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    The firework bow logo


    Have you ever dreamed of fireworks... Without having to carry loads of them... Well, I have created the thing for you!

    This One command block creation is a simple redstone contraption that enables players set craft & use Firework bows!


    To craft a firework bow, follow these steps:

    1. Download & Install the contraption.

    2. Drop these items on the ground next to each other:
    - 1 Bow
    - 1 String
    - 1 Gunpowder
    - 1 Paper
    - 1 Red Dye
    - 1 Purple Dye
    - 1 Orange Dye

    3. Done! You will see a small firework and your firework bow will be crafted!



    Firework bow logo

    The firework bow logo.


    The 'Box' containing all the command blocks.

    The firework bow

    The firework bow.


    To download & install this contraption, click the link below:

    Download (pastebin): http://pastebin.com/ejYKHHw0

    Then, copy the command, put it in a command block and power it!


    Command and Redstone made by:
    - clerteto

    Please download and share with your friends!
    Hope you like this redstone contraption!

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    posted a message on Craftable Saddles In Vanilla Minecraft! 1 Command Block Creation

    This is a redstone creation which allows you to create saddles in vanilla minecraft! No mods needed! All you will need is cheats on a singleplayer world or op on a server.

    The Finished Product With All The Command Blocks

    How To Craft A Saddle

    Click the link below and copy the command into a command block and activate it with a button, lever, redstone block etc... Wait a few seconds, and when the title appears, it is ready to be used!

    Command: http://pastebin.com/hjLBczan

    To craft a saddle you will need:
    - 5 leather
    - 2 iron ingots
    - 1 string
    Then, drop all the items on the ground together and a saddle will be crafted!

    Creator: clerteto
    Please download and give feedback in the comments!
    I hope you guys will enjoy this!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Custom Map REDSTONE BUILDER NEEDED
    Well, I do have skype so you could contact me from there and building is not really my thing though :mellow:
    Oh, and bob, whats your skype? Is it just bobbobbybobinson?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Custom Map REDSTONE BUILDER NEEDED
    Hi, I could help with the command blocks/redstone if there is still a spot left, i am really good with commands and command blocks especially but normal redstone is still alright.
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