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    posted a message on [1.8.4] Simplicity ~ Custom sounds, models, textures, and final boss!


    • The download folder is not empty, guys.Should be because of the fact he used a strange symbol; Extract the folder with 7zip fixed it for me.
    • I've found a bug - once you get inside the cave with the flowers, your hunger decreases (it's on Normal Mode). There is no visible option to eat, and I found myself hungry at certain points. Add some steak or something!
    • If you die inside the flower cave, you aren't respawned at the same place. Instead, you're spawned near the rose bush on the sandstone flat land, and there is no way to get back to the cave - the rose bush doesn't work. so I'm pretty much just stuck on the sandstone flat land. I'll reset the map and try again. ;)
    • EDIT: Ok, tried the map a second time. Whenever you drink a hint potion, you get hunger restored. That's great, though if someone doesn't want to use hints I'm afraid they'll starve to death. Maybe add a continual saturation effect on the player or something.
    • Also noted, the rose bush death bug is fixed when I used the reset disc in the creeper egg/blaze rod chest now. O_o
    • I'm stumped! Got 2 levers flicked, and the hint potion says that the walls are cracked and you should smash through it. I found the cracked wall I think, but I checked everywhere, and can't find a tool to smash through the wall with. Cleecticonfuzzled!
    • So I just cheated myself in a wooden pickaxe because I was stumped, broke through the wall in survival, and eventually flipped all 4 levers. However, the lightning that drops down when the ender crystal breaks... killed me. No big deal, except for the fact it walls you in when the cutscene happens and you spawn outside the ender crystal room when you die. So I had to cheat to break the two prismarine blocks and get back in the room to continue.
    • That optical illusion nether brick puzzle... that was mindblowing. Very unique, I've never seen that before except in a SethBling video :o And the transition into the nether biome was phenomenal as well! One of the best moments of the map so far.
    • Loved the armor stand puzzle as well. Not sure if this is me or the map, but I inputted the correct response and it did nothing. So I input the correct response again then relogged - and now I found the Spell of Speed was there O_o. I call map glitch, or something.
    • Woo! In the Flame World. Love your metroidvania style in this place. Have three spells, and swam up the first lava pit with the Spell of Flame. But if you go all the way upwards and pop out the ceiling, it's not closed: http://imgur.com/TmhkfdM
    • When you get into the room with the nether eyes, you can fall through the nether eye portal and explore (which is not intended) if you didn't activate it yet. Not really intended, and I ended up exploring the room and finding a barrier wall before giving up and looking more somewhere else! Plus, I saw the barrier blocks at the end which ruined the whole immersion of the room.
    • Loved the travel cutscene traveling back to the overworld! Though having a jump scare 4 times in my face wasn't really that fun ;-;
    • The Sky Serpent looks awesome :o But I am now surrounded by a witch that says RightClick and follows me wherever I go. It really obstructs my view! I assume this isn't intended, or possibly the witch is the shield and needs to be invisible.
    • Killed the witch with a kill command, we're fine now! I feel like the Sky Serpent is OP a little bit. You don't get armor, and many of his attacks are one-hit kills. Several times, I died and within a millisecond of respawning I died again! Maybe nerf that a little bit, and make it easier to hit him? :P
    • And it's finished. Wow. Where do I begin? The amount of technology used, especially later in the game, was crazy. I've never seen some of this stuff before. And I honestly have no idea how you did that Sky Serpent. Seriously. The model... and the phases... and his attacks... were outstanding. *claps slowly*

    Progression was fun, the puzzles were unique, and... it's probably one of the best maps I've played this year.

    Just wow.

    Especially on a redstone standpoint. At times, I felt like I was playing a metroidvania/other game! It's that good.

    Maybe add some more open-worldness for a sequel, or add Skyblock elements into it so you truly feel like you're growing? :P

    Unfortunately, one of the only problems I had that seriously ruined the immersion was the amount of bugs it contained. I listed all of them up above. Most of these-like the lava pillar, nether eye portal, and rose bush death bug- can be fixed with simple commands/tweaks! This is why it's important to playtest your map if you haven't, and maybe beta test it with friends who don't know as much about the map as you do. It ensures that all of these things go noticed!

