forum. Simples.

    I suggest just letting this thread die, like all the others do eventually. I wish the admins could lock this. (HINT! :) )

    The forum is infinitly big, so there is no space to waste! lol. But there are many threads like this and that's a bit stupid indeed, but it's pretty hard to find these old threads so it's not really bad.

    And there is nothing wrong with criticizing a game on the official forums. But that's my opinion.
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    posted a message on Minecon cape
    Quote from Mistika2489

    Yeah, if somebody is nice enough they can put my IGN instead of theirs. I'm not going to ask somebody who is going to Minecon for their first year unless they don't care about the cape.

    Why would you be so stupid to fill in someone else's IGN there -.-

    And you have not been to minecon then so it wouldn't be legit to have that cape.

    Want the cape? Go to minecon. Don't want to go to minecon? Forget it.
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    posted a message on Better Skies Without McPatcher?
    Optifine can be used with MCPatcher! Get yourself a vanilla jar, start up mcpatcher, click Mods > Add... select Optifine's download zip, and it appears as an mod in mcpatcher! Select the Optifine and Better skies checkboxes and click Patch.

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    posted a message on Compass Teleportation?
    Yep, that's a feature of single player commands.

    Quote from B1ack_Knight

    Thats completely normal, works in Multiplayer too.

    Left clicking teleports you within your view distance
    Right clicking teleports you through walls and what not

    Looks like you ALWAYS play on servers with WorldEdit, B1ack_Knight...
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.1 is Released!
    Waiting for Bukkit to get updated too... Can't even connect to my own server :(
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    posted a message on How many blocks you have to fall deep to die instantly
    How many blocks you have to fall deep to die instantly, even with full health? (with no armor)
    I want the players on my server to die when they fall off, but I don't want to use lava :Lava: , cacti, The void, burning netherrack :VV: , etc.
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