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    its a nicely made mod. there are a few kinks that it needs to become worth playing in the long run. here are my ideas. im sure most of you have though of these before me anyways.

    -zombies should be more in tune with each other. (if one sees you, all within a certain distance see you. that sort of thing.)

    -zombies should be a bit faster and maybe stronger or there should be ALOT more of them. (they are just a little bit to slow to be very threatening, and they do so little damage its almost insignificant. but they DO NOT need to be walking beef sticks either. find a medium. work with it. if you want zombies in a game to be threatening there are only three ways to go. making them VERY strong, making them VERY fast, or just plain making a ­ Load of them. the last is my favorite. its called the hording effect. where there is one, there are many. if you make a zombie game like that, you hit the bulls eye.)

    -zombies need to react to sound in some sort of way. ( whether its walking towards a gun shot from far away, or violently attacking the player that shot. the idea is to make guns powerful, but costly. right now they are just powerful. make the players regret shooting after they do so.)

    -infection chance when eating or drinking water, but not for sodas or bottled water. (giving sodas and bottled water a much needed edge over canteens. think about this, why would anyone carry around 4 soda cans that take up space, when they could just carry a canteen around and refill it? the only logical answer to that is because of infection chance with water drawn from a source.)

    -it may just be me, but i think the zombies hit length is just a bit to long. you cant safly hit them with an axe or knife. (i may be on purpose, i dont know.)

    - zombies should begin to hold or wear things sometimes. (armour, guns, ammo, soda, food, water. the reason being, so it makes it worth it to kill them. )

    -GIANT ZOMBIE BOSSES. they always make things more interesting. (or some type of infectious zombie type boss. maybe nightcrawlers during the night time hours? to clearly distinguish night from day in the ways of complete terror. >:3 ones like spiders that can climb walls to kill you? or maybe spitters that blind you temporarily? )

    -the ability for zombies to break blocks. (there is a mod already made for it. the zombies will slowly break through blocks, sand and dirt being the fastest break times and slowly increasing with the block. the only thing i think they cannot break is diamond and iron blocks. maybe gold. idk. the rest they have the ability to break through like wooden doors, but much much slower.) ill explain the reason why this would be needed, in single player or online, its just to easy to set up shop in a little fort and go out for supplies every so often. adding zombie break would allow zombies to make your once permanent home very temporary. also, when building you will have to think about things like secondary escapes routes through your building. you will hopefully think twice about just making a hole in the ground for the night.

    - i like the random buildings and whatnot, but maybe randomly generated cities would be nice. you could connect them all with streets that players could find and follow. then everything else just kind falls into place. destroyed cars randomly generated, maybe with chests in they're open trunk that you can loot. things like that. maybe a official map for the mod? i have quite a few ideas so if thats the way your going to go, just contact me.

    -if you do implement cities and things, the zombie spawning needs to be centralized in and around the cities more densely and slowly getting less dense the further from the city you go. same with loot, better loot in and around the cities, slowly getting worst or less of it in general as you head out. because if this game ever goes online, the way you want the game play to proceed is people heading towards the cities in search of items, making the cities more dangerous than the world around. also these cities would be great spots if you wanted to start a gang of bandits with your friends. just walk around and rob people.

    -this is "the crafting dead mod." and with that said, maybe you can spawn up items broken down into they're smaller pieces you so have to craft the item? if you go this way you should make crafting benches very rare outside of the city, and unable to be built. i don't know about you, but i don't feel like its real if i find a fully put together ak 47 and two clips inside a cabin in the woods. it just doesn't feel right. i should have to work for those guns. putting them together and maybe repairing them every so often with a repair kit.


    thanks for your consideration and good job with your mod. keep it up boys.

    - live long and mine ­. ~cog
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