    Good luck in the future, I REALLY enjoyed playing it!

    (I'll give it a A- or an A on Rsmalec's scale, we'll say :P)

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    posted a message on [BETA] Minevolution - A minecraft incrementation game
    I just bugged out the stone (it went away but I could still stand on it) because of how fast my Adamentium pick was, so I relogged.

    When I came back, all the villagers were gone and my Emerald progress changed back to Redstone again. I still have my emeralds/whatnot though

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    posted a message on [1.8/14w26c][DEMO] Cobblestone Simulator 2014 - PRE-ORDER NOW!
    This is fantastic! The gameplay is phenomenal, but what makes this game unique is the various different environments. The cobblestone shines in its elegant, randomly-generated setpieces. Watching rocks has never been more superb!
    30/10 need sequel.
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    posted a message on The reviews are closed now. For real.
    The review shop is closed now.
    It seems that time, time was the number one cause.
    I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout my life here. It was a blast being with you.
    But now, it's time to work on something else. Something that will blow your mind. Get ready.
    Something big is coming. :)
    Collectics's Review Destination
    Current stage: Submit your applications! Signups close November 26th!
    • Tired of all the reviewers who only give a quick summary of the map?
    • Want a detailed conversation of how to improve your skills?
    • Want to be recognized by the Minecraft community and potentially get more map downloads?
    Then I have a deal for you!
    Simply make an application on this thread, and as long as they are open, your map will be reviewed for the
    low, LOW
    price of
    What will you get with this deluxe package?
    • A detailed review of the map in four distinct categories!
    • A final rating that will be added to the HUGE LIST!
    • A post-review chat on the thread, where Collectics will answer any questions you may have. ANY!
    • And a chance to be famous and get more map downloads than ever!
    • Oh, did I forget the snips? Yeah. Lots of snips.
    Rating Scale:
    Creativity: 1: None 2: Some 3: Lots of it
    Difficulty: 1: Bad, too hard 2: Okay, too easy 3: Fantastic, balanced
    Detail: 1: Little detail 2: Some detail 3: Lots of it
    Gameplay and Experience: 1: Bad time 2: Okay time 3: Great time
    Ask in the comments if you have any questions about this scale.
    4-5.5: Terrible
    6-7.5: Average
    8-9.5: Above Average
    10-11.5: Fantastic
    12: Masterpiece
    Application Format:
    You MUST fill out the form in order to get accepted!
    Name of Map:
    Singleplayer or Multiplayer:
    Genre: (CTM and Survival maps will not be accepted until further notice)
    Recommended Version:
    Current stage: Submit your applications! Signups close November 26th!
    Reviews and Queue For Reviews
    Maps With An Application (apply for a review)
    • Slenderman by CIAEQUALSEPIC
    • The Tower of Zelgius by Blitzgrutel
    • The 50 Challenges by Lucasthefourth
    • 8-Bit Adventure by Linkruler (Postponed until further notice)
    • The Safari by TheDragster
    • Pantopia by elliotnally, tatrer, evan123abc, elimcewen
    Reviews in Progress:
    • Ragecraft II: Insomnia by Heliceo (4/12 emerald blocks secured, 6/16 wool blocks secured, currently on Ninja Academy.)
    • Ender: The Eight Pages by Chronos02 (ohno)
    Maps that I Am Making:
    • It Keeps Happening by Collectics (Nowhere near being done and probably will be done by 2099 at this rate)
    • The Code II: Infinite by Jespertheend: 3+3+3+3 = 12/12
    • Karoshi by Yokcos700: 3+2.5+2.5+3 = 11/12
    • Puzzle Fragments by Yokcos700: 2.5+2.5+3+2.5 = 10.5/12
    • Trapped in Innsmouth by CthulhuToo: 2.5+3+2+2.5 = 10/12
    • A Life of Puzzles by TheRedBanana7: 2.5+2.5+2.5+2.5 = 10/12
    • The Portal Room by TheRedBanana7: 2.5+2+2+2.5 = 9/12
    • The Creature Kitchen by Ark20000: 2+2.5+2+2 = 8.5/12
    • Escape From The Psychotic Lab by Jaxler1: 2+2+1+2 = 7/12
    • The Maze Tower by Soulesblur: 1+2+1.5+1 = 5.5/12
    • Flatland Survival 2 by Kirbys_Channel: 1.5+2.5+1.5+2 = 7.5/12
    • One Chunk Survival by Kirbys_Channel: 1.5+2+1.5+1.5 = 6.5/12
    • The Cubes by Soulesblur: 1.5+2.5+1.5+2 = 7.5/12
    • One Block Survival by Kirbys_Channel: 1+1+1.5+1 = 4.5/12
