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    Name: John[/i]

    Minecraft Username: coldrat98[/i]

    Skype Username: coldrat98[/i]

    Time Zone: EST[/i]

    Age: 19[/i]

    Gender: Male[/i]

    Why are you looking to join an SMP server?: I've been out of Minecraft for a little while but I'm excited to get back in. I prefer vanilla over bad mods and survival is more challenging. Also, I prefer to have other people to interact with and talk to, SSP gets lonely.[/i]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Beta 1.5. So since like 2012 or 2011.[/i]

    Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I'm experienced and creative. I'm a good builder and I make stylish builds. I'm social and not abrasive towards others and I have been playing this game long enough to be helpful.[/i]

    YouTube Channel [Optional]: N/A[/i]

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    When will apps be accepted/denied? I really want to play :)
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    posted a message on Medieval Themed PVP Factions
    Add meh!!!
    IGN: coldrat98
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    posted a message on MindCrack style server
    *Age: 16
    *Skype: None, I am honestly uncomfortable with video chat.
    *IGN: coldrat98
    *Years playing MC: Since alpha
    Reason you should be picked: I love Mindcrack, I'm good prankster, a bit of a redstoner, and I can make videos for youtube. I made a working slot machine with redstone. Also you don't have too many apps ATM soo... ^_^
    Pictures of builds(can be anything in MC like houses,redstone machine,etc): Check my channel! (PaperBagStudios)
    A little about you: I go to a really prestigious high school, and I play lacrosse.
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    posted a message on The best shelter.
    Quote from Bbqpizza

    1) Wrong Section, this should be in "Let's Play".
    2) Your video is biased, there is no "Best shelter" in-game, there are many players who built different kind of shelter and they can be functional like the shelter you built, and your "best shelter" is rather an opinion than a statement.

    1) I wasn't here to advertise, I was merely providing an example.
    2) I was just hoping to gather opinions, not make a biased statement. I can tell you didn't watch the video, because all I built is a hut.
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