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    Hi sofbalchik71,

    I am a moderator on a low population survival server where there is about 5 to 6 of us who play. It is a place for mature and considerate people. The world generated is 1.7.2, however I have a few plugins that do not work nicely with the new update, so none of the new blocks work right now. As soon as Spigot/Bukkit have a 1.7.2 compatible product, everything should work.

    So the plugins I have allow the use of basic commands like stting home, warping back to spawn, etc. It's nothing fancy...and resembles vanilla.
    We don't really have a purpose other than that we are trying to just build a cool town/community and play the game together. It's not competitive or anything like that.

    You are welcome to play!

    The IP is
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    Quote from GrimTheReaper

    Have him fill out an application aswell please

    No problem. May I be white-listed in the mean time?
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    IGN: cocoajumpo

    Age: 26
    Why do you want to join our server: Looking for a mature community
    What do you look forward to the most in our server: Learning how to play. I just started a month ago.
    Do you have Skype or TeamSpeak 3: Both
    Tell us about yourself: Been playing computer games for most of my life. Really down to earth and easy to get along with. Structural Engineer irl.

    Would like to apply with my friend:

    IGN: TwistedGrimm
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