    • Journey of Eritha #1: Spindle Caves by Orchard28: 2+2.5+2+2 = 8.5/12
    • Blitzkrieg by xChaikitty: 2+1+1+1 = 5/12
    • The Jugglers Balls by Jigarbov: 3+2.5+2+2.5 = 10/12
    • Ender Crystal by ZvedeENG: 2+2.5+2+2.5 = 9/12
    • Suicide by Thalizar: 2+2.5+2+2 = 8.5/12
    • [OLD] The Labyrinth by Fireb0rn: 2+2+2+2.5 = 8.5/12
    • I Was Told There Would Be Wool by TeamCreo: 2+2+2.5+2 = 8.5/12
    • [CO-OP] An Epix Adventure by Firzen1: 2+2+2+2 = 8/12
    • Prehistoric Times 2: The Aftermath: by TheDragster: 2+2+2+2 = 8/12
    • Castlevania: Last Worlds by Marcoelfelix: 2+1.5+2+2 = 7.5/12
    • Prehistoric Times by TheDragster: 2+2+1.5+2 = 7.5/12
    • Lost in the Darkness by MegaDerf: 1.5+1.5+2+1.5 = 6.5/12
    • Prison Escape 3 by Megalandrys: 1.5+2+1.5+1.5 = 6.5/12
    • Obsidian Maze Map by Danger0917: 1.5+2+1+1.5 = 6/12
    • Prison Escape 2 by Megalandrys: 1+1+2+1.5 = 5.5/12
    • Wither Mans Boss by Indigo2000: 1.5+1.5+1.5+1 = 5.5/12
    • Prison Escape by Megalandrys: 1+1.5+1+1 = 4.5/12
    • Village Run by Trampoison: 1+1.5+1+1 = 4.5/12
    • Saw Adventure Map! by Dracolich66151: 1+1+1+1= 4/12
    • Forgotten Ascent by Team FyreUK: 2+3+3+2 = 10/12
    • Parkour Like A Zombie by TheRedBanana7: 2+1.5+1.5+2 = 7/12
    • Parkour Brasil by Kowperman147: 2+2+1.5+1.5 = 7/12
    • Sonic Lost World Crafted by Kirbys_Channel: 1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5 = 6/12
    • Minecraft Test (Unnamed apparently) by Simonfreire: 1.5+1+1+1.5 = 5/12
    • Mine-anoia by Spriggs857: 1+2+1+1.5 = 5.5/12
    • Piggy Parkour 1.0 by Beanopower123: 1+2+1+1 = 5/12
    • The Crystal Maze by Yokcos700: 2+2.5+3+2.5 = 10/12
    • Super Smash Bros. Craft Edition by Mariofanatic123: 2.5+2+1.5+2 = 8/12
    Quick reminder:
    If you want to get a review, you MUST fill out the application format on the previous post.
    Hope you enjoy!
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    posted a message on The long drop - A short adventure map
    Seems pretty interesting, but how about some pictures of the map?
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    posted a message on BLOCKS VS ZOMBIES By: Sethbling
    I have no idea.
    I mean, you claim it is by another author but I think we have already seen this masterpiece. No need to link it.
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    posted a message on [1.6]Super Smash Bros Craft Edition
    Super Smash Bros. Craft Edition by mariofanatic123
    Creativity: 2.5. A Minecraft version of Super Smash Bros. is nothing new, as many people like Sethbling and Minecade have recreated it in the past. The creator adds creativity by creating new maps and classes; however, it seems remarkably similar to Super Craft Bros. created by Seth. I see that there are very little things you can do to improve the creativity, but I would appreciate some command blocks used to create some special attacks if you can, and maybe a touch-up on the map work.
    Difficulty: 2. Each class has an advantage and a disadvantage, but -in my opinion- some of the disadvantages decrease the advantage's power very little. For example, Herobrine has a Sharpness I iron sword but no armor and two invisibility potions, and Donkey Kong has a Sharpness II stone sword (same as sharpness 1 iron) with armor. Although the invisibility potions can easily be used to destroy Donkey Kong, Kong still has a clear advantage over Herobrine. Also, I think the gem prices may be a little expensive, as you probably won't be playing three-hundred games in a row.
    Detail: 1.5. The maps are mostly very, very small and designed for throwing people over a cliff. Yeah, Peach's Castle is only one room. This is good for 2 players, but any more and it just gets chaotic. Besides the small map design, much of the maps are floating islands, and just feel like they are a chunk taken out of a MCedited world. It doesn't seem to have any details, and the houses don't have any depth or block variation. Make us feel like you are fighting near a waterfall.
    Gameplay and Experience: 2. I really like the map, and if you continue to develop it, it may prove to be a spectacular map. However, the lack of balance in classes, small map design, and similarity to SethBling's map severly lower the score. It is a fun map, though I still think that the servers and SethBling's map have a better design. Keep going, and the opinion may change by not just me, but the entire community as well.

