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    Hi my name is Cole. I am a 15 year old 9th grader.

    I know you may say know automatically because of my age, but I can be mature for my age and I can act like I am much older. If you are still interested in me joining even though I am WELL below the age minimum...

    IGN: Mexican_Priest

    I will send my skype as a private message to your account. Please only skype me when needed and I probably wont talk half the time anyways because I do not like to talk to random people.
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    The new IP (Toastytoast.simplno.de) isn't working
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    posted a message on FTB MindCrack|13+|Small Community
    Your IGN. Mexican_Priest

    Your Age. 14

    Experience with TechMods: I've been playing with tech mods since industrialcraft originally came out. I know what just about every item does (Exept GregTech).

    Are you going to be an active member: Oh course!
    Also, i'm putting one for ThomasCantu too, as he doesn't have a MC forum account.

    Your IGN. ThomasCantu

    Your Age. 15

    Experience with TechMods: I have an ok knowledge of tech mods. I'm better with thaumcraft, but I am still good with normal ones like ic2 and redpower.

    Are you going to be an active member: Probably, it really depends on my scedual. I will most likley be.
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    Hello, my server is back up! Sorry but map has reset due to the hosters Derping out, we may be able to get an old version but for now.... SERVER'S UP :D
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    posted a message on Cole's Tekkit server! | No whitelist | Residence | Chestshop | Great staff!
    Quote from Skyicewolf

    Awesome server!

    Definetly worth checking out for anyone who likes Tekkit, or communites :D
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    Opel, is your picture a Pyro from TF2 pony?
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    Tekkit version 1.3.2. Or Developer build.

    Just reached 5 members!
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    Welcome to Cole's Tekkit server!
    Hello and welcome to my tekkit server. This server is a No PvP, No greifing, No raiding and No stealing server With EE Disabled. Sorry, But EE is disabled because I found it makes Tekkit Unfair. The Only EE Items I will allow are:

    Energy Condensors

    Alchemical Bags

    Alchemical Chests

    Covalance Dusts

    Dark matter Picks, Hoes, and Shovels

    Swiftwolf's Rending gale

    Transmutation tables

    These items are allowed However, you must buy them from the store. You need Iritum Ore For these trades :/. The reason for this is so that people will become more Use to Non-EE on this server and Get far In IC2 before they can use EE And by that time, You wont even need EE most likely.

    For now, Here are the server's Plugins. (If you read the Tags, towny will be added soon.)




    Towny (Added soon)



    And I am open to suggestions!
    If you think you have one, Please E-mail me at [email protected] or Just add me on Skype! My Skype is Cole.walsh3 . I will be Making a website soon and I will have donations up. For now, Have a nice day!

    Server IP:
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    posted a message on Banner help
    Ok, I'll Pm you the pic with in a couple days. School -.-
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    posted a message on Looking for a small tekkit community
    Hello Cafcik, I can help you. I own a Private whitelisted tekkit server and Have been looking for some players.

    PM me for Details and/or Add me on skype
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    posted a message on Banner help
    I need a banner for my minecraft mod!

    The Mod is called Cole's Realism Mod, here's the link.


    I need the banner to have a big title in the middle, in the same font as the Cracked minecraft on the title page Saying Cole's Realism Mod. Here's the format

    Cole's Realism Mod
    As real as Minecraft gets

    After that, build A Nice looking Modern city in minecraft 1.3.2 and put it kind of fading away in the background. You can use texture packs. If you do this you will be added to the Dev Team of my mod, Cole's realism Mod!

    Please submit here and make em pretty ;)
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    posted a message on Cole's Realism Mod! [In development]
    Hello! I am ColeWalsh And I am showcasing a New Mod that I just started coding but before I tell you about it, I have to mention the Copyrights/Inspiration for this mod.

    This Mod is copyrighted to only be used In Mod packs/Servers With Colewalsh123's Permission.

    I was inspired to Make this mod by two other mods I have played around with. These Mods are:

    BETTER DUNGEONS By: Chocolatin


    This Mod adds a ton of new items and blocks to the game. It adds it own power generation and adds its own bosses such as giant snakes, juggernauts, soldiers, navy seals eod and robbers! Here's where i start explaining the mod. This mod starts off with mining. my mod adds in over 20 new ores and gems you can mine! some of witch are crystals, power-ore(Used for getting power) and many more. Once you get done with mining your going to want to make a compressor. I am not copying this from Industrailcraft 2 AT ALL. the compressor compresses the power-ingots into power that can go through electrical cableing into evergy-storage or into other things like dryers, lamps and even computers! sorry to say but you will not be able to code on the computers :( . to get a game, there will be naturally spawning cities that have coffee shops, game stores, cops! There will be a law board as well that if you dont follow the rules (Rules are different every time) you can get arrested. Cops will be armed and able to fire bullets at anyone but, will always obey the cheif. you can become the cheif or mayor! this is undecided how still but i am working on it. Finally, there is another demention called fairy-tale land! Once you get a bedside table, right click it in your hand on the bed, it will connect. after this you right click on the bedside table with a yellow lamp. after that, connect the lamp to a power sorce, leave it on for ten minutes, then turn it off and get into the bed. You will go to the land of fairy-tales and there will be many magical things. That will probably be in minecraft update 1.5 so, Stay tuned ;) . The next and last thing at the moment that you need to know about this mod is that there will be Money. with money you can buy games, coffee(Witch lets you leave the lamp on for only 5 minutes and many other things such as apartments or homes!

    If you are a modder, i am always looking for people to help me and my team code. Please send me a Pm on minecraft forum of send me a skype request if you are interested. Also if you are a skinner or a good builder, you can help. Send me a request on skype or pm me on minecraft forums.

    If you want to code/skin for us, you must have experience. just send me a link to a mod/skin/building that you have created and I will see if you make the team.

    Please comment on this with ideas or help. Feel free to ask questions.
    Hope you like the mod so far!

    Skype name: cole.walsh
    Real name: Cole Walsh
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    posted a message on Help with DNS Tech pack and MultiMC.
    I can't seem to find out how to install the DNS tech pack on multiMC. If You have it installed Please send Me your file so I can copy/paste it into my MultiMC. Please help. And If you need to know, Im on Mac, not windows.
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    posted a message on OblivionPVP [Factions][PVP][McMMo][PermissionsEx] And much more!
    Hey guys, Im another owner of this server. I just came to tell you that we have a new website and Applying on the old one will not get you member status anymore.
    The new site address is www.OblivionPVP.webs.com
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