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    IGN: callofduty1435 and 6 other alts.
    Why were you banned?: For making troll alt accounts.
    What day were you banned?: Don't remember that exact date but was right before the New Year.
    Who banned you?: MsVerita.
    Was the ban justified? (Honesty counts here): Yes it was.
    Why are you appealing?: Because I want to be able to go on the server again and see all the old players and meet the new ones. I have also been with the lockdown community for a long time and would like to continue on the server. I also have a lot of great memories on the server from all the guards being upset when MsV made it so guards couldn't use donor items anymore to the servers player base booming up after it was hacked. I had a fun time on lockdown throughout the time I played it and I would like to continue my experience.
    Why should we accept your appeal?: Because I made a mistake and I believe that I should get a second chance. I can promise you I will not make alt accounts that even closely resemble another player/staff member.
    How do we know you won't do it again?: Because I will be smarter with my money/the account codes I am given.
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    Quote from Sniper_Lover987

    Guard Application:
    In Game Name: Shanndon3101
    Age: I am 14 years old
    Time Zone: Est
    Current In Game Rank: Alpha
    Do you have any experience: Yes I actually have allot of experience I was Guard on multiple Servers City-Prison,Jail Break. And A lot more I have also worked with Victor (Mine_R2) On some other prison server where we both was guard. And I know most if not all of the Rules With Being Guard.
    Why Should we pick you as a guard: You should pick me to be a guard because I am very experienced, I am a man of my word (If I say I will do something I am gonna do it) I Am trust worthy, I Can get the job done.
    What makes you different from all the other applicants: To be honest Im not different I get the Job done. I take the swords I destroy the swords. But the only thing that is really different from me and the other guards are that I am online almost all the time. except when im at school which is (8 am to 3:30pm) O and I am a good pvper Not saying all the other guards aren't But I had a 2 vs 1 today and I was winning even when 2 guards was trying to kill me !
    Sanity Prison is the Best Minecraft Prison in the World !

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    ChatMod Application:
    In Game Name: callofduty1435
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Current Rank: Gamma
    Do you have any experience? (optional): Yes
    Why should we pick you as a Chat Mod? Because I have much experience. I have been Mod on many different servers. I have a lot of experience on prison servers. I have a good use of the english language and am decent at typing speed. I know all the rules well and how to deal with rule breakers. I know how to handle different situations I am put in and how to be fair. I am a dedicated member to the server and the community. I am on the ontime top so that shows how active I am and I will be as a staff member. I also do not want Chat Mod just for the title and to say I have power, I want it so I can help with the server and the chat. I have proven that I am trust worthy as seen on another prison server where I was HeadWarden and Endertroll68 was Co-Owner. Thank you for your time and reading my Moderator application and considering me for the prestigious position.
    haruto08- http://gyazo.com/de2...42c21036209f7f9
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    Quote from OG_Sw4G

    OG_Sw4G's Reapplication for Guard!

    I recommend OG for Guard! He is a great PvPer and has a lot of experience being guard. Good luck OG!
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    Owner- EpicZenon
    Co-Owner- Guardian_Zenon
    HeadAdmin- callofduty1435
    SR-Admin- 3632



    Donor Info!
    Donator Perks

    Join full servers, Allowed to take loans, Open Chests by command, Pickup and place spawners, /workbench and /weather commands, Custom Prefix, Hunger Games Kit, Select a specialist Donor packages, Always beheads mobs & players, Keep experience on on death, /tpahere commands and have 25 homes!

    Moderator Application

    1) What is your in game username:

    2) Which time-zone are you in:

    3) What is your current age:

    4) Do you feel you are mature enough for this position:

    5) Do you speak fluent English:

    6) What plugins do you have experience with:

    7) How long have you been on the server:

    8) Do you vote for the server:

    9) Do you know what a moderator's job is:

    10) What are your builds? Please post screenshots:

    11) Why do you want to be a moderator:

    12) Have you ever begged to be a moderator, admin, or have creative mod:

    13) What would you do if an argument were sparked between two members and it was cause unrest amongst the other players:

    14) What can you contribute to the server:

    15) How would you handle someone cheating by hacking or using mods on the server:

    16) Have you been a Moderator or Admin on any other server? (List servers and owners):

    By filling out this application you agree to the following.

    1) You must remain active in the community and be on the server, Moderating and helping the community.

    2) All server rules still apply to you, do not break the rules.

    3) You are not allowed to "claim" people's houses! (They can be protected if they look nice and the player does not play on the server any more.)

    4) If we feel you are abusing your powers or becoming lazy with your moderator duties, you may be demoted.

    5) If you become inactive without any reason, then you may be demoted. Please inform other staff if you need to take a long break.


    Teamspeak IP
    Say your from EpicZenon!

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    Quote from GOKuCommander

    I got a suggestion for the server. I think that if it is possible you should add a pvp arena plugin. With like kits and teams. Like have prot 2 armor and sharp 2 fire 1 swords and different types of kits which should all be balanced which each other. And have 2 teams on different types of maps with buildings so people who use bows can take cover or for people to go. There could even be some prizes for the winning team like it costs maybe $500 per player to join the game and the winning team splits the money between them.
    A few examples of kits could be like "Tank" with protection 2 diamond armor and a sharpness 2 fire aspect 1 sword with 2 healing potions.
    Another kit could be "Archer" with protection 3 leather armor and a power 2 bow and 32 arrows and 2 splash damage potions
    And other types of kits that you can think of that would make them all balanced. It would require quite a bit of effort to make the maps to play it on but it would be pretty fun and it would add another thing for players to do since most players just pvp on the server anyways.
    K so thats my suggestion.

    That is a great idea!
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    Gratz to the new HR Security

    And to the new Security's
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    Quote from Sideways_Guy

    Enough with the drama :D
    #HrSecurityswag #Cape #Twerk #NoPants

    Twerking all the time!
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    Quote from OG_Sw4G

    OG_Sw4G's Reapplication for Guard!

    Great app OG! Good to see you reapplying for Security, hope you get it back!
    Quote from mchlzlck

    Happy Page 420 Guys!!

    Happy Page 420 Guys!!'


    LOL Happy Page 420!
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    Quote from Sideways_Guy

    Today, me, callofduty, and zzghosty hosted Lockdown's First fishing competition! Check it out. There was a great prize for whoever reached 10 fish first. We tried out best to make sure no one cheated! :)

    Special thanks to
    zZGhostly for sponsoring the 150k prize
    Callofduty for helping organize & winning it!

    I'm such a beast fisherman.
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