    + Fun and engaging gameplay,
    + with a variety of classes and maps.
    - Small map design makes it hard to fight.
    - Has balancing issues at times, along with bugs. (You know about them)

    Overall Score: 2.5 + 2 + 1.5 + 2 = 8/12. Above Average
    Keep it up! :) Diamonds to you.
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    posted a message on [Adv]The Labyrinth - a dungeon map - third semifinal release
    I love this map now.

    The Labyrinth by Fireb0rn
    This was one of the first maps for Minecraft, if not the first.
    As such, this rating will not describe how revolutionary it was at the time of release. I will review it like I do a normal map with some slight exceptions as I cannot figure how to give this map justice. So, if you disagree with my rating... Well, it doesn't matter, it is freaking amazing anyway. I am only reviewing this map because many people asked me to.
    You got my note? Great. Let's get started.
    Creativity: 2. The majority of the map is basically mob-fighting, though there are many other challenges: little parkour, mazes, minecart challenges, ice bowling and.. more mazes. These were very unique at the time but now are easy to produce in the latest version. Of course, besides the towers, I would like to see more than just hallways for extra creativity.
    Difficulty: 2. I played this map with Minecraft Beta 1.3, as this map is very old. As such, hunger has not been introduced, making this map more of a challenge. I felt the first part before the towers was a very exhilarating experience; I advise you play on Expert if you can take the challenge, as it gave me a total adrenaline rush. As soon as I got to the towers, the map started to get a little easier as I was given diamond armor, and iron armor when the armor runs out. I felt the only part that had resemblance to the first part was the creeper explosion part.
    Detail: 2. I'm not sure how to rate this part either. I feel like the hallways were plain and boring compared to the tower part. The towers were revolutionary in 1.3, and many people wondered how to build them. Thus, I will give it a 2.
    Gameplay and Experience: 2.5. Look, this made me feel nostalgic. Very nostalgic. Just that fact increased the score. But the heart-pumping gameplay while playing the map on Expert, great detail in the towers, and challenging difficulty really made me like this map.
    + Nostalgic, made me go back to the old days
    + At times heart-pounding and adrenaline building
    - Detail is bleh during the hallways
    - Could be a bit more challenging in the towers.
    Overall Score™": 2 + 2 + 2 + 2.5 = 8.5/12. Above Average, Masterpiece when you are talking about a long time ago.
    If you are still on Fireb0rn, you are spectacular. Just saying. Diamonds to you.
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    posted a message on BUDDER LEAP OF FAIL (FREE FOR ALL MAP)
    Quote from Geforce132

    Also, im wondering, is the map over after i jump off the platform? If so, i could make this myself within two minutes...

    This is his description:
    All you have to do is Jump off the giant budder tower and into the water to survive.
    When you die you spawn at the top so you jump again.There are a bunch of boots in the chest to you'll be fine.If you survive you can do what ever you want from there.
    Yeah, you are correct.
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